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what life stole from her-Episode9

©Joy Ajuma Moses


Few weeks after Amarachi and Ramatu arrived at Amarachi's home at Enugu Nigeria. Ramatu's tummy began to shoot out and everyone could tell that she's pregnant.
Amarachi started up a business of selling plantain, she goes to plantain plantation to buy bunch of plantains in wholesale price then she'll hawk in the market, she use the profit for food stuff while she saves some for emergency and future use.
Life was not that easy but she tried her best to make Ramatu comfortable, she takes Ramatu for strolling Sundays inorder to make her forget her past.
On a faithful day when Amarachi had gone for her plantain business Ramatu decided to help Amarachi by feeling the water pot with water and also to take little exercise cause she has begun to feel lazy.
She decided to help in the house chores, she swept the house, while she was sweeping she saw a dark tall muscular guy, she greeted him by bowing down.
The guy was surprised at her seeing the way she respected him at once he decided to make friend with her but when he discovered she was pregnant he stepped aside believing she's someone's wife.
She took two portable bowls to the public tap where there was queue though, she waited patiently for her turn. After fetching water on the first when she was about to fetch on the second a lady stopped her.
"What is wrong with you can't you see people are waiting for you or who do you think is your mate? " she asked
Ramatu who was confused turned to check behind her if the lady was talking to someone close to her but she discovered that the lady was referring to her.
"I dey talk to my shadow ehn? Commot that your rubber you did stupid girl " the lady repeated
Ramatu who doesn't want problem removed her bowl and placed it one side waiting for the lady to finish fetching her water.
The lady who was acting like someone under devils manifestation was still looking for what to use against her. "who impregnated this little girl for goodness sake. Children of nowadays are becoming something else "
"please ma watch the way you speak" says Ramatu in a cool voice but the lady picked up an offense and began to insult Ramatu.
She made advance to slap Ramatu, Ramatu who was scared already closed her eyes waiting for the slap but a hand stopped the lady from slapping her.
"In your troublesome life you can bully people and keep doing that but any day you touch this lady I promise you that your corpse will be seen that day " the guy who withheld the lady's hand said to her and she was terrified. It was thesame guy who she had greeted earlier.

(His Pov)
My gosh I was angry at Nnenna cause she is a troublesome lady, she always try to fight people and that innocent lady seems to hate trouble.
I angrily pushed Nnenna's bowl and place the lady's own, after feeling her bowl I helped her to take the water to her house.
"Thank you very much for helping, I don't know what took me there I only intended to help myself a little bit" she said to me in a relived voice.
I could see pains in her face I know it might be because of what the lady had told her, I wish she'll just smile "No problem dear, sorry for the discomfort. My name is Dave" I said
She smiled her smile that revealed her gap teeth made me to remember my late sister who also have gap teeth. "My name is Ramatu " she said.
"I guess you're new here" I said although absent Minsky, she nodded.
I began to tell her about the place and things that goes on, I said many funny things but she didn't laugh she'd only fake a smile then it was done on me that something was wrong somewhere.

(Ramatu's pov)
I prayed gently in my heart for him to go away, the last thing I'd do on earth is to make male friends but I don't have to be rude to him besides he was my messiah cause I'd have fainted if the lady had slapped me earlier.
He kept on talking until I faked to be sleeping then he stood up while I was still faking to be sleeping, I opened my legs cause I couldn't sit straight comfortably.
He carried me like a baby I wanted to shout but I remembered I've been faking to be sleeping, he took me inside and placed me on the little mattress that Amarachi and I sleeps on.
He used a wrapper to cover me, I smiled gently when I saw him leaving. I was happy he left I hate rubbish.

(Nnenna's Pov)
I felt bad when Dave spoke unkind words to me because of that little girl, I'm betrothed to Dave but he hates everything about me.
I always try my best to please him but he avoided me like plague, he came back from city few days ago just to tell me he's inlove with another and now that I'm trying to get his attention this stupid girl called barrier is interfering.
I'll have to do something that will make the lady leave this village cause I don't know her and I don't know her mission in this place .


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