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what life stole from her-Episode15

©Joy Ajuma Moses

Family disagreement

Fatai was angry with his wife cause she has been speaking to him arrogantly. He wondered why she was so harsh "it seems you have forgotten I'm the man of the house that's and you are speaking to me without manners?" he asked her
"you know how to ask me questions and feel bossy but you don't know how to answer people's questions and feel bossy among your mates right? " she said
"what exactly are you talking about? What is with you and must you speak in a rude manner " he asked in rage.
She laughed "it seems you don't understand, explain to me why you have to lie to me Joe the other day. Are you responsible for the death? "
He scratched his head "I was only trying to cover up for you cause you were the one who sent her away. You just hated her " he faked
She laughed and clap her hand "I've know you to be a good liar but I thought you've repented. Well let me remind you that you were the one who pushed her away from this house that faithful night. Don't put me into trouble " she said surrendering
"you are funny have you forgotten the cock and bully stories you told me about the girl? I just discovered from Hassan of recent that you and Fatima has given her though time and I also got to know that she wasn't a flirt" he said
"well when Ramatu is found you'll explain things better. I don't have to waste my saliva speaking to you " he said
"I can see that you are guilty but you don't want to talk, there's something fishy. I can smell it especially when you were blasted and accused of having hands in the death of your late brother and you were quiet " she turn to avoid eye contact with him.
"well I've known you to be a stubborn wicked witch and I married you by mistake " he retorted
"either mistake or willingly all I know is that you are a coward and you can't defend yourself. It makes you look guilty "
"guilty or not guilty I still remain Fatai, I was only sounding nice because Joe was my late brother's best friend and I know he felt bad " he said
"mum you were the one that started everything. You so much hated Ramatu for no reason or should I call it personal reasons " Hassan's voice echoed
"your so is also saying the truth and you are denying it that you're not the one" Fatai added
"we're you not around when your dad asked her to pack her things and leave this house? " she asked
"you were the one that lied about her, I'll search for my niece anywhere I can and get her back to this house and get ready to explain to the court why you so much hated her" he said
"dad all I know is that none of you are left alone, the both of you are responsible cause it was a joint work between husband and wife " he said while his mum laughed out loud.
"common will you shut up you stubborn child, I always provided adequate needs so that your mum will take good care of you but she aboundone you to become stubborn child " Fatai said out of frustration.
"oh you're referring to me right? " she asked
"I don't care, daddy, mummy and Fatima be ready to go to prison and leave this house for just Ramatu and I. I know where she is but I'll not tell you because she hates you, especially you daddy " he said and ran away
"like mother like son, look at what you brought to this world as son" he said
"you have forgotten that he's your son and your genes dominate him meaning he's your copy. Foolish man" she said and walk out
Fatai looks frustrated and downcasted, he has been at home for two months without traveling for business trip. His wife and children has made the house uncomfortable for him.
He thought of what to do to save himself from them but no idea was coming up, he regretted sending Ramatu away.
His heart was filled with fears but he doesn't know what to do.

Parker was sitting on a soft rocking chair, he is the manager of bio-well enterprise.
Parker is a white man who has stayed long in Nigeria, nothing was new to him. Must of the workers call him "ajekpako oyinbo" because he's sharp.
He likes ladies that are smart, ladies that can speak for themselves.
Amarachi submitted her application letter late, her name is Amarachi Eze. She did as Ramatu as instructed her.
The manager ordered the secretary to give him the submitted application letter so that he'll go through it.
After viewing the laters several times he laughed "a lot of shut is going on here. Most of them can't even write" he said
His secretary was standing at his front "yeah exactly, you know this is Nigeria. " she said making no point.
"I'm tired of reading it" he said
"don't worry sir I've got someone nice for you among the applicants and I know her to be an hardworking graduate " he said
"what's her name? " he asked eagerly
"Amarachi Chibuike" she said
"alright I'll message her to come for interview " he said and stood up, he asked the secretary to call the cashier.
The cashier appeared immediately "search for Amarachi Chubuike, get her contact from her curriculum vitae (CV) and message her to come for interview.
The cashier is anyhow lady that so things with ignorance, she saw Amarachi Eze, she messaged her immediately not knowing there are two different Amarachi.
While she was arranging the rest application letters these when she realized that she'd made mistake so she text the second Amarachi.
She was scared for typing to the wrong and right person, instead of her to tell her boss she refused cause of fear of being sacked.
The two Amarachi were text among all the people that wrote the application.


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