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what life stole from her-Episode5

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Amarachi's pov)

Ramatu and I were the only one at home, we engaged in a conversation at the kitchen. I was frying meat while she was chopping onions cause she wants to fry some egg.
"Aunty Amara there is something that is bothering me and I don't know who to tell" she said in a very serious tone. She called me aunty ever since I started being nice to her.
"Really what the hell is bothering mum's angel that she couldn't tell anyone when Amarachi is around ?" I asked trying to cheer her up
She smiled like a mature lady. I could see she has something very important to say. "ever since I was discharged the hospital I noticed many changes in my body " she said
I did not speak, I only stared at her expecting her to tell me what she was up to "So what really happened? " I finally asked.
"I was at the hospital for almost a month and I was discharged for about to month now and I've not seen my pink days" she said
I was confused "pink days how? " I asked.
"yeah I mean the red cloud " she said.
That was when it was dawn on me that she mean her period.
"what! You haven't seen your period? " I asked confusedly and she nodded in affirmation.
I was quiet for a while cause it's confusing, "maybe it because of your diet, it might be affecting you cause you are not feeding the normal way you do before " I said
"No I don't think so, I do feed well cause you are always helping me. I think I have to see the doctor maybe the treatment he gave to me might be affecting my health but I will wait until my uncle comes cause he's coming today. I'll inform him tomorrow after breakfast cause I'm sure he'll be nice to me and his wife will be good to me for the main time"she said
"okay dear just be careful and be kind to everyone. Be the good girl you use to be and I believe the sky is not your limit" I said and hug her.

(Mrs Fatai's pov)
They never knew I eavesdrop, I came back home cause I forgot my ATM. I heard Moise towards kitchen so I decided to tiptoe to the kitchen to listen to their discussion.
I was glad when she talk about her missing period, of cause she's pregnant beside she was raped.
The first thing I'll do is to poison my husband's mind cause it seems he so much love her, I'll accuse her of sleeping around with men without excluding her attempts to rape my son.
I just hate her cause of her parents, they are very selfish with close arms never ready to give.
When my husband got access to a grate business that requires large capital he pleaded with Danladi his brother the father to Ramatu to lend him money but Danladi turned back at my husband and my husband loosed the opportunity.
Now he's dead leaving nothing but his daughter, he would have been nice to us cause the world is as little and nobody can predict what would happen at any time.
All I want to aim is to send Ramatu away I just pray that my accuse will be confirmed by the doctor cause she had been sleeping any how and behave lazily.
I'll make sure I poison my husband's mind before she'll tell him her own problem. I can't wait for him to come.
(Author's pov)
As Mrs Fatai has promised, when her husband came she pretended to be a nice and caring woman to Ramatu just as Ramatu has said.
She prepared the dinner and they all ate at the dinning table, they all crack jokes and laugh. Ramatu flowed with them just as Amarachi has told her to do.
Fatima did not changed towards Ramatu, she just hate her for no reason and she wondered why her mum became nice towards Ramatu all of a sudden.
Later they all retired to their rooms while Hassan and his father went for ablution for prayers.
After the prayers Mr Fatai retired to his room where his wife layed patiently waiting for him. "ah you're still awake. You really missed me I guess " he said to his wife who formed to be upset
He noticed her worried face and walk to her "what is the problem? " he asked in a cool voice
"that your nieces has made life miserable for me" she lied
"You mean Ramatu? " he asked and she nodded
"what had she done? "
"that girl is a prostitute, she sleeps around with guys and I couldn't even talk to her cause people might think I'm just being rude to her" she lied again.
Mr Fatai felt irritated hearing what she has done "No Allah forbid. Tell me you are kidding right now " he said in disbelief.
"it's also unbelievable to me cause I know her parents to be responsible people. The worst part of it all was that she almost raped our son but thank God I was there to rescue Hassan "
(Mr Fatai's pov)
I was shocked when my wife said Ramatu has been sleeping around with men, I know she must have adopted the character and I want to know why she chooses the wrong way.
I was glad she's alive and I wanted to bring her up in a good way although she had to grow up as an orphan because of the selfish attitude of her father but that doesn't guarantee her to be a prostitutes.
Beside she's just seventeen and barely have much needs, I was disturbed in my spirit "if what you said is the truth then I'll wait for tomorrow cause I don't want to die early because of just a girl that is not even mine" I said
"same here that was why I became so worried. She always exchange words with me whenever I want to talk to her maybe she'll listen to you as her uncle since I'm not worthy to be called her mother " she said
I felt bad at her words, I pulled her close and cuddled her "of course you worth to be called her mother cause you have her mate and someone older than her so she must listen to you either willingly or forcefully " I said
She was in my arms until she slept off, I gently placed her head on her pillow and kissed her forehead. I turned to the other side of the bed and slept off.

from all this funny act do you think she's really pregnant? 


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