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Wanted Dead Episode 3

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror


Paradise High School
Shssss!!! keep calm guys I have something to say. Jace mounted the elevated ground where the teacher stood to teach in their classroom, everyone became calm as they waited to hear what he had to say. They watched him as he made to speak, different thoughts ran through the students hearts as to what he was going to say, especially Cyrus because he knew nothing good has ever come out of the Jerk's mouth.

Listen up guys, I am inviting y'all to Cyrus 18th birthday party!!!
Whoaaa many people from the class scream in excitement, because it was Cyrus, they threw glances at him while he dropped his head down

Calm down! Calm down!!, Jace continued and the cheers died down a little.

Now the amazing thing about this party is that Cyrus is still single, so he is getting to pick his girlfriend today, because i am making sure of that, so ladies dress perfectly make sure you win his heart, because I want my nigga to start Fucking up some nice cunts.

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girls scream scream while the guys booed.

You so sure this nigga is still a virgin? One of the boys in class called and all the students erupted in laughter, soon the teacher came and the show time came to an end.
You are such a crazy ass, Cyrus said to Jace after the class.

it was quite a show you pulled out there in class dumbass!!

Yea I know man but it was fun, Jace defended.

Cool things though, but I almost reddened out because I felt shy, you could have made a perfect speech with using foul languages.
Yea I know but I still made the invite anyways!

But all the girls in class would know I am still a virgin.

Common man it's your day brush past it, Let's get going I'm sure your mom must have prepared a nice cake al… Jace was still saying when they heard a voice from behind them.

Hi Cyrus Happy Birthday to you!!!, they both turned to see it was coming from Susan.

Hey Thank you Susan. Cyrus replied.

Welcome, Hi Jace she said gesturing to Jace.

Hi, I wanna see you at the party tonight, Jace invited
Sure am gonna be there she said and walked past them swaying her big bum.

Cyrus shook his head.

What? Jace ask
Nothing it's just that, it's quite an assets for an High School Girl.

Hmm yea you like the way the bum shakes?

Fuck you Monkey!!! Cyrus cursed
I don't do boys remember! But I can fix her up for a dance with you tonight, Jace said smiling mischievously. They kept on chattering as they hurried home.
:7pm Randy Castle.

The Randy Castle was pack full of teens who came to felicitate with Cyrus on his birthday, Students From Paradise high school were present too, Everyone swayed in glamour to the rhyming tunes of the disc joker's beats.

Cyrus felt an accomplishment, he was happy at the turnout of events, The great number of people he was seeing present, showed how much they really loved him, His parents had since come to appreciate the students for their massive support.

The evening went smoothly, Cyrus was in company of Jace His buddy and some other guys from school, they cracked jokes while they sipped from their juice glass.

After Crazy moments of wild dance, Jace had that the DJ killed the beats, he made Cyrus come up the stage, and have a dance with Susan, he was true to his words, he made Cyrus dance with Susan, he knew the two felt something for each other, but they were scared to approach it, he was acting as a catalyst tonight, Cyrus didn't disappoint him, he came up the stage to dance with her.

They both twisted and whined their bodies to the beat of a popular street HipHop music.

The two were great dancers they thrilled the crowd with their moves.

You smell nice Susan said.
Oh thanks, You are beautiful! Cyrus admitted

Omg!!! You mean that? Susan asked in surprise, she never imagined in her entire life that someone like Cyrus would rate her beautiful, and here they were in the middle of his birthday party, both rocking the sweet street hip hop and he was telling her she was beautiful, it sent butterflies to her stomach.

Ofcourse, I do, he replied
Hmm I am speechless, she confessed.

Now don't be honey, he said to her and turned her swiftly, making her face him she wasn't expecting it, but some how she's got a clue of what would follow next. A Kiss.

Cheers followed as the two locked their lips together, they seem to be oblivious of what was going on around them, they were lost in their own world while the crowd kept on cheering and clapping their hands.

Just then it started, Cyrus Started feeling uneasy, an unusual heat engulf his body, and at once he broke the kiss, Susan was surprised at his action, Likewise everyone who saw the way he had forcefully broke the kiss.

What is it Cyrus, she asked and made to hold his arms, but he swiftly shove her hands off and zoomed out of the stage running towards his room.

The crowd were extremely shocked at the unexpected turn of events, and soon they started leaving in anger. What a beautiful moment that has just been sabotaged, Jace tried his best to salvage the situation, but the crowd had disappeared bit by bit, till only him and Susan were left.

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What was that? He asked her!
I really don't know, he suddenly stopped kissing me and ran away, she explain.

Of course I saw that, I wasn't blind, he aggressively to her, as if she was the cause of whatever was going on with Cyrus.

And soon Randy and Claire rushed down to meet them.

What happened here? Where are the people. Where is my son?
Randy asked a million question at the same time.

Sir it's Cyrus, he suddenly ran upstairs in the middle of a dance, and the people got angry and left.

Oh I think I know what is wrong, he acting shy again, come come let's go check up on him, Claire said and they all followed.

Cyrus had ran to his room in such great speed that he never imagined existed, his body temperature felt very cold but inside of was as hot as hell, he felt like exploding, when his eyes grew dark and caught up in flames.

He tried to quench the flame with his hands, but it burned him, and he quickly rush to the toilet to use water but the water wasn't helping out. Soon Fangs started developing from his teeth (canine) like a Vampire, Just as he struggled with the flaming eyes and the heat burning his body, he heard a knock on the door, and that very seconds, everything returned back to normal, his eye were clear and his fangs returned, and temperature was calm.

Hey who is it?

It's me Claire open up son! His mother called.

Hey mom give me a minute, he said and came out of the toilet to answer the door.

There he saw Four Faces, and he dropped his head.

What's wrong with you son, you just ruined you birthday party, Randy asked.

I am sorry dad I developed cold feet, so I had to runaway, I was shy! He lied, he could not tell what was going on, but he knew he was not the one that just spoke, something in him wanted to tell that what happened, but a strong for kept him mute.

Come over here my baby boy, do not get shy again, you Just ruined your party, Claire said and hugged him while Randy shooked his head.

Jace was upset, he was Just waiting For Mr and Mrs Randy to get the hell out of the room before he pounce on Cyrus and dish him his share of displeasure at his actions, while Susan was Just calm, she seem to stare at Cyrus in admiration, she could not tell why, but her love for him kept on increasing as the minutes goes by.

Soon The couple vacated the room, and Jace was up to it, but Cyrus apologized to him and Susan, and some how he Jace was Calm, why Susan kept on staring.


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