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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 12

I had just settled into the seat opposite Diane at the table she jad picked when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and
wondered what Dawson could possibly want after telling me
that he was busy with Thandi.

"Let me take this. I wonder what Dawson wants now,"I told
Diane and she smiled.

"Sure,I will just order you something to drink," she said as she
signaled for a waiter.

"Hallo?"I said into the mouth piece.

"Whatever you do keep smiling and pretend we are having a
normal conversation."

I was puzzled at his request but when Diane met my eyes I
forced a smile.

"Your friend there went through your phone when you left it.

Oscar just informed me. He and Alice spotted her. If my hunch
is right she could be working with Caleb."

I looked at Diane as she gave me a sign that she was going to
order a malawi shandy for me. I just nodded.

"Are you serious?"I asked Dawson hoping it was all a bad

"Very serious. Whatever you do,do not divulge any intimate
info to her. I will find someone to tap into her phone at airtel
and we can see who she has been communicating with. Act
normal and don't let her know anything. I will see you at home

Before I could respond he hang up.

"Problem?" Diane asked as I put my phone away.

I shook my head. I was still trying to process what had just
been told to me. Why would Diane go through ny phone. I had
never ever done that to her. A message came through on my
phone. It was Dawson asking me to send Diane's number. I did
then quickly deleted the conversation.

"It is nothing. He wants to take his relationship with Thandi to
the next level so he was asking me for ideas."

I couldn't believe how fast I thought up the lie. She smiled.
"Sweet....For a moment I thought you and him..."

I shook my head and forced a laugh. "Dawson? Are you
kidding me? I wouldn't even dream of dating him. He and
Caleb are best friends and there should be a code amongst
friends. Beside I love my life and wouldn't want to risk Caleb
killing me for an affair."

She leaned forward and she had this look in her eye making
me wonder if I truly knew this person.

"Are you saying you have never cheated?"

"Have you seen how badly I get beaten?" I asked.

Before she could respond the waiter returned with our drinks. I
got mine thankfully and took a sip as I watched Diane. She
took a selfie and then another one of her drink and then one
of me.

"You didn't answer the question about cheating," she said
putting her phone away.

I made a face. "I am too scares of Caleb to look at another
man. I wouldn't cheat on him no matter what."

"I see," she said then shrugged. "Ahh the food is here."

I watched her as she chatted animatedly with the waiter as he
served us our food. I had ordered a plate of fries with charcoal
grilled boerewors and a side salad. Diane had ordered whole
bream with fries and a salad. She loved fish and alwaysmade
sure she had some at each place we visited. I insisted we say
grace before eating. I watched her as she dug into her fish and
couldn't believe that she could actually betray me. We had
been friends for years. She was more like a sister. What hadn't
we shared. I prayed Osacr and Dawson were wrong.

We made small talk as we ate although my mind kept
wondering as too what the guys would find. Would the find
that Diane was spying on me for Caleb? The sickening feeling
kept growing but I remembered to pretend that all was well
before alerting her.

"So nothing has ever happened between you and Dawson?"

She asked as she sipped her cocktail.

I shook my head in disbelief." Never. When Caleb is away
Dawson usually brings Thandi to stay over till hubby returns. I
told you earlier cheating is the last thing on my mind. I am
more worried about my well being and the baby."

She shrugged. "So Caleb is the father....am actually shocked
you have decided to keep the child after everything that
monstee has put you through."

"I have no choice. He discovered I was pregnant before I could
process the whole thing. I for one am terrified to raise this
child with him. The child might inherit his traits," I said sadly.

"Then leave. Find a way to leave him."

I sighed. "I wish it were that simple...anyway let us discuss
something else. This day should be Caleb free."

I purposely steered the conversation to her new man and she
excitedly told me he was all she dreamt of and more. She
discussed her hope of settling down with him although there
was one major challenge they had to overcome. I tried to find
out more but she wouldn't share so I let her be. We were at
the lodge until 21:30 then I told her I was feeling tired and
wanted to call it a night. I drove home amidst wild thoughts. I
still couldn't believe that Diane would betray me and hope the
guys hadn't found anything.
I reached home and noticed that Dawson had gotteb there
before me. I slowly walked into the house as my heart rate
increased. I had a bad feeling about the whole thing. I heard
voices in the living room as I let myself into the house. I
walked towards the living room and froze as I saw who was
there. I couldn'y believe my eyes.
"Babe," Oscar said as he walked towards me.

He pulled me into his arms as I looked over my shoulder at
Dawson who was calmly drinking a glass of what looked like

"I was worried,"Oscar said as he pulled away.

I just nodded as I kept my gaze on Dawson.

"As much as having you and Alice here is great it is also risky.
Dawson how did you allow this to happen?" I asked finally
finding my voice after Oscared me a couch.

Dawson stood. "Whoever is watching yoh tails only you. And
beside they will see me having arrived with my friends and
you coming alone. And I had to bring him because he is the
one who managed to get someone to download Diane's
messages and the same person hacked into her whatsapp and

I looked at Oscar then Alice then rememberes I hadn't greeted
Alice. I had seen her a few times at rhe office although she
was mostly out. Oscar had told me that she was a fashion
designer and she travelled a lot. Looking at the two the
similarities were quite obvious. It was easy to spit the relation.
She smiled as I greeted her and I thanked her for looking out
for me. She brushed me off and told me it was the least she
could do.

"What did you guys find?"I asked nervously.

Dawson cast Oscar an eye which I didn't miss. The sickening
feeling within me worsened. Slowly picked up the laptop that
was next to him that I hadn't noticed earlier. He pushed pack
the cover and switches it on. After a few minutes he turned it
towards me and what I saw made me want to cry.

The betrayal was real. I may not have loved Caleb but seeing
my best friend discuss me like I was rubbish hurt. To see how
she was conniving with Caleb to expose me and then run off
into the sunset with him. There were naked pictures of her to
him and a whole lot of sex talk. I looked away as I saw a
picture of my self taken at the lodge. She wanted me gone.
She wanted to be Mrs. Chibuye and she was telling Caleb she
would do whatever it took.

I stood looking out at the river as I sipped my whiskey on the
Rocks. I was enjoying the trip as my plans of becoming a
political player were falling into place. I wanted the power and
the fame that came with being a top man in politics. The beep
on my phone notified me that there was a message and I
slowly walked to the bed where I had left the phone. It was a
message from Diane.

Oh Diane,my ambitious cold hearted side dish. If I had known
how cold and calculating Diane was I would never have let
Kasamba be her friend but then they had been friends way
before we met. Diane claimed she had always been in
Kasamba's shadow and that she had wanted me from the
onset but I only had eyes for Kasamba. Now that we were
having an affair she was ecstatic.
I had wanted to tell Kasamba to be careful with what she
shared with her friend but Diane was using that to her
advantage. I knew so and allowed her to think that she was
manipulating me when in actual fact I was a steo ahead.

Diane had been the one to suggest that she spy on Kasamba
so that we expose her lover. I was only interested in knowing
and dealing with him.

I loved Kasamba with all my heart. She was mine. I had paid
for her so no other man had any claim on her. She was to
dance to my tune. She was out on this earth to cater to me
and nobother man. My beating her was to remind her of her
place. She knew the consequences of running away. She knew
that she would never ever be rid of me no matter what.

I took another sip as I stared at the pictures Diane had sent.
Both looked sexy but Kasamba waa glowing from the
pregnancy. Diane was good in bed. She was wild,she was a
vixen and she sated me but I knew that Kit was just lust. I put
the phone down and went back to the window. Diane was
digging and I knew sooner or later she would stumble on the
truth but then again I knew getting rid of her would be hard
because she expected to be the one standing by my side
when I achieved my dream of president.

I shrugged. I would cross the bridge when I got to it but right
now I would enjoy the best of both worlds and hope that I was
wrong about my wife cheating. Diane was not the only one
digging as I had another man on the job; tailing Kasamba.

To be continued..


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