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what life stole from her-Episode10

©Joy Ajuma Moses


(Amarachi's pov)
When I arrived home I saw Ramatu lying down, the house was already arranged. I was surprised cause she's not the working type and I don't want to stress her.
"Ramatu who arranged the house " I asked before she would greet me.
She arc her brows "well I felt that I'm adding so I decided to do some exercise to help myself " she said
I hummed cause I don't want her to stress herself "how was the sales hope nobody get you angry " she said trying to make me forget.
"well all thanks to God, everything went well. Hope nobody annoyed you today" I asked playfully of course I know she'll answer anybody that try to exchange words with her.
She gave my a serious look "what happened? " I asked
"I want this pregnancy to be aborted cause I'm tired of what people are saying. I think I'm unlucky child " she said
I moved close to her and pet her "please my girl don't say so, who offended you to this extent? " I asked cause she had never said such words to me ever since we arrived at my home town.
"I went to fetch water earlier when a lady was telling me some unkind words that as small a I am I'm pregnant. Then it was my uncles wife and my niece but now it outsider" she said, tears drop down her eyes immediately.
"oh my dear don't cry and don't hurt yourself, you know you're a good girl. Forget about what people say, some people are just good at jumping into what they don't know. If she had known what happened to you she wouldn't have try to say unpleasant words to you. Cheer up Amara is here for you " I said but she was still crying.
I noticed a P-cap on the floor and asked her cause the cap belongs to a male, "oh it belongs to one nuisance that helped me" She said
"what? You called someone that help you a nuisance? " I asked
"yeah he was disturbing me like a pest after he helped me from the hand of the lady that almost slapped me after insulting me " she said
"that lady must be a real time troubler and thanks to the guy, so how will he be able to get his cap? " I asked
"he pass here usually "

(Dave's pov)
I was coming back from a friend of mine's house when I remembered Ramatu the lady I'd helped earlier. I remember she was pregnant so I decided to buy fruits along the road so that I'll say hi and give her.
I bought oranges, watermelon and pineapple. I'm sure her body needs it. "If her husband is at home what will you do?" A thought rushed to my mind... Oh I'll lie that I'm looking for someone.
I arrived at the house, I saw an older lady outside I guess she might be her husband's sister or someone related to her.
I still pretend and walk to the lady, I was speaking to the lady when I heard someone called my name, I turned to check it was Ramatu. This time she looks pretty better than earlier the day "you forgot your cap" she said.
I did not even remember that I forgot my cap but when she said it I smiled "actually that's why I'm here" I lied.
She went inside and came back with the cap, "Aunty this was the guy that helped me today. His name is Dave " she said and I jerk up seeing she remembers my name after giving me little or no attention.
The lady she called aunty thanked me, soon we began to speak in our native. I decided to stay and give Ramatu the fruit she thanked me and began to devour the fruit in my presence like her life depends on it.
I chatted with her aunty who I later got to know her name as Amarachi. Before I left we exchanged contacts cause I was happy when they told me they were the only one living in the house.
When I was leaving Amarachi accompanied me while Ramatu never ceased in telling me thank you.
(Nnenna's pov)
I was on my way to farm when I saw the little witch that almost ruined my day going to stream, I smiled inwardly and followed her carefully.
Your days are numbered already cause you'll die today, ever since the incident that happened Dave has totally avoided our house. Before he usually visits my house to greet my parents even though he doesn't care about me but things totally changed.
I'll make sure I feed her and her useless baby with water.... I followed her gently to the stream.
When she got to the stream she removed her clothes from her basin and walk to the middle of the stream to get beat water, I ran to her immediately and pushed her into the water.
I watch how she drawn and laughed at her, she doesn't know me that was why she tried me, she has stepped on a lion's tail. She kept on drinking water.

(Dave's pov)
"I want to surprise her today" I said, I sighted when Ramatu was going to the stream so I decided to go home to take my bike.
The stream is where everybody wash their clothes due to scarcity of water, nobody is allowed to use tap water for washing of clothes.
I took my bike and speed to the stream to my surprise I saw Nnenna standing at the stream laughing when someone was struggling with water.
She turned immediately I shouted her name, I ran to the place and find out it was Ramatu, I tried my best to raise her. I couldn't help cause she was pregnant the only idea I had was to take her to hospital.
"now listen and listen attentively if this lady die then know that your soul will also die, sit at her back and hold her very well cause we are going to the hospital " I said after placing Ramatu on the bike.
We went to the hospital, we waited patiently for the doctor to come. The doctor asked of her husband and I told him I'm the husband he took me to his office to tell me what was going on.
"Mr Dave your wife needs bed rest cause the baby is not well positioned" he said, I looked at him like a confused man at war cause I don't understand.
"I mean she shouldn't stress herself and she should stop every activities, if possible get her a house help cause her state is bad and I fear if she can make it " he said
I left his office without saying a word, I went out and Nnenna rushed to me, I pushed her so hard that draws people's attention.
I don't want Ramatu to die, I called Amarachi immediately.


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