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what life stole from her-Episode12

©Joy Ajuma Moses

Hope of school

(Dave's pov cont)
I felt like a sharp sword pierced through my heart... What was she thinking or what did she take me for. I'm just helping her cause I was sorry over what happened to her but she sounds like an ingrate or does she thinks I'm tripping for her even with her big pot tummy...?
No of course I can't trip for her when I gat alot of chicks at the city, black and white, tall and slim. I don't feed on beauty besides she's someone's belongings.
"Ramatu I'm harmless, I'm just trying to be caring and nice to you " I said
"and you don't mind helping someone that is pregnant or what do you think people will say? " she asked
He r question took me on aware "you and I know there's nothing between us and.... " I was speaking when she cut me in.
"and why did you told the doctor that's I'm your wife ?" she fired again.
I scratched my head to find words that will save me from her question "well I was curious to know everything and the doctor was asking of your husband so I decided to lie" I said sincerely
"oh I see, I don't like it when you claimed to be my husband without my permission, I hate it" she said
I stared at her for long before speaking "I'm sorry about that and I promise you that I'll never make attempt to help you. I was only trying to be nice but if you insisted then I'm cool with it. Thank God you're okay, I'm happy about that, goodbye " I said and left.
I hate when I'm being taken for granted, I was only trying to be nice and she's there thinking something else. Ladies are just of different kinds.
While I was leaving o saw Amarachi, she stopped me and we exchanged pleasantries. "are you leaving " she asked
"so soon, I really want to talk to you if you don't mind " she said
"don't worry I'll call you on phone, I have an appointment." I said and walk away not wanting her to say anything.
I've really stayed long so I have to leave for city, the village is getting me angry and I don't know what to do so the only option is for me to leave for city.
I quickly arranged my belongings when I got home, I told my mum about my sudden change of mind that I got a call from my office and they need me urgently.

(Ramatu's pov)
I breathed a sigh of relief immediately he left, how could he be stalking me in such a way or does he want to add another pregnancy to the Mara I am carrying already?
I just pray that when I'm being put to bed. Immediately I give birth to the baby then I die so that the baby could continue from where I stopped.
If not for the pregnancy I'd have be in school despite the maltreatment from my uncles wife and his daughter.
"Ramatu!!! " I heard my name and I jerk up. "you mean you've not been hearing your name? " Amarachi asked
"aunty Amarachi I'm tired of what life has stolen from me, imagine what it has brought to me, sadness inplace of happiness. I have mother and father like every other teen but just a night I became motherless and fatherless. I'm entitled to school like all my mate but just after incident of one night I became a pregnant woman. What am I carrying in my tummy and now that I came here to stay peacefully two lover want to put me in problem. The most painful thing is that I can't go to school " I said crying
"my dear you'll go to school. You stopped at ss2 it not bad if you write GCE then next year you register for jamb and go to university." she said
I wiped my tears in disbelief "aunty Amara are you for real? Do you mean I'll go to school again? "
"yes you will go to school and you'll make it in life. You will not end up poor and reached my dear" she reassured holding my head with her palm
I hugged her passionately "you're the best in my life and I promise to make you proud " I said and hug her again.

At the city
Mrs Fatai was sitting on the coach at the living room while Mr Fatai was at the dining room with his news paper.
The door bell rang, Mrs Fatai went to open the door, she smiled happily "Mr Joe you're welcome. You decided to visit us today " she said welcoming Mr Joe.
Mr Joe is Danladi's (Ramatu's father) best friend, they had been friends right from childhood but he has not been in the country cause of work.
He heard about the death of his friend but he couldn't make it to the country untime "ah Mr Joe you're welcome " Mr Fatai said walking to the living room to welcome Mr Joe.
"how was the trip " he asked, Mrs Fatai left the men immediately to her room.
"it's been terrible because of the news I've heard what about Ramatu the survivor? " he asked
"well Ramatu case is the most shocking one, that girl is a spoilt brat. She has misbehaved and guess what. She became pregnant. She no longer lives here again " says Mr Fatai
"no this can't be true, Ramatu that I know is not the type and even if she happens to be pregnant you shouldn't have send her away. Children are stubborn but parents are to chastise them" he said
"ahhh no o, we did not send her away o, I just told her to tell me the person that impregnated her and the next day we couldn't find her. We tried her number but it was switched off" he lied
Mr Joe shook his head in disbelief "Ramatu is not the type but I wouldn't say much. I'll have to search for her and for the death of her parents did you do anything about it? " he asked
"yes the police are still searching " he lied again.
"well Nigerian police are to slow I'll take the matter seriously and everything must be refunded but honestly speaking I'm disappointed of you cause I never knew things will go this way " Mr Joe spoke out honestly
"what have I done, I've tried my possible to work towards it"
"I don't have anything to say yet I'll get back to you " he said and left angrily.
Mr Fatai couldn't argue because he was guilty already, his night was sleepless ever since Ramatu left.
His nightares were filled with his crying brother and his wife, their cry always echoes in his ears.
He stood up watching the door where Mr Joe followed, "I need to do something fast to this Mr Joe before he'll spoil my name " he said to himself.

is Ramatu aggressive? The idea of Amarachi does it sounds nice? What can stupid Fatai do to billoniare Joe who has many guards.  


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