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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 14

The plan seemed foolproof and I was glad
that we were working together. Using the
car with the fake plates and everything else I
would drive to the feira border post.

Dawson had reckoned that it was best I
head into Mozambique, dispose of the car
there and then get on a bus into South
Africa and from there fly to the UK where
Oscar would meet me. He handed me fake
papers and told me in four days the plan
needed to be carried out.

I was supposed to leave Chaminuka with
Oscar but mum called and demanded I see
her. So I asked Alice to go with Oscar while I
asked Dawson to drive me to see my mum.

Oscar got my car keys and kissed me bye
then I watched him and Alice walk away. I
went to the ladies then by the time I was
returning I found Dawson Chatting with
another woman. He introduced her and told
me she wanted a lift into town. I nodded
abd decided to sit in the back.
That move saved my Life. We were hardly
ten kilo.meters away from the lodge when
the gun men appeared. Dawson first noticed
my car and was wondering why it had
stopped when the gunmen appeared from
the bushes next to the car. The next thing
we heard were gunshots and the car
veering off the road. I remember screaming
as the car uncontrollably rolled into the trees
and then hit into a big rock that caused the
car to topple over. My door flew open as the
car went over the rock. That was all I

I awoke two months later in a strange place.

I looked around and noticed that my hand
was connectrd to a drip. As memories
flooded my mind my hand automatically
went to my stomach. It was flat. I let out a
loud anguished cry and that must have
alerted the whoever it was. A grey haired
man rushed in followed by Dawson whose
face held a scar.

I continued crying as the demise of my baby
hit me. They tried to calm me down but I
was too heart broken. The man then
injected me with a sedative causing me to
sleep. When I woke I found Dawson seated
on an armchair next to my bed. He looked at
me. His eyes were no longer the warm eyes I
had known. He now had a look that I
couldn't read.

"My baby?"I asked in a weak voice.

"Doctor Muleya saved him. He is with the
nanny who we hired."

"Doctor Muleya?"

"He saved us. He got me out of the burning
car. You flew out and hit into a nearby rock
that caused swelling in your brain.
You have
been in a coma for two months. He had to
get the baby out as he was in distress."


He looked away and I knew that my love
was dead. I let out a wild cry.
Why? What
had happened?

He reached out and squeezed my hand.

"I watched out burial. More like the burial of
empty coffins as they were no bodies to
bury. The lady who sat in the front seat
burnt to ashes as well as my supposed
bodh. Whatever they used burnt the car to
the ground. The doctor heard my
murmurings as he pulled me out of the
wreck. He guessed we were in danger so he
quickly hid me then got your lifeless body.

He heard the car rolling into the bush as he
walked his dogs. The dogs were the ones to
spot us......"

I let it all sink in. We had been ambushed.

But how? As if reading my mind a bitter
expression spread across his face.
"Thandi....she heard me on the ohone with
Oscar and she assumed I was helping you
because I planned to run off with you. She
alerted Caleb and told us all our plans."

"How did you find out?"

"I hired someone to find out and I have
been hiding in the shadows. I went to see
Thandi one night when my man discovered
Caleb had sent our hit squad. She thought
she was seeing a ghost and she started
confessing everything. I felt disappointed
but killing her wasn't worth it. I let her
wallow in grief as I slid back into the

I looked at Dawson and he was deep in
thought. His planning was what brought us
to south Africa. He didn't want to be far in
case the day of reckoning for Caleb and
Diane came. We had sneaked into South
Africa on a truck. We then got our fake
papers from the black market. His being in
the shadows had earned Dawson new
friends. Six months of planning and
sneaking around. Gone was the gentle
Dawson and now I had this tough man who
rarely showed his emotions. He still had
nightmares of the fire as it scorched his
skin. I had sat with him many a night but he
barely spoke a word. The scar said it all.
"I have some calls to make. Let me know
when lunch is ready."

I nodded as he walked away. I looked
forward to seeing his old self come back. I
mossed his warm smile which only
appeared when he was playing with Alex.

He had sworn to protect Alex always. It
saddened me that my son would never
know his father. He only knew Dawson.

Oscar had died without even bidding us bye.

I wiped away the tears as memories of my
love filled my mind. I blamed myself for his

To Be Continued


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