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what life stole from her-Episode7

©Joy Ajuma Moses


(Ramatu's pov)
It was a cold evening when we got to the hospital for the results of the test. The doctor smiled at my uncle who was inquisitive. My heart beat and fear grip me when the doctor demand to talk to my uncle privately at his office so I excused myself.
Few minutes later my uncle came out of the office smiling. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw him smiling. He came to my side and asked me to follow him. With him was a big brown envelope.
He did not tell me anything until we got home where his wife and Fatima were waiting, I felt weak so I decided to go to my room but my uncle stopped me.
"You know what you have been doing and you still made me to take you to hospital for disgrace right? How could a girl of seventeen be pregnant, what on earth are you after? " he asked
I hummed, it was shocking to me cause that was my last thought, "uncle to be sincere apart from the incident that happened I know no man" I said innocently
"will you shot your stupid mouth there! I knew this is the excuse you'll use, after the rape were you not taking to the hospital, did the doctor discover anything that you are pregnant? " Mrs Fatai asked
"Don't waste your time asking the prostitutes let her pack her things and leave this house right now cause if I get to see her in the next hour I promise to send her to her early grave" he said, his words stroke my ears, Fatima and her mum rushed to my room they brought my bag and pushed me out of the house but Hassan was mad at them. He draged me inside but his dad shouted at him.
Hassan was so angry, he decided to leave with me to unknown destination. I find out it will not be easy so I pleaded with him to go back.
"please Hassan I beg you in the name of Allah please go back, I know things will be fine with me. If I make it in life I'll never forget you. Please go back to your mother, sister and dad cause they need you " I said
"Ramatu I'll forever miss you and I promise to search for you when I become a man on my own" he said
Tears drop down my eyes immediately, I hugged him tightly and leave, few minutes after we depart it began to rain heavily.

(Amarachi's pov)
I went to evening activities at church, on my way coming it began to rain then I saw Hassan knocking at the gate, I was surprised cause Mr Fatai's family don't keep late night.
I quickly stopped him before he'd enter the house "where are you coming from? " I asked it was still raining, I covered my Bible with my scarf.
"Please help Ramatu my dad sent her away " he said.
"where is she? " I asked eagerly and he pointed towards a direction that I'll see her walking alone.
I gave him my scarf and bible and run towards the direction when I was her, she was wet just like me. It's really hard on her cause I've never seen her walking inside rain before.
I ran to her and she hugged me immediately, I felt compassion for her "Aunty Amara please just go I can't go back to that house cause one day I might sleep and never wake up " she said but I placed my finger on her lip.
"Don't worry about them, I'll take you somewhere this night. Tomorrow I'll leave the house cause I've been staying there cause of you. If I leave the house I'll pick you so that we'll go to my village" I said.
I could see the discomfort on her face but she had no option. I took her to my pastor's house where she was received warmly.
We explained everything to my pastor and he subjected to my idea of taking Ramatu to my house.
I left while she watched me amidst tears. Her parents have been nice to me when they were alive, they sponsored my younger sister's education without knowing her.
I have no way to reward them than to show love to their daughter, I was glad that Mr Fatai did not sack me when he came.
"where the hell are you coming from wise one? " I heard a voice bark at me. I turned to see Mr Fatai.
"sir I'm just coming from church prayer meeting. I told madam before leaving " I said
He looked at me for long before speaking "now listen to me and listen carefully. Ramatu us no longer part of this family cause she was confirmed pregnant and that's a shame to my wife and I. We send her away, should in case she comes here send her away " he walked away.
I looked at him, heartless man he is. I never knew he'll be so wicked and heartless.
I entered my room few minutes later Hassan came in, he gave me my Bible. "please how about her? " he demanded to know.
"dint worry she's fine. I got a place for her" I said
He smiled "Amarachi may Allah reward you " he said.
I smiled at him and answered Amen cause that how they usually answer prayer.
He left for his room, I gently folded my clothes into my box. I had save enough for our transport fare.
When I get to the village I'll start up a petty business that will sustain us and I promise to take care of her secondary school education.


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