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what life stole from her-Episode6

©Joy Ajuma Moses


The next morning during breakfast Ramatu was not among the family, she was still sleeping. Mrs Fatai was so glad when Amarachi told them that Ramatu was sleeping.....
"Honey you see what I was telling you about that niece of yours, she keeps laze night all in the name of chatting. " she said
"No she wasn't chatting last night cause I was on line althrough" Mr Fatai said
She laughed "you're now referring to me as a lier or what. If you're talking about WhatsApp she can turn the active mode, whenever she's active it will not show same as facebook " she said
"Are you sure about this? " he asked
"yes" mother and daughter answered in unison.
"Honey what about the assassination of Danladi and his wife, you haven't talk about it and you promised to do your best to investigate " she asked, her interest was on Mr Danladi's property
Mr Fatai readjust his seat, he doesn't want anybody to talk about his late brother, he has closed the case immediately Ramatu was discharged from hospital "well the police are still working on it" he lied.
"We really need to be serious about that cause people are wicked " she said in a caring voice but out of selfish interest.
They all ate silently until when Ramatu came to join them, Mr Fatai was still cool with her waiting to talk to her after breakfast.
They were all eating silently when Ramatu stood up all of a sudden and ran towards upstairs holding her stomach.
She ran to the bathroom to throw up, she had been having some funny signs. She walk slowly to the dinning room to join them. Everybody was staring at her to the extent she was not comfortable.
Later she held her stomach and ran again then Mrs Fatai finally spoke up "No! Never! Not in this house while I'm alive. She'll not disgrace me with pregnancy at seventeen. She will leave to whoever impregnated cause this is a shame to us and people will say I'll words about me"
Mr Fatai stood up "what? You mean she's pregnant? For who? " he asked rhetorically.
"Hope you ate not asking me those questions cause I've told you all that had been going on ever since you left without thinking of coming back " she said, all what she want to aim is to send Ramatu away.
"we'll hi for pregnancy test today and I'd the doctor confirmed she's pregnant I'll send her parking cause it's an abomination in our linage we don't have bad eggs like that " he said
"No sir she can't be pregnant and if she happens to be that should be the result of the rape, she's not a bad egg. " Amarachi sommuned courage and speak.
Mrs Fatai turned to her in disbelief "when did you became member of this family you bastard?" she asked Amarachi who bowed her head.
"This is how commoners interferes into what does not concern them." Mr Fatai said and gave Amarachi a sign to leave their presence, she bowed and left immediately not wanting to talk much.
"And you, we are going to hospital. I don't think you'll go to school today. Cause you are getting me angry already " Mr Fatai said referring to Ramatu who was standing in front of him.
She nodded her head in agreement. She lost her appetite that very moment and left for her room, she never thought she'd miss school that day.

(Hassan's Pov)
I felt for her, I shouldn't have derived from being kind to her. Now everybody is against her except Amarachi who is not related to her.
When I was about to go to school I went to the kitchen to Amarachi, I lock the kitchen door so that nobody will see me. I knelt in front of her "Amarachi please help me, I've really hurt Ramatu and I'm now feeling as if I'm a beast. Please help me to tell her to find a place in her heart to forgive me" I said still kneeling.
She held my hand and asked me to stand up. "Don't worry I'll talk to her and I believe she'll forgive you. I just hope your sister will do same" she said
I thanked her before leaving, I know I've been a wicked cousin but I hope she forgives me cause life is treating her unfairly.

(Ramatu's Pov)
I prayed gently before going for the test with my uncle... If the result shows I'm pregnant that means I'll have to drop out of school as baby mama and my uncle promised to send me out.... Where will I go or who will I run to that will accept me or believe my story?
The only person I know is my father's best friend and he'll not tolerate pregnancy...
I prayed silently for Allah to help me.... My head was aching cause I couldn't concentrate on anything.
I was lost in thought until I heard my name... I turned to look who was that, it was my uncle "I guess you are thinking about the father of your baby right? Think well and start preparing cause I'm already dressed " he said.
I think the man is worst than his wife, the kind of bad feeling I get whenever he's close makes me suspect him but I couldn't know the exert problem.
I dressed for the hospital, everything was done successfully, the doctor gave us a date to come for results. I felt relieved when he gave date.

(Fatima's pov)
I was happy when mum told me Ramatu was pregnant, I use to be the school laughing stock but when I went to school I sprayed the news among my class mate we sees her as the star and apple.
Although they did not find it funny but I was glad they got to know that she's pregnant, I pray the result is true so that my dad will send her away.
I really need a breathing space cause I'm tired of hearing her name everywhere, people makes her to feel among all the time.


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