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Wanted Dead Episode 7

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

~Mermaid Clan~
Whatever this is it not good, how can I almost strangle a mermaid queen to death? Cyrus was torn between guilt and confusion as he sat in one corner of the caste prison, That was not me it was a monster!! Am I a monster? He asked himself, and then he remembered the piece of scribbled writing he saw before the ship broke.

Omg!!!! This can't be true.

~You Are True Demon~
It all make sense now, but how can I be a demon? I am very sure Randy gave birth to a human which is me and not a demon, But somehow, Those writing are seeming to be true already! Because only a demon can hold somebody and tries to strangle her!!! What do I do now? Cyrus panicked in soliloquy.

I told you my queen, let's let whatever that creature is to go, before he ends up destroying us totally but you wouldn't listen, now look what he's done to you! You could not eve…….

Enough! Enough!! Galicia, I want to be left alone, tell the guards to keep eyes on our prisoner, Tell every maid and merman to go back to their daily duties, I have some business to attend to, she said and Galicia left her presence.

As Galicia left She started speaking in unfamiliar tongues, in a bid to invoke the Angle Zareh, She needed Answers, she wanted to ask him if he knew about the birth of the Demon Ghost, Cleopatra knew how The Angel Zareh had set up the Ghost Institute many years ago, when demons invaded the Downworld and possesed them they started fighting against humans killing them, dining with their flesh, the angel had descended from heaven to intervene he had set up the institute, to Join him fight the demons, The war had been a succesful one, they fought and won, and ever since the war the institute stayed with the aim to protect humans against any uprise of Demonic attack.

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Cleopatra was told this tale by her mom, and she also confirmed it to her when she had invited a Ghost to the water Clan many years ago, Cleo was inquisitive, she had asked the ghost a lot of question and how true the tale her mother told her was, and the ghost had confirmed it to be 100% true. Cleo's Mother the then queen mother of the waterworld, had showed Cleo how to summon the angel from heaven, Cleo was excited she tried it once, and the angel zareh had come down to her in the water, his presence was charming, she admired his mighty wings, and the golden crown on his head, his voice was calm, but sounded like the cry of a thousand warrior singing a victory song.

Cleopatra Chanted continuously, as she summoned the Angel, she kept on chanting for over 3hours.
As she continued her chants, She started feeling his presence, until the ground shook, and something descended down from the heavens with such great force, that she almost tripped and fell.
Hello Cleopatra what a beautiful Mermaid you have grown into, Cleo heard the familiar calm voice of the angel, and raised her heads up to stare at his face, but the shining crown on his head reflected brightly in her eyes, and she was unable to see him.

My Lord Zareh! I am honoured, by your presence, how compassionate thou art, that thou has left thy busy schedule to attend to the call of a mere maid like me, Cleo adored.

My dear Cleopatra thou art my Favorite waterworlder, even from the days of thy childhood, what is it that troubleth thee? Angel Zareh asked.

My Lord, it is of he who now resides in my prison caste, I know my lord that thou in they vast knowledge and understanding would know what I speak of.

Of course Cleopatra, You have known He is a Demon Ghost, what other things do you seek to know?
My lord I want to know how it came about!

My Angel Ithuriel will bring the message to You Cleopatra, I have to go now, expect him soonest I will send him to bring every information you needed to know.

Thank you My lord.

Goodbye Cleopatra Rule well my child, Zareh said and flew with his great wings out of the water world, and out of Cleo's sight.
Hmm How Glorious Cleo muttered as she watched the angel disappeared, and she bowed down in reverence.

~Ghost League Institute California~

Rheo Felt the presence of the angel zareh, the mortal sword that was in the solitude chambers, shun with it bright lights and Theo Rushed into the room, he activated the Soul Mirror with his blood, and he saw the angel descended into the waters, but that was all the mirror could show, it couldn't prevail further than that, because the powers of the sea had stopped it.

What is it that Zareh has gone to do in the water world?

Rheo ponder for hours, but he couldn't find a clue of what it is the angel has gone to do.
He was still pondering, when his eyes caught a glimpse of another figure in the sky, it was like a shooting star, but as it descended further, Rheo knew it was an angel, but this is not Zareh, he noticed, because there was no Golden crown on his head only silver.

I must stop him and know what it is that is going on.

Rheo quickly transformed himself to an angel, and he flew up to the sky.

Hi Ithuriel, Rheo called his name, and Ithuriel slowed down and turned to look him, but he kept on flapping his wings.

I have a message to deliver, I can catch up with you later, Ithuriel said in haste
Why don't I accompany you, Rheo proposed, and Ithuriel nodded, he was able to hide transform his face also so that the angel will not recognized him.

Yes but do not delay me, Ithuriel said with impatience.

I won't Rheo replied, and Ithuriel continued his journey, with Rheo tailing after him.

Soon Rheo fetched out a Sling trap, he throwed it at Ithuriel's Legs, and it caught him.
He was trap.

What are you doing? Why have you trapped me.

Keep quiet!! Rheo said and dragged him down to the earth.

He soon brought him to the institute, and pushed him inside a dark room and locked the door firmly with his powers, before transforming back to his real self.

To be continued

How was Rheo able to Transform himself to an angel?
Now Rheo has an angel imprisoned, what will happen to Cleopatra? Will she ever get what she wants?
will the angel ever be freed?
Let me know what you think?


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