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Wanted Dead Episode 8

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

~Mermaid Clan~
''Cleopatra had waited all day for the angel ithuriel, but he never showed up, she was pensive and restless, she had known Zareh for a long time now, almost all her life but never for once had he defaulted or relented in his words.
What could be keeping Zareh from sending me the message, it's been almost 9hrs now? She paced restlessly.

My queen what troubles your heart? You seem to be so far from this world? Galicia asked the moment she walked into the queens chamber and saw her pacing about, totally oblivious of the external environment.

Cleo only turned and made gestures with her hands, but that didn't stop Galicia, she probed further.

Is about the boy? Tell me my queen, you look so worried.
You talk too much Galicia, she said and casted a spell from her hands, and threw it to her, and she kept shut at once.

I need absolute calmness, she said and snapped her fingers, Galicia started walking outside the chambers, her every step was order by the spell that was controlling her.

Once he exited the door finally, Cleo locked the door with her magics, and made it such that nobody would be able to open it, except they were warlocks and mermaid breed like her too, and of course there was no one like that of such breed.

Cleo began to speak in diverse languages the moment she shut the door, she wanted to send a message to Zareh, that they had unfinished business, She twine her fingers together, and smokes erupted from the ground, they were not the usual smoke, they were coloured smokes with sweet fragrance, they had four different colours ‘‘Red, Pink, Green and Blue’’ it was a beautiful sight, to see smokes emanating from the ground with such colours and smell, Cleo confined her message of Reminder in it and sent it to heaven.

She did that because she did not want any demon in the air to intercept the message, those smokes, would protect the message, and also disguise it, any demon that come across it wouldn't know it was a message, they will think it to be incense of praise from mortals.

Cleo was a wise woman, what she did with the message, made it got to Zareh on time, and Zareh had come down to earth at once, having seen what happened to ithuriel, Zareh had shut the mirror that Rheo used to find them from seeing him, and he descended into the water to go meet Cleo.

There is Trouble Cleopatra, Ithuriel has been kidnapped, Zareh said the moment his presence filled the chambers.

What? My Lord how can that ever be possible? Cleo asked bowing her head at his presence.

Well it is now, He was bring my message to you when Rheo nabbed him into a trap and got him imprisoned Zareh explained.
Oh My Goodness, what shall we do My lord?

We will get Ithuriel back, but it won't be an easy task.
I am at your service My Lord, is there any way I can help? Cleo asked.

Of course Cleopatra you have been placed at the centre of this already.

And for the boy. He is Rheo's son, Rheo has been a bad ICARIUS, he had made a demon, breed his first son, and injected a demon blood into the Little boy, but something happened along the line, and Rheo lost the child to the demon completely, but not without a war, he had dealt with the demon so hard, that the demon had to send the Boy to another part of the world, where he was picked up from a dumpsite, by one of the famous men of the world, the boy had become his son, but only a few days ago, the boy had become 18, and he his powers were fully activated, his powers were first activated 18yrs ago, when Rheo killed his wife, but then the activation was not complete.

18yrs ago:
After Rheo had Killed Marian, He fulfilled the words of the demon head,
The baby's eyes generated hot smoky flame that sent shivers down the spine of his mother, Randy was forced to look and he too could not explain what was going on, he had wanted to scream, but he managed to calm himself down, he was the man.
Calm down Claire!!!
Please calm down!!! He said, Claire fondle the strap of the Jacket, as she made to take the baby of her body, but then everything returned to normal, it was as though nothing happened, the smoky flame stopped and the couple continued their journey home in peace.

~Back To Present~

That was the first time his powers were activated, The angel continued his tale, while Cleo paid rapt attention.

The Second Time was during his 18th birthday, when he kissed a girl, Demons do not show true affections, him kissing that girl was forbidden, and it had resulted in the activation of his power fully, he would have transformed totally to a strange creature, and have everyone present at the party for a meal, but the Ghost blood in him had subdued the demon blood.

The boy can be a weapon to us Cleo he was made from the combinations of the down world demons, He posses those fangs because he has the ability of a Vampire, He could work magics like a warlock, he can become a wolf or Lycan or seelis, all these powers lies in him, we must not let Rheo lay hands on him before us, because Rheo is evil, and he will let the boy know of his powers, and use him to do all his dirty works, The Ghost Clans are scared of him, I did not create the institute for this, I created it to help humanity, but Rheo has turned it to something else.

Hmm My Lord this is a pathetic tale, I never knew the trouble the Ghost League institute was going through all the while, I am so sorry that Rheo has broken the codes. But what do we do now? I fear the boy is too dangerous, I can't let my people know about all this, The waterworlders will not take kindly to it, they will want him dead at all cost.

Do not let them know Cleopatra, We will find a way to extract the demon blood out of him, and fill him with My blood, he can become good, instead of evil, we can use him to extract ithuriel, and also protect the Humans, and the entire downworld from Rheo and any demon.


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