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what life stole from her-Episode17

©Joy Ajuma Moses

The baby is coming

"it's public hospital madam" a driver said to his boss who is in a labor.
"take me there please I can't bear the pain any longer " she pleaded
The driver obeyed as she commanded and took her to the public hospital, she's a wife of senator who has been barren for long until her prayers was answered.
While the doctors on duty were attending to a patient with critical problem at the theater, the auxiliary nurse were asked to take care of the women at the labour room.
The nurses recognized the woman as a wealthy woman so they spent their time attending to the woman, the driver and Amarach was at the wait room.
The nurse ignored Ramatu and focused on the woman, the two were shouting and crying, Ramatu passed out due to tiredness and pains that was when they began to take care of her.
She couldn't push any longer, the nurse used vacuum cleaner to help the baby out, yeah it's a baby boy, the baby was crying loud as if he was pierced with sword. The baby was sucking his hands already "you will have to hustle since you so much like food"one of the nurse said to the baby jokingly.
Ramatu was still weak, they gave her drip immediately cause she was bleeding.
The other woman at the other ward gave birth minutes later, she was unconscious because of weakness and pains. She gave birth to a baby girl.
"do you noticed something? " one of the nurse the attention of others
"what did you notice aunty notification" another nurse tease jokingly.
"her baby is not crying and you know what it means, the baby might die and it will cause us alot" she said
Other nurse observed and they agreed with her, the baby girl was not crying. Little did they know about it.
"what do we do now cause I'm really scared " nurse Linda asked
"let's swap the baby, if this one lost her baby after two days she'll take in again " nurse Joy suggested
"what do you mean by swap? " Linda asked as if she doesn't know
"now watch me " Says Joy, she took Ramatu's son and placed it beside the woman while she took the girl and placed it beside Ramatu "pim" she said to Linda placing her hands on Linda's lips. "this is between the both of us nobody should know about this " she said and Linda shook her head in agreement.
The doctor entered immediately "this ladies it seems you don't know your duty as nurse, all the time is to gossip and gossip. Now if I should ask what were you discussing in a messed up place like this? " the doctor asked, Joy and Linda jerked off immediately and resume their duty without saying a word.
The crying baby was still crying while the other one was quiet, the doctor examined the two babies. He left with the female baby and came back later with the baby crying.
He called the two nurse "now listen attentively, I don't want anyone to die due to your ignorance. Although I'll lecture you about this but know it that it not normal if a newly born child is not crying " he placed the baby beside Ramatu.
One of the nurse called Amarachi, the other woman's husband was there but he was not allow to go in.

~after everywhere has been tidied~
The woman's husband was mad at the driver for taking his wife to public hospital, after she gain consciousness they left the hospital immediately for private hospital.
Amarachi was glad to see Ramatu healthy once again, she made tea from the hot water she brought. She had boiled enough hot water and put it in a warmer.
"your baby is a girl, I thought it would be a boy" Amarachi said to Ramatu
"I'm happy that I'm alive and the heavy problem is off me" Ramatu stutter
"no don't say so babies are blessing. Do you have a name for her? " Amarachi asked while cuddling the baby
"yeah her name is Mara " says Ramatu
"God forbid, do you know the meaning of Mara? " Amarachi asked
"don't worry let her be called Mara " She finalised and turned to the other side of the bed.
"she might be Mara to you but she is blessing to me" Amarachi said
"bastard blessing I guess " She sputtered out of pains, tears was dropping down her eyes.
"stop this Ramatu, you must not say this over and over again " Amarachi pleaded.
"then how will I take care of this child? "
"don't worry God is in control " amarachi consoled.
They were silent for a while.

Mr Parker was at office already when Amarachi arrived at work, he called her attention.
"just take a look at the clock to see when you are coming to work" he said to her, she glanced through the wall clock it was 8:30am already.
"sir I'm sorry, I had to do some chores before coming to work " she pleaded
Mr Parker laughed at her excuse "house chores, why don't you remain at home to be doing how chores " he teased, he so much like stubborn ladies and he always ask of Ramatu
"well doing the house chores is not the problem but I'll not get any pay" she said
Parker laughed hard, Mrs ladi entered. She eyed Amarachi and wondered why Mr Parker was laughing. He hardly laughs, he's the serious type.
"you're here" he faced Mrs Ladi
"yes sir" she said smiling
Mr Parker wonder why she was smiling "I'll call you bag let me finish with this young miss of mine " he said referring to Amarachi as his miss.
Ladi was angry but she had no option than to leave, she thought he would tell Amarachi to leave but it turns the other way round.
"Amarachi next time you come to work late you'll be fired cause I don't accommodate unserious workers. This company has been growing through hard work and honesty " he finalized and give her a sign to leave, she bowed before leaving.
When it was closing time she hurried to leave but Ladi stopped her. "now listen and listen carefully, tomorrow I'll give you some rules about dressing code. You must not wear fitted clothes cause you're here for work not to entice the boss" she said
"excuse me what do you mean by entice" Amarachi interrupted
"you heard me right cause you know what you did, Mr Parker doesn't laugh any how talk more of laughing with nonentity like you" she said and walk out.
Amarachi ignored her and left, she couldn't wait to go and see Ramatu and baby Mara.


(Amarachi's Pov)
I woke up very early and do all the necessary things, but I couldn't go to work I had to wait for Ramatu to wake up so that I'll bathe her baby.
The time was 8:45am when I left for work, I was scared already cause I might lose my job.


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