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Wanted Dead Episode 9

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

~Ghost League Institute California ~
As Rheo was set about carrying out his interrogation on the captured angel, he sealed up the whole institute with his power so that there will be no movement or disturbances, or anybody badging into the interrogation room knew how grievous what he was about to do was, so he had sealed the walls of the institute and Time froze, only him and the angel were moving.

What is it that the Angel Zareh came to do in the water world that he failed to let me know?

It's is nothing, Ithuriel manage to say, his powers as an angel were growing weak, because Rheo had tied him up like a goat.

Hmm I smell Resistance and lies, isn't it uncharacteristicall for angels to tell lies? Rheo asked mockingly, you can't Resist me ithuriel, we know i am stronger than you are because i didn't use much energy to capture you, Now tell me the truth or I will be forced to use the Mortal Sword on you.
Ithuriel knows what is felt like to use the mortal sword to get the truth out of someone, The sword could destabilize your whole body and make you say the truth, Ithuriel wasn't ready to go through the pain of getting tortured by the sword, so he said everything that Rheo needed to hear, and Rheo was vexed he flared up in anger.

So Zareh knew all along, and the water world has my son??
Yes Rheo Please let me go, you have made me break the codes of the Angels, please let me go, what more do you want from me?
Keep Quiet Ithuriel!!! you are now an asset to me, you will help me get back my son!

Nooo!!! Please don't do this, I beg you Rheo, You have done more than enough harm already by torturing and forcing out information from an angelic being like me!! You have broken the laws of the clave! Ithuriel said.
No Ithuriel, I did not break it, Zareh did when he Visited the water world without letting us know of it, and now the waterworlders have my son imprisoned, Rheo Replied with anger, he walked away into the Solitude Chamber
Your son is a monster, he will destroy you, Ithuriel said after him, He soon reappeared with the Dark Cup in his hands.

I know of that already, but I want to see my son, he will rule side by side with me, he is my greatest investment, because he is going to be stronger than any Ghost or demon that ever lived, Rheo kept talking as he approached him.
Now Enough of the Talk Ithuriel it's about time you drank from the Dark Cup, You too shall become evil, and you shall fight in my army.

Noooo Nooo!!! Please don't do this Rheo Please don't, he kept on pleading as he wiggled from the chains Rheo has used in chaining him.

Hahaha!!! Rheo laughed wickedly. I will be needing some Angel blood for my son Jordan, so before you drink from the Dark Cup, let's do this, He said and brought out a Syringe, he pricked it on ithuriel's skin, and extracted his blood, when he was done, he kept the syringe meticulously on a tray, and he fetched the Dark Cup from the table he kept it before, and forced it down Ithuriel's mouth, Ithuriel tried to stop the contents of the cup from going down his throat, but the intensity at which Rheo pressed the cup, didn't leave him a chance.

The Moment the content of the dark cup touched his mouth, the ground shook, as all the Angel clan, felt what has been done. Ithuriel's angelic wings disappeared, his eyes became dark and as cold as death, he roared like a beast and shook the chains which Rheo has used in bonding him.

Hahahahahaha!!!! Rheo laughed continually, Till he was bored of laugh. He looked at what was left of the angel, he was now naked, his wings and angelic garments were gone, he now looked like a mortal.

Ithuriel you look like a mundane,
Rrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhgggggggg!!!! Ithuriel Roared.

Good Boy, but I feel the name ithuriel is too angelic for you, why don't we call you CANIS, you know the humans, Scientifically refer to dogs as Canis Domestica. So canis you are my dog, and you will fight my war, and bring my son back to me.

If you so wish to speak again like you once did, why don't you roar for me? Rheo asked, he some how was enjoying the fun and pleasure of what he was doing to the Canis.
Canis roared and Rheo snapped his fingers, and he regained his tongue.

Why have you done this Rheo? Canis asked in tears.

Do not question the decision of a father who is looking for his lost son at all cost, now if you really don't wanna use your tongue again, I can keep it for you, but if you want to, I suggest you keep queit and follow my orders.

Rheo fixed a leash and a collar on Canis neck like a dog, and led him into a cage, the cage was in the institute, but it was invisible to the eyes of every ghost in the institute, because Rheo used some borrowed powers to make it so.

The moment he shut the cage, he let the time roll, and broke the seal he used in sealing up the institute, and everyone returned to their duties, they all were cool, as if nothing happened.

Father!! I was coming to your Chambers, Jordan called after Rheo as he saw him warning out of the Solitude chamber with a syringe in his hands.

What is that? Jordan asked.

It's Erm….. Just a liquid from one of my many experiments, it will make Ghost members strong in battle, I will give you the honour of Trying it out first Rheo proposed to Jordan.

No no Father! I don't want to!
You don't have a choice Jordan, you are my first son, and a fine soldier of this institute, i want the best for you son, and he drew Jordan closer to himself and Injected the angel blood in him.
How does it feel?

Great father, I feel light, like I can fly in the air!!
Yes that is it son, you are now invincible.

~Mermaid Clan~
Zareh and Cleo were still trying to figure out ways to Extract the demon blood from Cyrus and replaced it with the angel blood, when he felt a seizure, an image played on his head, he saw Zareh Forcing the Dark Cup on Ithuriel's mouth.

Oh Nooo!!!!! Zareh Cried, while Cleo stopped what she was doing at once!

What is that my lord?

Rheo is too smart, and deceptive, he is and evil born Ghost, he has succeeded in giving Ithuriel a drink from the dark cup.

What??? that is not happening my lord, Cleo said.

But he Just did, Zareh replied.
What shall we do? She asked.
Nothing! Nothing!! We will only watch because there is nothing we can do again, whatever Rheo has planned is not a good one, so we should focus on getting the boy out from the demonic circle and bring him to light. He will fight Rheo…..

Just then a knock came in, The spell Cleo casted on Galicia has worn off, so she came back to know what was wrong with the queen.

Cleo had wanted to cast another spell, but Zareh told her to answer her, and Cleo left the room to answer Galicia.

What do you want, Cleo asked the moment she opened the door she once locked with her powers!

Nothing my queen, it's just that I fear you have been in here for too long, and your involvement with the Ghost league and the boy's issue, is becoming unbearable, the kingdom and the waterworlders, needs your attention, but you are too busy getting involved with That demonic beast!

I Rebuke you say that!! Cleo flared at Galicia outburst, and Galicia mellowed.

I am sorry my queen!

Better, now go over see the affairs till I am back, Cleo said and went back into the room to meet Zareh!


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