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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 13

Your best friend indeed is your worst enemy I thought as I ran
a hand through my hair. I was having a bad day. Basically I
was remorseful over so many things. I had once enjoyed my
friendship with Caleb so much not until I realised that he was
just keeping me around so that I get to do him favours. Yes,I
owed him. Hadn't he saved my mother from jail? Hadn't he
been the master mind in covering up Dad's death? Part of the
reason mum and I were estranged was not just the abuse she
put up with but the fact that she killed Dad. I always felt that
she should have taken him to the cops ages ago but now
looking at Kassie's situation made me realise that at times
women were pushed to the extremes when the Law didn't side
with them.

I slowed the car down as I neared the lodge where Caleb was.
He had called me to pick him. I knew he was with Diane. I had
known about their affair for a whilr and I felt rotten for having
kept yhe whole thing from Kassie but when you are being
blackmailed what do you do? Hadn't he shown me the extent
of his influence when he had made me lose an account. That
had been the point at which I wanted to leave his house but he
had stoppes me. He had basically thrown the whole spy thing
at me.

"Kassie trusts you so find out what you can," he had said.

"And if I refuse?"

"Prepare to lose another account....and by the way don't forget
what I did for you and your family."

I hit the steering wheel in frustration as I thought about how
manipulative Caleb could be. I jad always considered him a
real friend. I wish I hadn't come back to Zambia. I wish I
hadn't fallen for Kassie. Falling for her made me risk my whole
life and business to help her but I knew we would never be
together so I had gracefully bowed out. Having Alice call me
about Diane snooping through Kassie's phone had given me
the Idea to expose her. I was basically cutting off one threat
to Kassie.

I got my phone and dialled Caleb's number.

"Man, I am outside."

"Give me ten minutes," he said before cutting the line
I leaned back in my seat and let my mind wonder again. I had
decided to concentrate on Thandi to forget Kssie and allowing
Oscar back into Kassie's life was my way of punishing my
treachorous heart. I saw Caleb walk towards me after a few
minutes with Diane trailing behind him. He placed his suitcase
in the back while Diane jumped in without a word. She rarely
spoke to me. She thought she was better than me.

"How is Kasamba?" She asked with a smirk.

"She is fine,"I responded without a care and started the
Ignition once Caleb was seated next ti me.

"That pregnancy is making her glow...I wonder who the father
of the child could be," she added.
I was watching her through the rearview mirror. She was
looking at me directly. Caleb's silence meant she must have
said something to him concerning me. Diane was that much of
a snake.

I shrugged. "I am yet to find out who the guy is,if there is a

She rolled her eyes and looked out the window. The rest of
the drive back to her place was wuiet and I was glad when
she dropped off.

"Diane tells me you and Kasamba were in constant contact
during their outing," Caleb said in a displeased tone.

"Yes, I text to let her know I would be home late and then I
had to call her again to remind her not to get home too
late....what is the third degree all about? Have you started
doubting me? You gave me a job to do and I have been doing
just that. Keeping you and your guy updated on Kassie," I said

He looked away and I knew he was processing what I was
saying. We drove home in silence, each lost in our own

Looking at Diane's betrayal made me realise that this whole
thing had become all about survival. She wanted me gone.

She was willing to do whatever it took. I wouldn't put her past
witchcraft if she could but then again she needed to play by
Caleb's rules. I still couldn't believe that a woman I had
brought into my life, my home and loved like a sister was
actually the one who was planning my downfall. I had asked
Oscar to avoid seeing me for a while as I didn't want Caleb to
cathc us.

I absently rubbed my tummy as I gazed out the garden. I was
tired of sitting at home and doing nothing. I picked my lemon
tea and sipped it as I let my mind wonder. I had been
researching on slow poison. One had really interested me and
that was spider venom. Slow poison. I was inclined to kill
Caleb now and acting like the sorrowful widow when indeed I
was the black widow. I had never considered killing anyone
but with all that was happening round me I felt I had no option.

"Deep in thought?"

I turned to find Dawson standing by the door. I smiled.


He moved forwward. He had brought Caleb home early and
my dear husband was now fast asleep. I could smell Diane's
perfume on him and knew without a doubt he had been with
her. Somehow the thought of not having his filthy hands on me
comforted me.

"Planning on?"

I picked up my tablet and handed it to him. He stared at the
article that I had been reading on spider venom,basically black
widow venom.

"There is a man in Germany who is an expert on the poison. I
am thinking of skyping him and speaking to him."

Dawson sighed and then sat next to me. "Do not think of
killing," he said quietly.

I looked at him in surprise. "The other day you said we needed
to get rid of Caleb."

"I did but that didn't mean we should kill him....your idea of
disappearing is better. Trust me having blood on your hands is
one experience you should avoid. It will haunt you forever and
change something within you."

He spoke as though he had experience in that area. I could
hear regret and a slight sadness in his voice.

"Find the best way to leave...Caleb will pay for his sins one
way or the other."

I nodded as his words sank in. I was shocked when he out his
hand over mine.

"You are not alone. I will help you and you have Oscar, a man
who loves you intently and is willing to lay his life down for

I smiled then continued looking out to the garden.

"Consider your earlier idea of faking your death...the guy
watching you has to be duped. I can help you plan your death."
"What do you suggest?"

"An accident...body burnt beyond recognition. I know a guy
who works in the morgue. He can give us one of the
unclaimed bodies....we just need to find a way to ensure that
your DNA is found on that burnt corpse."

I turnes to look at him. "I guess we have a lot of planning to

"Indeed we do. In the meantime I am leaving lest I be accused
of being your lover."

He stood and started walking away before he paused.

"Your friend is trying to make your husband think am your lover
and somewhat he bought into it. The best thing to do now is
to communicate via skype. We need to create a group and
plan carefully,from the accident to DNA to fake IDs and the
country you will flee to."

I nodded. I watched him leave before turning back to my
thoughts. What Dawson had said made sense and knowing he
was willing to help me hatch my escape plan made me happy.

He sounded like he knew what he was doing and I hoped he
did. If this worked then I would be free from Caleb. Maybe just
maybe I would have a chance to raise my child without fear.
For the first time I smiled genuinely. I had always fancied life
in South America. Maybe Venezuela or the dominican republic.
Then I needed funds. I had to be smart and start stealing
some money from Caleb. I sighed. I had loads of planning to

To be continued


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