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what life stole from her-Episode3

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Hassan's Pov)
The way my mum treats my cousin was so bad, ever since I know Ramatu I've loved her for her intelligence and beauty. Sometimes I feel bed knowing that she's my sister and I'm nothing but a brother to her.
I promise to help her to the last but that's if she also love me cause I don't care being her brother I'll confess my love to her and I pray she accept so that we'll work together.
I've made up my mind and I'm not going to change it, I'll write it on the wall of my room cause I'm in love with Ramatu.

(Amarachi's pov)
After preparing lunch for the family, I decided to dish food in a food warmer, I put it inside Ramatu's old lunch box cause I have a feeling that her uncles wife might not give her comfort. I hide the lunch box inside her wardrobe so that when she comes back from school I'll inform her..
While I was mopping the kitchen Mrs Fatai entered and stopped me, "ehn as you can see, I'm going out and I might not come back early, don't allow Ramatu to come close to the kitchen and when she comes back tell her to feel the empty tanks of water... I can see you are nice to her but if you fail to do any of what I said I'll get to know through my children " She said and work out
I wonder what was wrong with the woman, all she do is to nag and quarel the innocent girl who what really went wrong and how it came of her....
When I was about to go to the market o saw Ramatu dropping from a taxi, I quickly informed he r and warned her not to enter the kitchen, I asked her to eat in her room.
I also told her about fetching of water but she ignored saying she'll not fetch the water alone.

(Ramatu's Pov)
I wonder why on earth will she refuse me of going to the kitchen and expect me to fetch water, we have borehole and Amarachi always do the fetching of water.
I was weak and thinking of how to read for the test, I entered my room and went straight to the wardrobe cause I was really hungry, I've been eating like an hungry lion for the past few days....
After eating I went to the living room and turn on the television to news channel cause I love listening to news... With full attention I was watching the news when Fatima barge in with a quarel.
"Are you stupid or you are trying to be disrespectful, we're you not inform that you are to fetch water and feel the little tank outside? " she asked
I smiled and stood up, "Do you just say that to me? I'll do that right away when I get my lunch " I said not wanting to brag words with her.
"Spoilt brat, you are not even grateful that my mum Is trying to make you a good person in life. You have grown to be a lazy bitch " she said
I laughed "I don't say that I'm not lazy but I think I'm better than some dullard that couldn't use their brain rightfully " I said teasingly, I don't want to have problem with her but she's trying to push me to the world.
"My mum and I are ready to take you to hell, don't worry since you have the guts to call me a dullard....
"shot up" a voice cut her in, I turned to look it was her brother Hassan
"What is your reward if you take someone to hell, I've been watching you and mum and I promise to report you to dad when he comes back " he said
"and do I look like I care? "
We were all silent for a while before their mum entered, we all greeted her, she answered her. She answered her children politely and gave me a frown look and I frown back at her....
"I know you are a witch so I don't have to ask why you are looking me in such a way, have you done what I asked you? " she asked facing me
I scratched my head looking for a befitting words but none was coming up "I'm hungry, I don't have enough strength to fetch water" I said
She nodded her head "Wow I see, no blood to suck so she's weak, you will fetch it by force" she said
Before I knew it she pounced on me and forced me to go and fetch water, while I was trying to walk properly with force I fell down and bruise my kneel. Blood began to pot.
"Oh sorry dear" she said and I looked at her in surprise cause she said it softly while Fatima laughed and Hassan blamed his mother....
She said she'll treat me that I should go to her room and wait for her, I struggled to her room and entered the bathroom, I washed the bleeding wound and waited for her. I heard Hassan telling his mum that he's going to football field.
Few minutes later she came in with a smile on her face, the smile was strange bug I prayed things moves well cause it might be she doesn't want her husband to meet me in such state.
"Fatima! Fatima!! Fatima!!! Bring what I asked you to bring for me" she shouted while Fatima answered "okay mum" sluggishly.
"Don't worry dear you'll be fine " she said, I nodded my head. She asked me to lay on the bed. Few minutes later Fatima arrived with a tray, I couldn't see what was inside cause I was lying. Immediately I felt a sharp pains on my kneels, I jumped up to check, it was Salt. Fatima and her mum sprayed salt on my wound.
The both of them boost into uncontrollable laugh when I began to cry. "stupid and foolish girl after disobeying me you still expect me to treat you. You will regret knowing me" her mum said
I struggle to my room crying, I went straight to the bathroom to wash off the salt cause it was itching seriously.
I never thought they'll be so wicked to that extent, I layed on my bed and cried about the death of my parents, they wouldn't have been rich to the extent that they will have enemies that even want their lives. They would have been poor so that we will live happily and always appreciate themselves....
I did not know when I slept off, I woke up to see the tome was 12am already, I walk to the bathroom to pee when an idea stroke me. I laughed inwardly.
Fatima has long hair and beautiful eye brows that makes her mum proud and I was sure she was fast asleep in her room.
I took my shaving stick and scissors, I head to her room. I struggle hard and tried to walk without making sound....
I gently shave all her eye brow and use the scissors to cut half part of her hair. I know she will not be able to go to school with half hair cut so she would have to go and give it full cut...
As I smiled to myself as someone satisfied, I turned to walk out but the door opened and someone entered immediately....

guess who?


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