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what life stole from her-Episode4

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Ramatu's Pov cont)

My heart skipped immediately but when I discovered it was Amarachi I felt relieved. She pull my hand walk fast while I followed her as fast as my legs could take me. She entered my room and shot the door immediately.
"What we're you doing in Fatima's room with scissors and shaving stick? " she asked angrily, the last person I would lie to in that house is Amarachi cause she's kind and lovely to me, I don't need to lie to her.
"Well, earlier today when you left for the market my uncles wife and her daughter almost killed me. So I decided to teach her daughter a lesson she would never forget by cutting her hair that she so much cherished and shaving her eye brows so that she will look like an ugly duckling " I said
She nodded her head like someone sympathizing, "No Ramatu, they don't pay evil for evil. When are came back from the market I decided to check on you in your room. When I saw the injury I treated it and I knew it their handiwork " she said
That was when I realized my kneel were I gut injured was well bandaged, I thank her. "miss Amarachi I'm really grateful for your kindness towards me. They are really trying to colonize me on my father's house and I will not let that to happen while I'm still alive " I said
She pet me on my head "dear I like your courage and I can see that you are a strong girl but I want you to be stronger by ignoring them. The greatest thing she will tell you is to do the house chores and deny you of eating. I promise to be keeping food for you so just accept the fate and do whatever she asked you to do " she said, I almost cried for her kind words
"Thank you, I've heard you and by the his grace, if Allah spears our life I will do whatever ever she said" I said
"dint just say it, promise me that you will be nice to them even if they choose to be wicked"
"I promise you that I'll ever be nice to them " I said and she hugged me tightly
"sweet dream" she said and peck my head before leaving....
She made me go remember my mum, that how she always come to my room every night to say words to me before leaving for he room.
The last night before the incident she came to my room and held my head with her palm "one day you will become a grate woman in life " she said and I smiled.
"One day you are going to becone mother of a grate woman in life and that means you'll be honored among your mate" I said to her in an assuring voice but she only smiled and shocked her head little did I know that will be the last night for us and for the entire family.
I was lost in thought until I slept off.
When I woke up I glanced through the wall clock at the wall of my room, it was 7:30am already and my eyes are still heavy, the door to my room opened, it was Amarachi. She smiled at me "you are becoming lazy this days, why would you still be sleeping? " she asked
"I'm also confused and I'm really hungry " I said, she laughed and walk to my wardrobe, she brought out my warmer for water and some slice of bread rapped in a nylon. I was happy as I devoured the food.
"You haven't asked about your cousin, that was why you could sleep. She and her mum were busy shouting and crying over the lost hair. I guess they took her to barging saloon cause it was only Hassan that wasleft at home" she said, I almost laughed but I mentained myself.
Since mother and daughter were not at home I dress as fast as I could for school while Amarachi went out leaving Hassan and I dressing for school.

(Hassan's pov)
"opportunity comes but once and once it comes, it can never repeat again " the little thought crushed my mind, of course Ramatu and I are at home alone.
I believe that her father's spirit was the one that shaved my sister's eye brows and hair, it's a warning sign to my mum and sister they should know now.
I dressed well and looked at myself on the full standing mirror before I go to her, I'm a cute guy so I know she will love me.
I walk majestically to her room like king of the jungle, she was combing her hair when I entered without knocking, although I knew she was surprised but she faked a smile when I smiled to her and gently sit on her bed.
We greeted each other and I kept sitting on the bed stamping my feet and guessing at her beautiful pictures on the wall, she's really beautiful.
I was speechless and one could tell I look like a fool in front of the lady I want to ask out. I smiled sheepishly and walk straight to her looking at her and smiling again.
"Ramatu you are beautiful, I've loved you but I was scared to tell you" I said
She refused to answer me, she kept on combing her hair. I move very close to her leaving no distance between us, my chest were could feel the warmth of her breast. "hope you heard me? " I asked.
"Since you were scared of telling me what gave you the courage to tell me now or do you think I've removed the mask that made you to be afraid? " she asked peering at me with her sexy eyes.
"No common I love you " I said pulling her close to me for a kiss, she tried to push me but I was stronger than her, I carried her like a baby and placed her on the bed. I was on her while she was trying to prove stubborn by trying to fight me.
I held her head and move my lips to her soft lips then the door opened. I freezed but she didn't. She only breathed a sigh of relief.
My heart pound seeing my mum and sister.... I almost laughed when I saw my sister's head shaved like that of widows in Nigerian movies.
"I knew it you are a bad girl and you are not ashamed of yourself. You want to rape my son, someone you called Brother" I heard my mum said and I almost boost into laughter, how could a lady rape a guy.
"No MA he's the one trying to rape me" Ramatu who had almost began to cry said, I would have supported her but she had prove to be stubborn so I side my mum.
My mum pounced on her and began to beat her, I left the room immediately while I tapped my sister and brought out my tongue to tease her....
She was angry but she joined my mum in beating Ramatu.
On my way downstairs I saw the maid and I felt relieved cause I know the maid will surely come to her aid.

(Amarachi's Pov)
Immediately I heard the cry of Ramatu, I ran upstairs to know what was going on. I know it should have something to do with Fatima's hair.
"little prostitutes like you, you are following your mother's step cause she was also a prostitute before your selfish dad fell in love with her " I heard Mrs Fatai panting and ranting.
I got there to see her and her daughter beating Ramatu, I quickly ran to their midst to help her. I apologize on her behalf although I know Ramatu is not a rapist but I have to beg to save her.
Her uniform was torn and she couldn't stand up, I felt pity for her and wondered how could she be accused in such a way.
I took her to the bathroom to turn on the shower to warm temperature. I messaged her body with towel. Her body was designed with red marks cause she's a fair lady. I cried for her, I just have a strong feeling that Mrs Fatai has hand in the death of her parents.


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