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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 11

I slid my feet into the cool water of the pool and waved at
Diane who was swimming. I really didn't want to swim no
matter how hot the day was. I had used Caleb 's being away to
spend some time with Diane. Dawson had been avoiding which
kind of stung as I had grown used to his company. I sipped on
the virgin mango daquiry that I had ordered and let my eyes
wonder all over the place. I had never been here before but
Diane had insisted on coming here. It seemed her new
boyfriend was part owner of the place. I had never seen her
excited over a guy the way she was now and I was genuinely
happy for her although a part of me kind of felt jealous. I wish
I could fall in love without fear.
I had been dreaming of Oscar and I missed him tremendously.
I had almost called him to arrange for a meeting before I
remembered that I was being watched. I sighed in frustration
and prayed again that sooner or later I would find a place a
way to disappear. I had settled on just running off and leaving
the bugger to moan the death of a woman who hadn't died.
Feeling pressed I waved at Diane and indicated that I was
going to the ladies. She laughed.
"Perks of being pregnant," she called out and I cast her a glare
before walking off.

I was glad I wasn't really showing just yet despite the whole
morning sickeness. I stared at my reflection in the long mirror
on the wall before walking to the cubicle. I looked nice I had
to admit. Diane had dragged me to the salon earlier in the day
and I had done a lovely layered bob with a full closure. I wore
a black vest and khakhi cargo shorts and slippers that I Oscar
had gotten for me from the sunday market. I headed into the
cubicle and did my business and when I came out I froze.

I rubbed my eyes as I stared at the persin standing by the
sinks. I couldn't believe that my mind was playing such lousy
tricks at me. I rubbed my eyes again and the person smiled.
He took a step forward as I stood there stuck.

"My love it is me."

I shook my head as tears filled my eyes. "Oscar?"

He smiled as he put his hands on my face and kissed me. I
parted my lips and his tongue was in my mouth. It felt like
heaven as he kissed me deeply. I had missed this so much.

My alert mind was however skeptical and any moment I
expected to wake up from the dream. He pulled away but
didn't move.

"Pinch me."

I heard him laugh. Oh how I had missed his laughter.

"Kassie,I am not an illusion. I am real."

"How?" I asked as my excited heart beat rapidly.

He touched my lips then looked into my eyes searchingly.


I frowned. "Dawson?"

He nodded. "We have been communicating. He is the one who
told me were to find you."
"But I am being followed,"I said in panic thinking of how
careless Dawson was. He had practically put us at Caleb's

As though reading my mind Oscar shook his head. "Stop
worrying and panicking. No one saw me come in. They only
saw a muslim woman come in."
I looked at him in puzzle then that was when it hit me. He was
wearing a black muslim dresss. I shook my head as a grin
spread on my face.

"And the Hijab?"

He laughed as he pointed at the bag on the skin.

"You carried a handbag?"

He roared with laughter. "For you I will go an extra mile. To
avoid suspicion I came with Alice. She too is dressed as a
muslim and is at the bar having a cocktail."

My eyes filled with tears again. He touched my face gently and
wiped the stray tear.

"I told Alice everything and you know how much a sucker for
love my cousin is. It was her idea for us to come dressed like
this." He paused and kissed me again. "For you I will go the
extra mile. I love you Kasamba. It wasn't just sex for me but it
was much more. I wish I could spend my life with you."

I nodded as words caught in my throat. He kissed me again
and this time my arms went round his neck. He tugged me
closer and I melted in his arms. This felt right. This is where I

"Kassie are you ok?"

We broke apart as Diane's voice sounded outside. Panic was
written on my face. He kissed me quickly then hurried into the
cubicle as her footsteps sounded. I hurried to the sink and
quickly turned on the tap and washed my face. The door
opened and in walked Diane. She had a sarong tied around
her waist. I looked at her and smiled weakly.

"Sorry I had a vomiting bout,"I said reaching for the paper

She sighed. "I was worried. I thought something had happened
to you."

"What can possibly happen to me?"

She shrugged then looked at the bag at the sink. "Whose bag
is that?"

"Some muslim lady."

"Doesn't she know that it is careless to leave things lying

She moved forward but I stepped in front of her. "Let us not
embarrass her. Come let us go. I am fine."

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I dragged her out of the toilets and led her back to the pool. I
decided to sit on a lounger that faced the direction of the
toilet and waited. He came out a few minutes later with his
head covered in the Hijab. It covered his whole face apart for
the eyes. My heart skipped as he deliberately passed near me.
For anyone watching him they would have concluded that he
was a large woman but hey;how many large women did we
have in society? I allowed my eyes to follow him as he walked
to the bar area and sat on the stool next to Alice who was
equally covered. I said a silent prayer of thanks. Oscar had not
forgotten me. A text popped up on my phone within a minute.

"I forgot to ask. Is it mine?"

I guessed Dawson had also shared my new number.

As I swam I kept an eye on Kasamba. She seemed to have this
glow on her face from her stunt in the toilet and I couldn't
help but wonder what was causing it. I had to get my head
round this whole thing. I needed to gather as much evidence
as I could to give Caleb; after all he had asked me to do just

Call me a bad friend but I had my own interests to take care
of. I had been in her shadow for too long. At ine point I
actually felt sorry for her but that was before I Fell for Caleb.
Yes,I was in love with Caleb. I wanted him for myself hence
my constant encouragement to my dear friend to leave her.

Had she asked me for help to do that I would have helped but
she was too much of a coward to leave. He had assured me
that he would never ever lay a hand on me and he never did.
He told me everything he did to Kasamba was deserved.

"She is annoying and I am certain she is cheating. I need
evidence so that I can kick her out like the whore she is. She
will leave with just the clothes on her back and you my dear
will be the new Mrs. Chibuye. You will be the one I will waltzed
into state house with the day I become president."

I smiled at the thought. What had started out as an innocent
kiss in their kitchen as Kasamba changed had become a full
fledged affair. He spent nights at my place and we insatiated
each others appetites. The Lodge was his place and I had text
him that I was bringing his wife there in the pretext of wanting
to be a supportive friend. I wanted to know if she was indeed
pregnant for Caleb. I had been the one to inform him of the
pregnancy. He had come straight away and had been quick to
point out that she might be pregnant for her lover. A lover
whom he didn't know.

I stepped out of the water and wiped myself down with a
towel. I walked towards her as she was intently typing on the

"Missing hubby already?" I said in the most teasing tone I
could muster.

She looked up and the sad look was back in her eyes. "He has
been rather quiet from the time he went away. I was texting
Dawson. He was informing me that he won't make it for
dinner. He apparently has a date with Thandi."


"Yeah. I normally keep food for him so...."

"Tonigh we are not cooking. We are having supper here. They
have pretty good food."

She smiled. It seemed she was enjoying the outing. She put
her phone away and then looked at me.

"So when will I meet the lucky man who has given you this
swag in your step."

I smiled as Caleb's face popped up in my head. I loved him
and I was doing all this for him.
"He has travelled to the copperbelt but I will definitely tell you
about him. He is the most gorgeous man I have ever come

She stood. "Hold that thought. Need to pee again."

She sprinted off again leaving her phone. I looked around and
made sure no one was watching before ai picked it and
swiped in the unlock pattern. She had kept the same pattern
for years. I quickly went to her messages. The top message
was from Dawson.

Kasamba: Thanks a lot for today.

Dawson: Welcome. Where are you?
Kasamba: At a place called Impala Lodge in Makeni.

Dawson: Okay. Have fun. I will be late getting home. Thandi
wants us to catch a movie and then have some dinner. So
don't leave anything for me.

That was the end of the chat and I quickly put the phone back
after scrolling through in search of suspicious messages and
phone calls. She came back all smiles and I forced myself to
smile. One way or the other she would tell me the truth today.

I was tired of playing the good friend when I could be with
Caleb without any fear.

To Be Continued


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