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what life stole from her-Episode18

©Joy Ajuma Moses

Mr Parker's wife
Mr and Mrs Joe boarded a flight to American due to fear, Mr Joe was surprised and confused about the killer but he has no option than to run for his dear life.
Before going they visited Mrs Joe's younger sister who newly gave birth, Mrs Joe also couldn't give birth to a child of her own, in her family the men are impotent while the women are barren but her younger sister was able to make it.
That is thesame woman whose daughter couldn't cry at the hospital that made the nurses to carry out their foolish operations.
The baby was named Praise cause it was a thing of praise.

Fatima was seriously ill, her body temperature was high and she was shivering.
Mrs Fatai was afraid she doesn't want to loose her daughter so soon, she took her to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that she was okay.

(Fatima's pov)
I felt a sharp pain on my head and my vision became blur. I heard my mum shouting my name but I couldn't answer.
I saw myself divided into two, one was standing while the other was lying, my mum was shouting my name "Fatima!! "
"mum stop shouting my name" I said but she couldn't hear me...
The nurse came and was telling my mum to calm down "please tell her for me, she had been shouting and shouting" I said to the nurse but it seems the nurse was not hearing me.
"come young lady let me educate you " a voice said, I turned to check it was Ramatu 's parents
I followed them "now listen it's too early for you to leave. Your father must bear his punishment alone cause the sins of the father must not fall on his children. It's not yet our time but we will go because of you " Mr Danladi said to me.
I didn't understand him and I wonder what he was doing does that means they're not dead or what?
"I will advise you too be kind to everyone cause you don't know what a day might bring, I'm not saying this because of Ramatu but I'm saying this for your own good. Ramatu is doing fine. " His wife added.
"Now go and I pray that by the mercies of Allah you'll grow old to see your grand children before you join the dead" he said and the but of them decend up.
I turn to see Ramatu petting a baby that was crying, I closed my eyes and opened it to see my mum crying "mum I'm okay now " I said and she jumped to me.
The nurse came and asked her to wait that she has to check on me. "please nurse I'm fine and I need to tell my mum something" I said
I tried to recall all that happened and what bothered me most is the sin they talked about.

(Amarachi's pov)
My heart ponder cause I know my boss will be mad at me for not changing instead of became worst, o don't even know the excuse I'll give him.
When I arrived at work the first person I met was Ladi, she looked at me and laughed. "I wonder how you got this job when you are not punctual anyway it's let for you but I'm sure that you'll be fired today so don't mind going to the office else you'll be in for a disgrace " she said, I look side by side as if I'm searching for who was speaking "Satan shame unto you " o said and walk away.
My boss started at me and smiled "Amarachi you know you don't fit for this job? " he asked sternly.
I find it hard to breathe when he told me to leave that he'll get someone better, I know I don't even worth the job and I happened to get it by mistake.
I turned to leave the office then he called me back and gave me the last warning. The warning remained warning for weeks, I kept on going to work late and worst sometimes I'd reach by 9:00 and leave as early as 16:00 with excuse just to make it up to Ramatu and baby Mara.

(Parker's pov)
I'm worried, I'm not good at asking a lady out and I need to settle to have a family on my own cause I'm not getting younger any longer.
I don't have any lady on mind aside miss Ladi but it seems she has a kind of character that I can't dictate that is totally bad.
I bow my head and prayed "there lord this is my first prayer please see me through by making my wife the first person to get to work today. " o said and stood up, I believe it will work.
I dressed very early to work happily with faith that I'd see my real wife, when I got to work the place was quiet although the security guards were outside.
I walk to my office, she was already sitting on her desk. That was the last person I expected to come to work very early. I marveled.


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