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what life stole from her-Episode16

©Joy Ajuma Moses

Amarachi was knitting a cap when her phone rang she read the message "From the management of Bio-well enterprise, you're hereby invited for an interview tomorrow 09-October by 10am"
She was overwhelmed with joy not knowing the message is not meant for her "Ramatu thank you so much, you're such a wonderful girl" she said
"wow congratulations aunty Amarachi you are lucky, you see. This is is a great opportunity for you maybe one day you'll become secretary through hard work and honesty "says happy Ramatu.
Amarachi stood up and changed her mood immediately, Ramatu noticed and demanded to know why she changed her mood suddenly
"I'm scared of interview, what if I end up not being qualified of the interview what will become of me? " she asked
Ramatu heave a sigh before speaking "aunty Amarachi I've always tell you this, swallow fear out of you. If you are embracing fear then you are in for doom cause there'll not be anything to write about you do say no to fear and be courageous "
"Ramatu I don't know that you're this smart, the truth is that I've never go for interview before, I always see myself as low class that was why I work as housemaid but you're now opening my eyes " she said happily
"don't worry I'll go with you for the interview " Ramatu assured
"with this your predicament? No no no. I'll be fine " Amarachi insisted
"no I disagree with you, I must go and cheer you up cause you might end up with fear. Don't worry about my state and don't mind what the doctor said just believe that I'm fine " she persuade
Amarachi was confused but she finally agreed to her.
The day of the interview came, Amarachi chartered a taxi that will come and pick Ramatu from the house, when they got to the company the first person they met was the secretary miss Ladi.
Miss Ladi is an arrogant lady that doesn't consider things that are to be put into consideration so she was harsh on them.
"hey hey you, move to this side" she bark at Ramatu
Ramatu moved to the direction she asked her to and was disgusted at the lady "does this place looks like a labour room, huh? " she Amarachi
Amarachi was speechless "as you can see I'm not in labour, we came here for interview " Ramatu said while Amarachi tried to calm her down.
"wow I can see that the pregnancy is disturbing you and who told you to come for interview you fools? " she asked
"well we have the evidence and calling us fools will not help, it will only make you a fool when you realize that the company called for interview " Ramatu retorted
Miss Ladi was angry already "well maybe it's fake cause the company doesn't have a vacant place " she said mockingly.
The supposed Amarachi appeared immediately, miss Ladi smiled and hug her "has the interview started already? " Amarachi Chubuike asked.
"not yet, you are the chosen one already. My boss is waitin for you, come let's go." she said, Ramatu held Amarachi and followed them, Amarachi tried to pull her hands back but Ramatu insisted
"you fools should better turn back else you're in for disgrace today " says miss Ladi but Ramatu ignored
They got to Parker's office he was surprised when he saw four ladies and even pregnant lady.
"what's going on here? "he asked
"sir this is the lady I told you about, this so called ladies claimed that they got message from this company for interview "
"do they have prove that this company sent a message to them? " he asked
"yes we have a prove" Ramatu answered and collected Amarachi's phone without hesitation, she showed them the message and it was confirmed.
"well it might be a mistake " Ladi said
"then let the interview be done mistakenly " Ramatu retorted.
Miss Ladi thought she is a stubborn lady but she discovered Ramatu was more stubborn and she can't prove smartness to Ramatu.
"I really like this lady, I think she's smart and she knows her right. Since the message was sent to her mistakenly just as you said then let me interview the two. Everyone is entitled to it. I'm gonna choose from the two Amarachi after the interview so the both of you should leave us" he said referring to Ramatu and Ladi to excuse them for interview.
"don't be scared to answer and try to answer in your best feminine voice okay? " Ramatu whispered to Amarachi's ear before leaving.
Ladi felt like some that was starb, she so much hated Ramatu for the first time, when they got outside where they were to wait miss Ladi turned to Ramatu.
"you nonentity what do you think you are and do you think your foolish dummy aunt or should I say sister will get the job? " Ladi asked
"Well-done miss perfect for all I care is that the interview should be done and just the way you wish your friend the best so I wished my aunt. Why is your blood hot? " she asked smiling, Ladi felt she was starb at Ramatu's words.
"you better watch your lips, I'm the general secretary of this company and you are to speak to me without respect else I'll make life living hell for you before you leave " she said.
"well aunty secretary don't forget that, that same respect you are talking about is to be reciprocated. Respect me and I'll respect you" she fired back.
At the interview section the questions were easy to the two Amarachi.
"well if you are to be payed as personal assistant how much would you like to be paid? " Mr Parker asked
"thirty thousand naira only " Amarachi Chubuike answered
"I'll be pleased if the company make their choice for me" Amarachi Executive answered.
" Why did you leave your last job? " Mr Parker asked
"cause my boss is an ingrate, he doesn't compensate staff. All he does is to give work " Amarachi Chubuike answered
"oh what a lady without manners " Mr Parker thought within himself waiting for Amarachi reply
"I left cause I relocated to another place and my kind of work doesn't have branch" she said
"getting to hear from the both of you bio-well enterprise PA must be a honest and humble person. Amarachi Executive can we discuss about your payment? " he cut Amarachi unaware, she almost fainted. The second Amarachi the high class lady fake a smile and congratulate Amarachi.
After the interview was done, the two went out with smiling face. Ladi who thought her friend got the job has already started to mock Ramatu only for her to hear the shock news that her friend was not given the job.
Ladi felt hurt, her cheeks burned. She wished she could go to Parker's office and slap him.
Ramatu was overwhelmed with joy when they got home Amarachi thanked her. "I'll never be afraid of anything in my life again, I'll always take step in anything I wish" she said beating her chest.
They celebrated together, Ramatu was so hungry she asked Amarachi to cook for her.
Amarachi prepared semo and okra soup, she recommended okra for Ramatu cause of her state.
While they were eating Ramatu felt a sharp pains around her waist, "Amarachi!!!!! " she shouted
Amarachi ran to her aid "what is happening " she asked
She hit her hand on her laps several times and shouted "my waist!!!"
"oh no this can't be true, that was why I said you should remain at home cause the doctor said your baby is not well positioned" Amarachi said confused, she doesn't know what was wrong with Ramatu.
"Amarachiiiii!!!!!! " she shouted again this time stressing the chi
"should I go and call a taxi man, I'm scared o" Amarachi cried.
"my waist " she shouted again, Amarachi ran to the junction in tears and called a taxi man.
The taxi man helped her to raise Ramatu up, Ramatu's clothes were soaked already as if she pee on her body. "the water don break" the taxi man said
"yes I know help me carry her go any hospital " Amarachi cried.
They drove to hospital.


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