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WANTED DEAD Episode 21


Wanted Dead Episode 21

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

Adrian and Jordan found their way back to the institute, they couldn't tell what force was driving them to do it, but the suddenly left Cyrus and Ithuriel in the brown house, That moment a part of Cyrus powers seem to leave his body, but he didn't notice.

He had been in the kitchen trying to fix something for them to eat, when he came out to see only Ithuriel resting on the couch.

Where are the others? He asked
They went out probably to get something, Ithuriel replied.

Huh?? That is unusual, well let's wait for them the dinner is almost ready, and that was how they waited for three hours, but there was no sign of them coming back, Cyrus had been pensive, he feared something terrible might have happened to them, he tried to locate them with his vamp eyes, but he couldn't feel it, and at once he knew something was wrong, really wrong.

NB: That after Cyrus was cleasened with angel Zareh's blood, most of his powers did not go along with the demon blood, it was only those that were evil, hence his ability to locate and see things that were hidden are regarded as vampire eyes, which is a likely feature for all vamps, as they could see clearly at night, and also his ability to hear from far was adapted from the werewolves.

I can't feel my powers Cyrus said.
What do you mean by you can't feel your powers? Ithuriel asked alarmed.

I tried to located them but I couldn't feel it, I feel something is wrong somewhere, I think the institute has breached our security, and they made away with Jordan and Adrian.

How can that be?? Ithuriel asked as he made to go check after them outside, but Cyrus stopped him.

I wouldn't risk you going out there, considering the fact that Rheo is still out there waiting for you to walk into his trap so that he can capture you again, Cyrus told Ithuriel, if he was able to capture Jordan and Adrian right under our nose, it wouldn't take him much to nab you the moment you set you feet out of our security!

Hmm You have said the truth, I can't afford going back to that institute, captured as Rheo's prisoner, I know he will kill me, so what do you suggest we do now?
I think I know what to do, Cyrus instantly raised up his hands and sealed the house, so that no one would be able to enter into it, and the next moment saw him speaking gibberish as he made to consult Cleopatra.

There is trouble Cleo.

I can feel it from your voice Tell me what has happened.

Cyrus narrated everything to her, and she promised to fix it up for him.

I do not have much time Cleo please, whatsoever you are going to do, please do it fast., Cyrus said and closed the channel.

Druil Had infiltrated his way thorough The brown house, he casted a spell on Cyrus's sensitivity, that had left him powerless, he was unable to see when Druil had walked his way thorough and taken Jordan and Adrian away from the house, had floated his way through to Rheo's Chambers and found him having sex with Nesa, Druil was disgusted.

He quickly told Rheo that he had done what he requested, and disappeared from his sight forever, Rheo had scampered his way away from Nesa's body, to find out that Druil was gone.

Old fool, he cursed him and asked Nesa to get up from the bed.
Daddy we ain't done, let's continue common, do not let that old fool disrupt our pleasure.

No not anymore Mesa, Your brother is back.

And how does that affect us, common Sweet daddy!

Ok keep on Fingering yourself and remain wet till I come back, I will be back in a Jiffy, Rheo said and kissed her in her lips.

He went out to see Jordan and Adrian.

Welcome back, I don't know what drove you guys away from the institute, but anyways you are highly welcome.

To hell with you Father I know you have casted a spell in us that is why we are here, I don't know what you are doing to us, but bet it that I will kill you with my own hands if I finally get freed from this spell thingy.

Jace had come for a visit at the Randy's mansion,ever since they lost their son on a wreck ship at the shores of the North American coast, he had taken it upon himself as a duty to always come see them as he felt he would fill in the vacuum their son left open, and the couple had accepted him with open arms, they were always excited anytime he was around, but today's visit was quite different he had come visit them and he was so surprised to see the couple packing their bags and luggage they seem to be preparing for a trip.

Where are you going to Mr Randy? Jace asked.

We are head to California, I think we will be able to find your friend Cyrus there! Mr Randy explained.
What, I thought you said Cyrus died on the ship? Jace asked totally surprised at what the not too old man was saying.

Hmm I know that was what we said Jace, but you see, After the news of Cyrus death, we hadn't stopped searching, because Claire andHmm I know that was what we said Jace, but you see, After the news of Cyrus death, we hadn't stopped searching, because Claire and I had a strong feeling that our son wasn't dead, we kept on searching and from our fervent search we were able to secure that he wasn't dead that he had survived the wrecked ship and made it to California alive.

Hmm Mr Randy I am curious how did you do it? he asked dumbfounded.

Call it voodoo, but we met a man that introduced us to some certain deity and the deity has showed us how we can find our son back, and we are ready to give it a try, Randy concluded, why his wife nodded approvingly.

Hmm… Pathetic, Cyrus sighed, do you mind if I follow you down to California? Jace asked in

Of course Jace you can follow us, you were like a brother to Cyrus but we have to have you parents permission. Mrs Claire Randy said.
Oh not again Mrs Randy, I am 18 for crying out loud, Jace lamented.
Hmm that not withstanding son your parents need to know where you are at all time, Mr Randy said and placed a call through to Jace father and he approved them, they filed to the airport and flew to California.

Cleo had delivered what Cyrus needed, it was his sensitivity, and Cyrus was charged, he had Ithuriel stand behind him as he channeled a portal to the institute, the moment they both entered the institute, The proximity alarm went off and alert every Ghost of an intruder and they were alert, Cyrus and Ithuriel remained invisible from their eyes for a while, as they kept on walking towards Rheo's chamber, they finally succeeded in opening the door, and they saw Nesa fully uncladded, she was busy with her self that she didn't notice their presence.

Nesa!!!!!!!! Cyrus yelled and she turned at once.

Oh you cute boy what are you doing here? She said walking towards them, she seem not to be ashamed of her naked body, she walked seductively towards them.
Go find Rheo, I have got this Cyrus whispered into Ithuriel ear, and Ithuriel gave him the are you sure look and he nodded his head and Ithuriel walked out to find Rheo.

Do not take a step closer, if you do it I will kill you, Cyrus said to her and she stopped walking at once.
I know what you are doing Nesa, Rheo is playing with your head, snap out of this spell and see the evil you are engaging yourself in.
Oh common handsome do not tell me to stop this, it is so sweet, I love my daddy Nesa said approach him, she got so close that she reached her hands to caress Cyrus on his chest but Cyrus shifted backwards.

Smart one she said and immediately transformed herself to Rheo.

What the hell it was Rheo all along he had shapeshifted deceiving them to think it was Nesa, Rheo brought out the Mortal sword and swung it at Cyrus who blocked it with his own sword, they fought hard.

The institute was on fire, the ghosts fought with Ithuriel, as command by Rheo, and Surprisingly, Adrian and Jordan came back to their senses and Joined Ithuriel in the fight, the three of them dealt a real blow to the ghosts as their sword kept on slashing a lot of Ghost.

Cyrus was having a upper hand against Rheo, but Rheo was strong, the only thing that was still keeping him alive was because he was an old warrior that knew almost all of the fighting skills Cyrus launched, he kept on throwing spells that Cyrus tried his best to dodge and block, at some point Rheo had disappeared from Cyrus sight.

You coward!!! Stop hiding come out and fight, Cyrus Yelled by now the institute was almost empty only a few were still struggling with Jordan, Adrian and Ithuriel, Jordan Kicked one to the fire place and his clothes caught fire that spread through his body, and permeated through and extended to other parts of the institute and they erupted in flame. It burnt bringing down parts of the building.

Nesa had flew out from no where, she launched her attack on Jordan.

Oh Sweet Little brother, we meet again, but you have decided to work with the enemies against your father, she said to him as she threw her sword.

Nesa stop this you are acting possessed he said to her, trying to block her with his sword.

You are the one possessed and I will kill you, she said and did a strange stunt, it caught Jordan unaware, and her sword pierce through his arms Argghh, he screamed and Nesa withdrew her sword, Jordan Quickly Held the arm and manage to wave of Nesa, but she was too strong for him now that he had injured, Ithuriel saw this through a corner of his eyes and quickly ran towards them he swiftly knocked off Nesa and aided Jordan.

Cyrus kept on searching for Rheo, He didn't see him, he went toward the exit of the institute only to see a part of it was already falling down due to the fire that has engulfed it, Cyrus made to go back into the Institute, but then he heard some tricky noise he strained his ears only to hear a familiar voice,
Watch out!!! The voice screamed, and Cyrus turned his back swiftly to see A boy Jump into the Mortar
Watch out!!! The voice screamed, and Cyrus turned his back swiftly to see A boy Jump into the Mortar Sword that Rheo had wanted to Stab him with, as the boy blocked the Sword from entering Cyrus's body, the sword shove it way into the boy's chest and he dropped down instantly.

Noooooo!!!!!!! Cyrus screamed and ran all the length to where Rheo was and Slew his head with his sword, and Rheo's head fell off his neck and rolled over to the fire place, his body fell down in a mighty thud.

Cyrus Quickly rushed towarda the young boy whose mouth was vomiting blood already as blood also gushed out from the place the sword had struck.

Oh no!!! Stay with me Jace please stay with me, do not die on me, Cyrus withdrew the mortal sword from Jace's body and carried him in his hands, by then The Randy's had come Even Jordan and the others they gathered around them, They were dumfounded
I love you Cyrus and I am glad i am dying for you!!

You are not dying Jace, Cyrus said and quickly took him inside the institute he carried him to the solitude chambers, and then gave him a drink from the Magic waters, and instant healing rocked through Jace body, The sword wound began to close gradually.
The Randy's were pensive, Adrian Tried to tell them it was going to be fine, But they stared at him strangely.

My Dear Readers
Rheo is dead, and Jace was slain with the mortal sword are you feel what i am feel??? There was a Prophecy in the ghost clan that Any Mortal that was slain with the mortal sword and survived it will become the NEXT ICARIUS

A Recap From The Prologue

They are the protectorates of the Human World, They Fight Demons and keep the Humans world safe from attacks from demons.

They are allies with Vampires, Lycans, Warlocks, Syeles and other clans of the

They are -The League Of Ghosts.
They have one true Leader ICARIUS he was the sword man.
In 23AD, an institute was built by the league in Los Angeles, all Ghosts fighters birthed there and they grew up there, to become Knights and these knights were the ones who protected the Human world.

Many years after the institute was built, its population seem to have extended in numbers, and Rheo the then Icarius had built a branch of the Ghost's Institute in California.

Never Must any Human be slain by the sword you hold in your hands, if they be, they shall be dead in body, soul and spirit, neither will the spirit go to heaven nor will it remain here on earth, for it shall be as though the person never existed.

But if it be that the Blades of this sword might slay a human, and he be not dead but survive, then shall he be the next ICARIUS, and this family shall lose her mantleship to the Human, he will be made a Ghost and shall Rule the League.

Guided and Protect the Human world with all your might for it is our sole Purpose, and be a Good Leader.

These were the words of any ICARIUS when he was to pass the Mortal Sword to his son, it was more of a prophecy, than a command.

Now This is the History of the mortal sword, do you think Jace will survive The stab?

If he does will he become the ICARIUS?

Will the remaining ghost accept him as their true leader?

Find out in the Final Episode of the ICARIUS BLADE series


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