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Wanted Dead Episode 4

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

Ghost League Institute California
Jordan And Nesa could be seen preparing themselves for training, they joined the knights in the Training room, Nesa and Jordan fought side by side.

Isn't it time we ask father to tell us about our mother and how she died? Jordan asked his sister who was blocking his strike, and ducking his punches.

I don't think it is time Jordan, Let's focus on this training, we can have enough time to ask him later.
Just as then the big bell that hung outside the institute rang, alerting them of the presence of a mundane.

A mundane calling on our door? It's been long I heard something of such nature.

The knight leader had order Jordan to go answer the door, and Jordan went.

As he came to the door, he could feel the heart beat of the person on the door even before opening it, and there he knew there was trouble, he hurriedly open the door to see a human that was bitten beyond recognition, half of his flesh were gone.

The Vampires attacked me, The man said breathing heavily.
It's ok, it's ok, Jordan said and help him in, he called on the medics and they took him in for treatments, soon Jordan assembled all the Ghosts, and alerted them of a suspected demon outbreak.

A Mundane has been bitten by a vampire, I so much suspect that this is a demonic attack, the demons might have been released to the earth once again, I want you all field agents to go out, and comb the streets, bring back to us every Intel you can gather! This meeting is dismissed, he said to them and over 5,000 ghosts filed out into the streets of California for a trace of demon possessed downworlders be it Vampires, Werewolves, Seeles or warlocks, Though they filed out in such great numbers, they were not visible to the human eyes.

Demons do not attack by themselves, They always look for entities to use, so they always possess the downworld, The downworld consists of the Vampires, Werewolves, warlocks and the seeles. A long time ago humans and downworlders lived in peaceful coexistence, until one day the demons struck, and possessed almost all members of the downworld, and their thirst for blood bloomed, they started feeding on humans, and drinking their blood, Not until the Angel Zareh, had come to put a stop to it, by setting up the Ghost league, and the ghost league fought and conquered the demons and the demon possessed downworlders, it was a great war, that nearly sent the downworld into extinction, only a few were left after the great war, they tried to make piece with the humans, but then the Ghost had let them stay, because they would alway be there to direct the affairs of the downworld. This was the tale Rheo Told his Children about how the Ghost league came to existence.

Now there are powers that lies within you as a ghost, you will use those powers to fight demons when the time comes he said as he cuddled his ghost kids.

Now the time has come for the twins, a demonic attack has broken our again.

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Jordan rushed towards his father's chamber, while his sister followed from behind.

Father!! Father!!! Jordan called.
He bust into the chamber and and saw his father facing the wall with both hands raised up as if summoning the angels of heaven, Rheo had his back to his son.

Jordan didn't care if he was interrupting something he continued.

Father!! The demons have strucked, I have ordered the Ghost to go out in search of them bring us Intel.

You did what? Rheo yelled in anger How many Ghost did you send out?

5,000 Father!

What have you done Jordan? You sent half of the entire ghost clan in California to go in search of demons, what if they get killed? How sure are you that it is just demons and not Lucifer himself?
I'm sorry father! I fear for the mundanes.

It's fine son, but you don't always have to send such great amount of ghost out to fight demons, you select only but the best.

We are sorry father, Nesa said even before Jordan could open his mouth to say it, and This made Jordan turned to look at her, with the I was the one that made the command and not you look!
Some how Rheo was able to let it Go, he smiled at Nesa.

Cyrus since you succeeded in ruin your birthday party, why don't you and your friend go on vacation to America by ship? Claire suggested to her son, he has been moody all day, after the last night party that he ruined with his actions.

That would be great, he said not showing much enthusiasm, after the night experience, he couldn't tell what went wrong, he felt displeasure at everything that come across his way, including his friends and of course Susan and Jace.

He tried to tell his mom about the flame, but each time he opens his mouth to speak, nothing came out, and now Claire has proposed a vacation, maybe I really need it, I need something to clear my head off with and also figure out the meaning of these abnormal flamy eyes and hot-cold body temperature.

But I don't think I can make the trip with Jace, his presence alone nauseate me!

I will go alone mom, Cyrus Finally voiced out!

Oh Honey it's no problem, but is everything alright with you an Jace? This is the first time you are making a trip without him!
Yea sure but I just wanna be alone for a while.

Ok Good!

The next day, Jace sat on the ship that sailed to North America.


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