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Wanted Dead Episode 6

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

News was all over the city of liverpool about the wrecked ship, Steven's body was recovered from the shores, but not Cyrus, he was gone deep down into the see.

The couple had done everything they could to get their boy back but nothing was found of him, and this left them devastated, Jace could not eat or drink for days, it was as though he just lost a brother. Susan wasn't left out, she cried her eyes out daily, many people feared he was dead, but Randy refused to believe that neither did Claire, they were expectant of his return, even when all hope was gone.

~Mermaid Clan~
Galicia had gotten Queen Cleopatra the sample of Cyrus blood, she had taken it to her chambers for proper observations, she placed it on a pot that was casted and decorated with emeralds and pearls, The blood texture was only a little thicker than the human blood, Cleopatra placed the Blood on the pot, she wasn't expecting a reaction, but to her greatest surprise a great smoke emanated from it, the pot broke into many pieces the smoke soon coined together and it formed a shapeless creature like a demon, the demon floated in the air, Cleo knew what it was, she smiled and stroke the demon with her staff, and it transformed back to smoke.

Cleopatra had swam back to her throne to meet they preying eyes of her subjects, They anxiously waited for her to tell them the identity of The strange Human they have held Captive.

She finally spoke up after a while of exchanging gaze with them.

He is a DemonBrid Ghost, I don't know how that came about but from the test of my magics those were what I observed.

The reactions of the waterworlders showed total surprised, they haven't heard of that in their entire lives, why will a ghost breed a demon? This was the question on everyone's lips, as they fired he was a threat to them and their existence, especially now that they had him under lock in a caste prison.

My queen why don't we lease him out and let him go before he brings total destruction to our clan? Galin one of the Merman asked.

No no we won't let him go, I am very sure he has not discovered his powers yet, because if he has, the entire human world would be in trouble so we have to look for a way to extract those powers from him before letting him out of our grasp.

What?? Hell no Queen mother, do we now care about the human? Do we? Galicia Cried and the others concurred with her. They have always been a threat to us, they destroy our clans and build castles and island, they render many of our fellow waterworlders homeless, and now you suggest we show them mercy? Let him go and destroy them, let him feast on their bones and wine on their blood, so we will have no future threats from the humans, we have always wanted peace, by not destroying them with our powers, so we should be glad someone will do it for us, she ended her speech, and her words secured the admiration of almost all the Waterworlders.

Calm down Galicia, If we let him destroy them, then we have broken the course of our existence, Remember we were meant to protect them, this time around shouldn't be any different, for it is to show the good spirit that runs in us, Cleo said, and some how her words had a way, she was able to calm them. She was a good queen, even she when was an hybrid of a Warlock father, and a Mermaid mother she showed true leadership and ruled them well, and they loved her.

They were still making deliberations on what they will do with him when the guards guiding the gates of the caste came to inform the queen that he has woken up, and she had ordered he be brought before them. And the guards left, they came back with him, and made him stand before her and the crowd of waterworlders

The teenage boy was confused, by what he saw, he saw humans with tails, and he was standing in their midst, different thoughts ran through his mind as he battle to keep between sanity and insanity, things were not Just right, only a few days ago he had celebrated his 18th birth day, and that birthday had given birth to all the mystery that was now going on in his life, he remembered he was in the ship, when it tore apart, and he descended into the water. These people must be mermaids, his mind told him, so they truly existed.

Omg!!! Where is Steve? He remembered the sailor.

Steve!!!!! He yelled out and the Mermaids looked at him in surprise they were totally surprised at his outburst, he made to run away, in search of him, but the guards held him back.

Who is Steve? Cleopatra the queen mother asked in a calm soothing voice, the voice had it way, it placated his disturbed heart only a little bit.

Steve, He was my sailor, until when the ship wrecked, and who are you? Cyrus heard himself ask, he wasn't sure if he entirely said those words.

We are the water worlder, But human always refers to us as Mermaids and Merman Your are welcome to our world, Galicia actu……

Nooo!!! He said interrupting Cleo's speech I am not welcome, until I see Steve and you take me back home, he said.

Take a look at this! She flipped her hands, and the shores of the Sea came to view in a wide screen that stood in one end of the throne room, Cyrus could see The Red Cross team picking up a corpse, and placing it inside an helicopter, he saw his Claire and Randy, Claire leaned on Randy's arm as she wept.

Those are my parents, And that is Steve that the Redcross are taken into the Helicopter! Is he Dead???
Yes he is Cleo Nodded and he was broken.

Oh no!!!! Please can you let me go, I have to be with my parents, the must be looking for me too, By now, Cleo has already shut down the screen.

No You we can't let you go now, you will have to be placed under thorough examination before we can let you out.

Examination why? Cyrus asked.
Because we found something in you that we we like to keep a close eye on.

By the do you mean this? He said and Showed the fangs on his teeth, the moment he did that, the flame in his eyes erupted and he Charged towards Cleo he held her in the neck, she struggled to breath, the guards and had rushed towards them, but he waved them off and kept on strangling her, The other Maids and Mermen kept coming and he kept waving the off with blows and kick, till Galicia had struck him hard with a sharp Jasper Knife, and he finally left go off her and she fell to the and he came back to his sense.

Omg!!!! Did I Just do that?? He said pointing to the all the Maids that laid on the ground.
I am so sorry I don't know what is wrong with me.

Take him away!!!, Galicia said, why she helped the Queen mother up to her throne.

And they took him away to the prison caste.


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