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what life stole from her-Episode11

©Joy Ajuma Moses


(Nnenna's pov)
I began to cry cause the person I so much care and cherished was kicking me and calling me names,The most painful thing was that he claimed to be the husband of that lady just to hear what the doctor would say.
After making call a lady came to join us, she was crying and calling Ramatu that was when I know the name of the pregnant lady.
I began to fear and my heart beat fast, when the doctor said we should go and see her I tried to follow them but Dave pushed me back "now listen, you better pray to your God that nothing should hurt this lady until she's put to bed cause if anything happens to her I'll kill you with my hands" he said before dragging me to the hospital.
The lady was awake, she did not say any bad word to me, "the doctor said she needs bed rest " Dave said

They were all quiet.

"I can't be working for that lady if he says so" I said to my mum, Dave has decided that since Ramatu needs bed rest that I should take care of her and of I fail to that he'll deal with me.
Of course that's the last thing I'll ever do in my life, "if you can't then go to his house and apologize to him " my mum said and I laughed.
"you're pushing me to death right, Dave hates me and I'm tired of the hatred " I said.
My mum moved close to me and pet my head "Obim don't worry your friend will go with you and things will be better " she said and I cheered up, my friend Dave likes my friend Amaka, he always listen to her apology on my behalf.
I went to see Amaka, I explained everything to her and she agreed to go with me. "but begging him is not necessary if he insist that you work for that small witch then handle everything to me. When I'm done with them you'll have your man" she said and I lightened up cause I know how dangerous she is.
We got to Dave's house, his mum and uncle were sitting at the middle of the compound while Dave was sitting at the door entry, I was delighted cause I came at the right time.
"My daughter has decided to visit me today come and hug me Ada " his mum said and I went straight to hug her but my head was down, I greeted his uncle same as my friend.
"thank God your man is here " his uncle said, I glance to see Dave's reaction but he wasn't smiling or frowning he remained where he was.
"Nnenna is now mature for negotiation" his uncle said and I blushed shyly cause his uncle and mum likes me.
"uncle I rather die than marry this almighty lioness you called my wife. Biko I don't want to die young beside I left my girlfriend at the city." he said and my heart aches like something pierced it.
"What are you talking about the only recognized wife by your late father is Nnenna and I don't think any other lady will be accommodated in this house " he said
I watched how he narrated everything that happened from the very first day between I and the pregnant lady to the hospital stage and his mother shook her head in disbelief.
"Nnenna if you have really done this you are wicked, Dave is right go, apologize to the girl and help her since you were the cause of her being in that unhealthy state" His mum said.
The uncle was quiet for a while, "Nnenna go and apologize to her but the marriage still holds " he finalized and I was overwhelmed with joy.
I decided to go and apologize to Ramatu with my friend, on our way going Amaka asked me a question "do you want to apologize to her from your hear? " I was deep in thought before I nodded yes.
"common you can't change your mind this soon, don't apologize with the whole of your heart because you didn't offend her. " she said
I was confused but she whispered into my ears and we claps before going, we took another way instead of Ramatu's house.
There's a diviner who gives love portion (love portion is anything that can make a person to love someone beyond his or her expectations) and he also gives the opposite.
We got to his shrine, Amaka waited for me outside while I was inside. The diviner also reads people's mind, he knew what I wanted.
"My daughter it's not easy the road you're taking is narrow and rough but I'll still give you what you want if you insist " he said
He mixed some things I couldn't tell of, all I want is for Dave to love me like never before why I want Ramatu to hate him.
He showed me the one to put on my chew at his shrine that the first person I'll talk to will love me while the other one he gave me for Ramatu was for me to put it in her food.
I was glad cause I'll be the one to be taking good care of Ramatu. "I guess by this time tomorrow I'll be with my love " I said
"Don't disclose this to anybody else you'll run mad" he said and I was happy.
I went out, Amaka began to ask me how it went, I wanted to reply her but I remembered what I chew so I was quiet.
"you don't want to talk to me, what have I done to you? " she asked and I told her to calm down in sign language.
While we were still going some set of ladies boasted into laughter "the only witch of this village " one of them said referring to me.
It was Mma the best gossiper, they all began to laugh. "the blood of innocent mother and child would have been on your head" she said again, I walk to her and slapped her.
I tried to slap her again when a hand held me it was Amaka "Amaka allow me to teach this fool a lesson " I said forgetting about the instructions of the diviner.

(Mma's pov)
After talking to her friend Amaka the both of them began to kiss each other. It's a taboo for two ladies to be kissing, we were all shocked.
I never wanted to disclose her secret but I hated her so much, I overheard when Dave was telling his mum and uncle all that she'd done to a pregnant woman.
"let's go and tell the igwe cause this is abominable " I said, my friends agreed to it and we ran to the kings palace to inform him.
The king sent his guards to follow us, we took them to were they are, they were undressing each other already.
They took them to the palace where their parents were summoned by the king, I ran my heels to Dave and he appeared almost immediately with his uncle.
The two girls did not even care about people around, before the king would pass his judgement the village diviner came and stopped him.
"they are not doing this normal, they are under love portion control and they are misbehavimg because they did not get it right. I told her the step she's taking is wrong but she insisted and now she has brought disgrace upon herself " the priest said and everybody shouted
He made some incantations and few minutes later they became normal, we all laughed at them and sang for them.

(Nnenna's pov)
I went home in shame hating Amaka for all she had caused, I couldn't even go out, my mum was disappointed of me.
"you're a disgrace to humanity, you can't force someone to love you. Now that you have been exposed do you think it only Dave that will avoid you?" she asked
I bowed my head cause I've messed up "mama I love Dave but he doesn't care about me " I said
"common shot up, it obvious you don't know what you've done to your self. You're now a laughing stock and I'm not excluded but God knows that I don't have hand in your foolish decisions " she said
"mama I'm sorry for all I've caused you, it was Amaka that suggested that I should go to the diviner"
"Amaka will tell you to touch fire and you will accept cause you lack brain, I'll send you to my sister's place so that you'll be there for a while and don't misbehave there" she said
I was happy for her decision cause o can't withstand the shame from Mma and her group.

(Dave's pov)
"uncle look at the shot lesbian you want me to marry when my special girl Linda is chilling at the city" I said
"my son go ahead and bring your Linda that girl is a shame to humanity. She is not the type someone could call wife" he said
I smiled happily for what he said, Nnenna is a horrible person. I glance at my wrist watch it was six pm already, I decided to go and check on Ramatu....
"uncle let me go and see that pregnant lady that is ill" I said
"what about her husband" he asked
"that's what I can't tell for now until cause she's just living with her aunt" I said, he waved bye at me not wanting to talk.
I arrived at Ramatu's house, it seems she was the only one at home cause the house was quiet.
I entered the house, she was lying on the bed, she frown at me and I wonder why she was frowning at me.
I was quiet for long before she speaks "can I ask you a question? " she asked
"sure, yeah you can " I said
"what do you want from me I dislike the way you show care" she said and her words stroke me dumb.


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