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WANTED DEAD Last Episode


Wanted Dead Episode 22

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

No matter how Adaptive you are, You can never get used to unusual spiritual related lifestyles and Mystery. It was this kind of situation that Randy and his wife were faced with. The walls of the institute were made with clays and sculptures of angelic images were carved on the walls even now that some part of it were raze down by fire. The couple stared at the Three Hospitable Men, they acted as if they had known them for a while, they gave them a seat to sit down while they paraded the door that led to the Solitude Chamber in expectance of Cyrus Arrival.

Cyrus has gone into the solitude chambers for over 3hours now, and no sign of him coming out.
He had waited for Jace to wake up, Jace had fallen into a deep slumber, even now that The injury from the sword blade was fully clotted, Have remained unconscious, and Cyrus couldn't tell if he would survive, he prayed to the Angels that Jace come back to life.

He knew he had a lot of Explanations to give Randy and Claire, but then there was the situation of Jace being stabbed by the mortal sword, His mind Raced to what Cleopatra had told him about any person that survived the sword.

What does this mean? I have a strong feeling that Jace will survive this? If he does He will be the next Icarius… Hmm this is tough, will they accept him? Will he ever get use to this kind of life? He asked himself
Just then there was a grunt, he turned to see Jace trying to sit up.
Jace!!! Cyrus scream happily and ran towards him.

You are alive, Cyrus said he couldn't curtail his Joy.

Yes I am what happened to me? Jace asked totally surprised of the environment he found himself, There were a lot of strange things around.

You Were stabbed while trying to save me, Cyrus said.

Fool!!! I remember now, But what is this place, it smells Voodoo, Cyrus what are you doing here Ohh my……. common we thought you were dead.

Hmm it's a long tale that I will tell you about, but for now we have to go be with Randy and Claire, they need to know you are alive.

And you to Cyrus, Jace said.
They have seen me already, Cyrus replied.

You don't mean that, do you?jace asked.

Yes i do they saw me carrying you into this chamber.

Ok let's go jace said and tried to get off the bed, but then he discovered the pains that surge through his whole body, The saw venom had weaken him, he couldn't move he felt like a dead log.

Here, Cyrus offered his arms, and Jace rolled into it and the both headed out,
As they opened the door that led out of the chambers, A swift moved me that conveyed a flying blade, struck through, Cyrus was quick to dodge and the blade hit the wall.

Nesa!!!! He yelled Show yourself, and at once she appeared from her hiding, and Cyrus used his powers to cage her.

You will pay for this, I will fight you with my last blood, for killing my dad, my love my… Just then the door cracked open and Jordan Adrian and Ithuriel rushed in to see what was going on.

What is she talking about Cyrus? Jace asked
It's fine Jace we can talk about it later, for now all that matters is putting Randy and his wife's mind at rest, he said and continued his journey, Aiding Jace, he nodded at Jordan to loosen her from the cage which he did.

They Finally got to the couple, They were all over them, but Cyrus broke the new of Jace's new appointment as the Icarius, Jace didn't understand a thing neither did the couple, but after much explanations that required the effort of both Cyrus Jordan Adrian and Ithuriel, they were able to understand.

Jace had a lot to learn from the Ghost laws and history, in order to be a good leader, and he was lucky he had friends like Jordan Adrian, Ithuriel and Cyrus around to put him through. He accepted the mantleship of Icarius (swordman) after he put words through to his parents, they gave him their blessings, because they had no choice against the wish of fate.

Nesa actually came around, she was sorry for what she did, she was shocked to see that she has been under a spell, Cyrus was the one who broke the spell, and she was free again, she found love and it was Jace.

Jace Rebuilt the walls of the institute, with the help of his friends, The Remaining of the Ghosts after the war had pledged their loyalty to Jace, (not like they had any choice).

Cyrus had it that the dispute between the Down world and the Ghost League be settled, peace was restored to the earth.

Cyrus became the most powerful being that ever lived, and his influence governed the League, Zareh came down from heaven and Blessed Cyrus, He handed him a short staff.

Here Use this to place a mark on any Icarius that shall come after this one, You will pass this down to you son and to your generation.

Jordan was placed as the next in power to Jace, The league grew and multiplied again.

Adrian and Ithuriel lived for 4000 years, before they died.


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