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what life stole from her-Episode14

©Joy Ajuma Moses

The other world

"why are you smiling when Joe is in trouble or do you want him to join us? " Mrs Danladi asked her husband
"well it seems you're not seeing what I'm seeing, look at his life. He has a very long life and his time is not near" he said
"you're funny what about Fatai's life? It's also long and he'll keep plotting evil to take away his life " she said in a worried tone.
"you know that Fatai has long life but he has refused to yield to the voice of repentance knocking at his door and if he still continues his wrong steps his life will be cut short " he said to his wife.
They were both on white patrolling in the world cause their time was yet.
"I wish I can go back to my mortal self and expose Fatai " says Mrs Danladi.
Her husband smiled at her "don't be this crazy, you know that Allah is preparing a better place for us so why are you bothering about mortals and their wicked heart? Fatai is only but listening to his selfish desires" he said
"I wish he knew that there is better place for him if only he'll do good. But I hate him and I want him dead. I don't forgive easily, he has put my daughter into difficult life. " she said, Mrs Danladi's spirit is harsh and after vengeance.
He smiled again and stared his wife "maybe that how fate want things to go, but woe to him for allowing his flesh supersedes his real self." he said
"thanks to Amarachi for her kindness. I wish I could go back to life I would have made Amarachi someone better than a mad. She just have a pure and clean heart " she said
"yeah that girl is not an ordinary human, she's almost perfect in everything. She's one of the angels that ran from heaven I think " he said and they but laughed out loud.
"Let's forget about Fatai do you know why I'm happy? " he asked
"no dear tell me why you are happy and you've been smiling since and I wonder why when things are bad " she said
"I'm happy because he indirectly took care of his wife and that was my worry. All thanks to the family of Fatai for sending her away " he said
She smiled also but frown immediately "but he's gone to the city and he might not come back maybe he'll die in an unsuccessful work. Can't you see his life is short and death is knocking at his door while repentance is about to leave? " she asked
"Oh I pray his eyes opens cause he'll die soon maybe in a year or two to come he'll die " he said pathetically
"and Ramatu will become a widow? No it's too much on her and we can't help, let's go and see how she's doing " she said
The held hands together and they disappeared immediately. The both of them appeared at Amarachi's house were Amarachi and Ramatu were discussing.
They were happy and were also discussing but Amarachi and Ramatu could not see them or hear their discussion.

(Ramatu's pov)
"you look upset today unlike before that you're always smiling whenever I come back from work what is the matter? " she asked me.
"aunty Amarachi you know I don't lie to you right? " she shook her head.
"I'm having a feelings that I cannot figure out myself and I'm trying to get off that feelings from me " I said and she moved close to me.
"what exactly is the feeling can you share it with me maybe I can be of help? "
"yeah I'll cause you're my all. I've been worried ever since Dave left. I think I'm missing him" I blurted out.
Sincerely I have mixture of feelings about him but I'm just seventeen and I can't say I'm inlove with him, even though I do he'll never accept to that cause I'm pregnant and he might think I'm married or I'm a flirt that got pregnant just the way my uncle has accused me.
"well Ramatu maybe it's because he's the only friend you have and he's gone so you'll miss him of course. Is that why you are worried common let me give him a call " she said and a cheered up.
She tried calling him but it was not reachable, I gave a sour expression and changed the topic "what about the news paper I asked you to buy? " I asked her.
"oh yeah that reminds me I bought your favorite fruit for you, I know you like it and you'll need it" she said and brought out some fruit from her bag and newspaper. I like reading newspapers and I'm always update, I inherited it from my father. He's news fans.
I enjoyed the fruit she bought while I read the news paper "aunty Amara!!! " I shouted calling her attention.
She appeared almost immediately "yes what is it? " she asked
"bio-well enterprise manager needs a personal assistant, this is a great opportunity " I said and she looked at me in confusion.
"what does that have to do with me, almighty bio-well Enterprises that deals with connections?" she asked
I laughed "aunty Amara forget about it joor, you are falling my hands where is your faith? Are you not thinking great or do you want to end up as banana seller. Me I'm always shy and I cry whenever I see you selling banana " I said
"Ramatu don't worry about it that's my life. Some people are meant to be rich while some are meant to be poor. I'll not talk much, it's because you grow up as big man's child that's why you'll not know about this" she said, I looked at her in disbelief.
"aunty Amara nobody is meant to be poor. Before you'll reach a mountain you have to take a step and feel the hardness of the road that's what my mum always tell me and that's my key to success. If you admire a star read about the background of the star every body has a start. Riches is not from birth. Don't even think you don't worth it or is just for people they know. This is an opportunity take a trial maybe you'll become manager on your own one day " I said.
She opened her mouth wide staring at me "are you saying I should apply for the work? I'm not qualify, people that will apply are those with degrees and PhD not my type that I'm just handling diploma.
"please dream big, open your eyes and shine it well. See your self as miss unique, write your application and submit it. Don't feel bad if they don't call you, if you fail today, tomorrow is another day " I said
"Ramatu you're really a blessing I'll do as you said and write the application " she said
"yeah write it and pray on it, there's nothing too hard" I said
She moved close to me and hug me, she was crying already. Amarachi has so much look down on herself and I don't like it cause she seems to be far better than others to me.

Mr Joe was placed in comer cause of the shot, his wife was not shot so she called emergency to come to her aid. Luckily for him he was short on his hand but he fell unconscious.
Mrs Joe who was scared was crying she thought of whom the next target of the assassin might be, she had a strong believe that Mr Fatai who she had accused was innocent.
She believed that he might be the next target of the assassins so she decided to call him "the Asian case still continues, my husband was shot and the person behind all this is still unknown. You need to get hefty security guards in your house to save you " she said and ended the call not waiting for him to reply back.
The doctor informed her that she could go and see her husband, she felt relieved cause he has been over three days that everything happened.
When she saw her husband she began to cry she felt bad but she was still happy that he's alive.
"my dear this thing is critical than we thought please let's leave the country for a year cause I can't afford to loose you and I don't want to be a widow at this early age" she said
He only smiled but he couldn't talk, he began to cough. She ran to call the doctor.
She boasted into another version of cry and placed her hand on her head, she doesn't want her husband to die.
She walk to and fro at the hospital thinking of how life will be without husband.
Oh I've finally revealed everything to them o, how will Dave know that Ramatu is the girl he raped and how on earth will she forgive him. The worst if it all is that Dave's life is short meaning he'll soon die and for Fatai he'll never stop playing evil that's the fact about human with selfish thoughts.


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