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what life stole from her-Episode8

©Joy Ajuma Moses


(Amarachi's pov cont)
Very early in the morning I took my box to leave, Mrs Fatai was at the living room when I was about to leave.
"Madam the madam, where are you going to without informing anyone? Is this your Father's house that you'll be leaving without informing anyone? " she asked
I now my head "Actually Madam I'm not going anywhere without your permission. I just want you to know that I'm quoting my work as a maid" I said
She laughed "oh I see how ingrate you are, leave us in peace and I know that one day you will come back begging but I promise you that even you lick my foot I'll not care"
That was when I spoke up "ma'am you might think I'm ingrate but I'm always grateful for the love and kindness you showed to me but please don't say I'll come back begging " I said trying to rebuke her words.
She looked at me like someone feeling disgusted "please I don't want any insult from you just go straight without glancing at this building. I hate commoners that feel among when someone is trying to help them " she said
I ignored her and leave, she thinks she's a rich woman sitting on someone's wealth. I just pray that God should manifest himself by fighting unbehalf of Ramatu.
I went to my pastor's Ramatu was still sleeping, my pastor's wife asked me to wait for her that she need to rest before the journey.

(Ramatu's pov)
When I woke up I couldn't remember where I was, I rubbed my eyes hard before I remembered what had happened the previous night.
"I'm not in my room? " I asked myself, I began to cry, I was never... Few months ago I was well covered at this kind of time in my room thinking about school or breakfast but now I'm nothing with hopeless tomorrow.
The worst of it all I'm carrying bitterness in me called baby, I never wanted this... What will people say about me..... I feel like shouting.... Those robbers would have killed me instead of sparing my life with mess and grate scar....
I walk out of the room. "Hello dear how was your night, hope you slept well " a woman said to me, oh she's Amarachi's pastor's wife.
"yes ma, I had a lovely night " I said trying to fake a smile but deep down my heart is the sad neglected cat.
"Amarachi is here already I think you need to take your bathe and take your breakfast before the journey commenxe" she said, I wonder what journey she was talking about.
I entered the guest bathroom to piss, I came out to find Amarachi sitting on the bed, she smiled at me and greeted me.
"your pastor's wife told me we are traveling today is that truth?" I asked in an upset tone
She moved close to me and held my hand "I know you'll be upset but trust me and believe me I mean no harm. This town is not good for you now. I know it will be difficult for you but I promise to make things easier for you " she said but I've started crying already, she wiped my tears.
"Aunty Amara is not that I can't live with you but you are a Christian and I'm a Muslim. I've never heard about Muslim igbo which means I'll have to turn from my race if I follow you" I said
She held my head with her palm like my mum always do "Don't think so my dear, there are many Muslim igbo and I promise you that you'll always do what your heart pleases just allow me to take your burdens "
I was quiet for a while before I nodded my head, she hugged me immediately and left. I joined my palms together and recite our pledge at ISlamic class during school days "Allah let not my heart divert, after you have guided me and grant me mercy truly you are the best tower" I said and stood up.
I took my bathe and joined Amarachi and her pastor's wife at the dinning room, we had a breakfast of bread and tea.
Soon we set for journey, I prayed quietly in my heart, I know things will be fine one day.

In an uncompleted building some guys were smoking seriously without staring at one another. A man was well dressed standing at their midst with pleading face.
"You old fool what do you want us to do? We have been in this business for long without being caught by anyone and now you're saying we are not safe here? " the gang leader asked the man angrily
"Seriously Danladi's best friend has taken it upon himself, he promised not to spear anybody who has hand in the assassination " the man said
The gang leader laughed "men are really evil, so you could kill someone but you are scared of dying right? My boys and I are going no where we are ready to die in this business " he finalized
"please do something I know what Danladi's friend can do, his daughter's life is also at risk cause I don't even know her where about " he said
The gang leader was irritated at the man's words, he gave a sign to one of his boys to send him away, the boy who so respected his master pushed the man so hard.
He left them in confusion for the kind of person they are. One of the boys was scared about what the man told them, he doesn't want to die in shame.
He thought on the excuse he'll give his boss "boss my mum's sickness is getting worse and she said she needs me" he lied although his mum was sick at the village.
His boss was a compassionate man even though he is a criminal with the greatest crime, he has a pass.
"I'll allow you to be with her for two months and I'll be sending money to you " the boss said and others marvel cause they never expected such from him.
The happy guy thanked his boss who agreed with his request, he was to travel the next day.
"One thing I'll tell you is never to forget your promise to work with us and never betray us even at your dying minute. " he said and the boy nodded in agreement.
Although he'll never do such, he knows the right thing to do at his dying minute.


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