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Wanted Dead Episode 5

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

The Journey by sea has always been a euphoric one for Cyrus, he and his father has always made the trip to the North America with their family yacht, but this time around it was a different case, Randy was not following him neither was his friend Jace, he had come with him last year, but some how this year things changed. Cyrus stayed calm at the sailors cabin and watch how the sailor maneuver the wheel of the boat, some years ago, this journey would have been fun, but not this year, things have changed, something happened to him, a transformation he never thought existed, one he has only seen on movies.

He had returned back to his cabin, the memory of events flooded his head, he remembered last year, how Jace had come with him on the trip, how they stood outside the big boat, and watched how the big fishes of the sea swam and leapt up high out of the water and Jump back into the water, He had been so fascinated by the rhythmic display of the fishes, that he almost tripped and fell into the big sea when one of the fishes had hit the boat, it was fun, they both laughed heartily as Jace held him from falling off into the water.

You know you could have fell in their if not for me, Jace said with pride like a hero.

Of course that's why I got you here bro, you gat my back and I gat yours too, he said and the two hugged each other like they were not going to see each other again.

That was the kind of relationship they both shared, it was as strong as what brothers shared.

His mind race through those thoughts, and now he wasn't feeling it again the love he shared with Jace!!!, not only Jace, his Parents!!!, not only his parents anymore, Susan!!!, Not them anymore, The World!!!, everything sucks, The face of human he has seen Nauseated him, and unusual hatred for everything built up in his heart.

The cabin began to swirl in his eyes, everything was moving around him, his inner body temperature was rising, his eyes closed and dark fire emanated, through the dark fire he could see a written piece that hover above his head.

It wasn't clear to him at first, as he strained his eyes to look it, the effect of what was going on in the cabin, started affecting the whole yacht, the sailor lost control of the wheel, a storm erupted from the sea, everything started shaking heavily, the swirling of the room where Cyrus was increased, the flame in his eyes increased it intensity, fangs replaced his canine, his mind was restless and deep in fear, and Just as the writing that hovers on his head became clear he screamed!!

Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! and that moment, the storm caught up with the boat and blew it away, it scattered into many piece, and Cyrus fell deep into the sea.

Steven the sailor was been carried away by the sea wave and he landed the sea shore.

It would have been a lucky story for him, but he was unfortunate, the wave carried a large piece of the broken boat, and the piece landed right on his body, and smashed his head into pieces.

Meanwhile Cyrus kept on descending and descending into the depth of the sea, the flame in his eyes has since stopped, but the fangs in his teeth did not disappear, they were still visible in his sets of teeth, but he remained unconscious, his unconscious body finally crushed on a piece of gem, and he remained there.


~The Mermaid Clan~

The Loud thud of a fallen object, had disturbed the tranquility the pervaded the water world, the queen had ordered the best of her warriors to go check it out.

The Human inventions must have struck this part of our clan again, go check it out and see what it is, we must not let them drive us from this water, it belongs to us, we will wage war against them and destroy their vices, The queen of the water world had said to her soldiers, and they filed out to go see what it is that have disrupted their peace.

Hmm!!! Human, Galicia said the moment she Cyrus stiff body though she wasn't seeing his face, but she felt it to be a human body, not until she came closer and did a proper observation, that she had realise he was a demon.

Demon!!! she screamed and the others soldiers ran towards her.

They carried his body, and brought it before the queen, she did a check on him, before ordering them to take him into one of the prisons in the castles.
As they took him away, the queen sighed.

That was strange, she muttered out!

What is it queen mother? Galicia asked
That breed of demon is a special kind, one that has never be seen before!

So what do you suggest we do? We execute his unconscious body or what?

No no, do not do that, go to the caste prison, and get a sample of his blood.

Hmm how possible is that my queen? You and I know that Demons don't have blood.

Yes but this one has, he must be very special, go at once to the caste and get me a sample of his blood, I will run a check on it myself, the queen ordered.

To be continued

Now Cyrus has been held captive by the mermaid clan, what do you think they will do to him?
Though Cyrus is still very much unconscious, how will the involment of the mermaid clan affect this story?
What was on the written piece that Cyrus saw before the boat wrecked?
Find out in the next Episode of ICARIUS BLADE!


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