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what life stole from her-Episode13

©Joy Ajuma Moses

He left

(Dave's pov))

I was in a big house with my son and wife, we were all watching movie. My wife has a very big tummy and she's exactly Ramatu.
I so much love and cherished her for her kindness, she's my everything and I was ready to kill myself to keep her smiling.
My son looks exactly like me, very smart. I walk to my wife, I kiss her forehead and gently rub my hands around her big tummy.
She's too nice, innovent and too good for me.... Oh she's amazing beautiful lady. .....
I was touching her tummy softly until I woke up from my naughty but fantastic sleep.... My gosh it was a dream, I'm not thinking of getting wife so soon.
Maybe it was because of Ramatu's attitude towards me the previous day that was why I was dreaming of her.
She was really awesome and beautiful in the dream but I know it just a dream cause she's already married, my mum entered my room. "so you're awake already and you can't come and greet your mom right? " she asked jokingly.
I smiled "not really mum I just woke up and I was about to come when you entered. How was your night beautiful mum" I said petting her.
"fine dear I've boiled water for you so that you'll take your bathe before leaving" she said and I peck her forehead. She's always awesome and I can't afford to loose her, she's all I've got.
I happily went to take my bathe I've really missed city.... I can't wait to go and resume work, I miss my colleagues, I miss my girls and I also miss fun.
After dressing I gave my mum huge amounts of money so that she'll keep herself for me, she was so happy, she prayed and blessed me before I left.
I've gone far when I got a call from Amarachi saying she's expecting me to come. I stated everything clear to her about how Ramatu had talked to me rudely the previous day and I also told her about my journey. She persuade with me that she has something for me that I should come back.
I sighed and looked at the road wondering what to do, I don't know. I don't want to go and upset the young lady cause it seems my presence irritates her much. Anyway I'll go and I'm sure that's the last time she'll see me.
I arrived at their house, I saw Amarachi with a tray and I guess she was about to go to market. I wonder why she'll invite me to her house when she knows she's going to market. "you're going out and you told me to come over? " I asked her
"yeah please don't be offended over what happened between you and Ramatu yesterday. She really has a bad past and as you're seeing her she's not a married woman. Someone hurt her " she said
"if someone hurt her will she become aggressive to everyone, I know she has relationship problems and I've noticed it but she can't keep being harsh to all guys" I said but Amarachi placed her finger on her lips telling me to keep quiet.
"no no no you're wrong that's not what happened and you're mis-interpreting me. I just want you to know she has a bad past but I've talk to her about you and she's sorry. You can go and see her before leaving please don't ask me anything and don't get her upset. Bye and safe journey " she said and walk away swiftly before I'd ask her anything.
Well I really wish to see her before leaving but I'll not say anything to her when I get in there. I walk inside she was lying but her eyes were opened wide.
"hello Dave good day, I'm so sorry over what happened between the both of us yesterday. I was pissed off when I realized you were everywhere" she said in a soft tone.
Oh I remembered my dream but I waved off. I smiled "thank God you've realized that I meant no harm " I said
She smiled back, she looked at me and my big bag that looks like school bag hung to my hand. "where are you going to? " she asked
"I'm going back to Abuja that's where I live and work. I was on a break that was why I came to the village " I said and she bursts into tears, I wonder why she was crying, I move to her and wipe her tears.
"I'm so sorry if I upset you " I said, maybe she's missing me.
"no you did not upset me, you made me to remember my house " she said.
I was confused "you live at Abuja? " I asked
"yeah I was born and brought up there until I have some problems " she said, I knew there was problem somewhere but she was keeping it to herself "don't worry things will be fine " I said and pulled her for hug, she hugged me willingly. Oh I felt peace in me.
I opened my bag and brought out a huge amount and found money and gave to her, she opened her mouth but I told her not to mind and I promised to come back to check on her before she'll be put to bed. She placed her head on my chest until she slept off, I gently placed her head on the pillow and write a note for her. I placed the note under her pillow then I covered her well.
I've never feel so motivated in such a way before, leaving her was like leaving my happiness. She's just exactly like the Ramatu in my dream I'm sure that was what the dream mean.
(Mr Joe's pov)
I was discussing with my wife on a faithful night when she asked about Mr Danladi my late friend who was assassinated. "dear I was surprised when I went to visit his brother. Would you believe that Mr Fatai said Ramatu ran away? " I asked her.
She claps her hands "I knew it already, I heard that Mr Danladi was assassinated few weeks or should I say few days Mr Fatai and his family packed to his house as if they have been waiting for a day like that. Of course you need no evidence they're the once who sent gang to murder Mr Danladi " she said
I know my wife too well that she can accuse innocent person with evidence so I was not too convinced, I was only confused. "if he is responsible for the death why should Ramatu leave the house? " I asked her
She eyed me, she's the demonstrative type that like demonstrating while talking. "my dear don't be dumb to this the girl might have run due to maltreatment and I know they've not done anything about her missing. Oh my beautiful brilliant Ramatu I really like her " she said
"not really Mr Fatai said Ramatu became a flirt to the extent she got pregnant and after he scolded her to tell him the person responsible for the pregnancy she ran away. I'm upset because Ramatu is not the kind and I don't think they are nice to her " I said
"now you're talking that is exactly what I meant. Ramatu might have suffered many trauma and Mr Fatai's family must be wicked. Honey you have to sue them " she said in a serious tune.
I smiled "you know it's not possible to sue person just like that without evidence we need to have strong evidence." I said
"how are we going to have the evidence?" she asked, we heard the door bell ring and I walk to the living room to open the door, my wife followed me.
Before I could realize what was going on I and my wife were on the floor already "so you're the stubborn Joe right? " a huge guy asked. They are robbers.
I was scared already "please I beg you in the name of God how much do you want from me? " I asked cause I was shivering already
He laughed "man look me from head to toe do I look like a begger? I'm here for your life cause I'm thesame person that murdered Danladi and my master sent me to murder you " he said
I wondered how he got into my house when I have many armed security guards. "don't worry I've read your thoughts I was able to appear here alone with powers don't think it's ordinary guy. I've studied your house for a week " he said reading my thoughts.
Fear aroused me, my wife was pleading on my behalf but before I'd know it she shot me.


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