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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 10

I mulled over what Dawson had said days ago and I was no
closer to a plan on my great escape. I really wanted out of this
marriage but I knew that letting me go was an option Caleb
would never ever allow. He had said so many times "If I can't
have you, no one can." Despite him smelling of other women
every other day he still expected me to be the perfect little
wife. I looked at my bank balance and knew that my savings
were enough for me to start a new life with. I didn't need
Caleb Chibuye's money at all.
I dumped the mug in the sink then washed my hands and
headed to the lounge. I had started watching how to get away
with murder and I had to say I was enjoying the show
tremendously. I had just settled down to watch the series
when my phone beeped. It qas Caleb informing me that he
was to travel to Luapula with one of the ministers to visit a
fish farm and wanted me to pack him his clothes. I slowly got
up and headed to the bedroom. I pulled out his clothes from
the closet; making sure to pick shirts and slacks that were
presentable and one suit. I also picked some casual wear
socks,ties and clean underwear. I was just starting to fold the
clothes into the bag and suit carrier that it clicked.

Mercury. He had mentioned that he was going to a fish farm
and well some fish were prone to high levels of mercury due
to poor maintenance. I recalles having read somewhere that
Mercury poisoning in humans could be lethal especially if one
was exposed frequently. I lowered myself onto the bed not
believing that I was actually contemplating killing Caleb.

Dawson had said so but my mind was busy with trying to find
a plan on how best to escape my captor. I shook my head as
the idea of killing started to take centee stage in my mind.
I hurriedly packed and then walked to the table were my
laptop sat. I wasn't going to shed any blood. I loved my
conscious too much and well at the end of the day I would be
answerable to God but the idea just kept playing in my mind. I
pulled up the lone chair in the room and looked up sources of
mercury in a home. Bulbs and fluroscent tubes in a home. I
leaned back in my seat as I recalled a conversation I once had
with someone about a person we both disliked.

The person had suggested we crush fluroscent tubes and mix
them with the man's sugar and let the glass do its thing in the
intestines and over time the person would die of haemorraging
in the long run. I decided to do more research on the topic as
I might just need the tools when push came to shove. My first
priority would be escaping but if that failed I would resort to
killing Caleb with a combination of mercury in the tube and
the crushed tube.

Listening to Caleb gloat about how he had managed to cage
Kasamba made my blood boil.

"Women should be staying home and waiting for us the men
to get home and then they should cater to us nail and tooth."
I still had very strong feelings for Kassie and seeing how Caleb
was breaking her made me extremely sad. I had decided that
we were better off just being feiends especially that Caleb had
someone watching her. She had no idea that all her
movements were recorded and reports given to Caleb. He
wanted to catch the dude who had added the glow in her
eyes. I pulled up at cosmopolitan mall and got out of the car.
Thandi wanted me to pick her a sick pack of hunters from
shoprite and that was my mission.
I had decided I was better off concentrating on a woman who
wanted me warts and all. I took quick strides to the shops. I
didn't want to spend too much time there as all I wanted was
to get to Thandi and have a quiet evening. My mind veered to
Kassie. She really wanted to escape. I could see it in her eyes.
Part of me wanted to help her but then another part knew that
allowing that to happen would mean working with her closely
and Caleb would grow suspicious.
I felt bad for her but I strongly felt this was a battle that she
just had to fight alone. I walked to the aisle where they
stocked alcohol and picked a case. I came face to face with
the guy who Kassie had worked with and whom I was certain
had been having an affair with her. He smiled. I didn't want
him smiling at me.

"Dawson right?" He said extending his hand.

I so wished I could wipe the grin off his face but then again I
was the perfect gentleman. I held out my hand and he took it.
He had a firm grip. I was the first one to end the handshake.

"My name is Oscar. I used to work with Kassie."

"I remember you."

"How is she?"

I studied him for a minute before replying. "She is fine."

"What is she doing now after resigning."

"She is a housewife."

"I see....I hear she is pregnant."
I shrugged. Whoever had told him had a big mouth.

"I am not so certain. We are really not that close. I need to go.

Madam is waiting for this pack," I said raising the six pack.

I turned to walk away but then was stopped in my tracks by
his next words.

"I know he hits her and I know she is scared of him."

I looked around hoping no one had heard before turning back
to him.

"Look man,I love Kassie. I love her with all my heart and not
knowing how she is faring is killing me," he said aa he shoved
his hands into his pocket.

I sighed. I hated when us men got really emotional. I looked at
my wrist watch then at the man standing in front of me.

"Let me pay for this then we can talk. Let me find you in
hungry Lion. Secure us a seat where there will be no prying

He nodded and I watched him walk away as I raked a hand
through my hair. I really hopes that sitting down with Kassie's
supposes lover was a good idea. I paid for the case the strode
to Hungry Lion. I spotted Oscar seated in the far corner. His
hands were on the table and he seemed nervous.

"Thank you for making time for me," he said as I slid into the
seat opposite him.

I marely nodded.

"I know this is awkward for you but believe me when I say it is
equally awakward for me but I am desperate to know about
Kassie. She blocked me on social media as well as on her
phone and I just learnt that she is pregnant which explains the

"If she blocked you then it is for your own good,"I said

He nodded slowly. "I know you seem to think so but then who
is protecting her...I saw the bruises. She is scared of him."

"I don't know the extent of your relationship with her but trust
me when I say her Husband is a deadly man. Stay in your lane.
Forget Kassie and move on."

He eyed me momentarily as though I had lost a marble.
"When you love someone you want to be there for them
through thick and thin. You want to protect them and make
sure they are always safe. The love I feel for Kassie is nothing
that I have ever felt before. Don't tell me you have never been
in love."

Kassie's face immediately popped up. I almost laughed. There
were three of us loving one woman. All of us in our own
different ways. I suppose I had chosen the coward's way out. I
had never not once admitted to her how I felt. I had never
even touched her inappropriately not even the day she had
been beaten badly. I recalled how her body looked even when
bruised she still had the most beautiful body I had ever lain
my eyes on. I had sat by her side till morning and watched her

"She is a beautiful soul who deserves so much better," Oscar

I leaned back in my seat. "What do you want me to do?"

"Help me see her. I have questions...."

I shook my head. "Too risky. He has people watching her. He
is expecting you the lover to pull a careless stunt like this then
he will have your head. Kasamba as far as he is concerned is
his property and any man who has touched her deserves
nothing but painful torture as a leson to leave people's things

I saw his face fall. "I lwill tell her that we met and that you are
concerned. That is all I can do."
He nodded then reached into the inside of his jacket and
pulled out a card.

"Please call me and let me know of any developments."

I nodded then stood up. I needed to go. I bid him farewell and
hoped we wouldn't meet again.


To be continued...


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