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WANTED DEAD Episode 20


Wanted Dead Episode 20

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

Never was it possible that ithuriel become an angel any more, Cyrus fed him his blood, it was angel blood, ithuriel was never accepted back to the fold, he became ghost, but a very high breed, he enlisted in the war against Rheo, after the tortures he went through he was ready to avenge in justice.

Rheo was bent on killing Cyrus, after the war that ensued between the down world and the ghost, the ghost had win by hard lucky, the rest of the downworlders fled the institute, they were not happy, they had launched their attacks on the humans, as vamps started feeding on humans, the warlocks started casting evil spells, on humans, men started fighting each other, without any reason, it was a tough one, pandemonium rocked the human world, the ghost did nothing about it, they knew the downworlders were wrecking all the havoc because they wanted them (the ghost) to come look for them, but Rheo had order his ghost not to interfere, he let the Downworlders deal with the humans, why he was looking for a way to kill Cyrus, he wanted him dead at all cost, because from all indication, he knew he stand no match for Cyrus, neither did anyone in the institute.

He thought thoroughly and came up with something.

Soon he started speaking gibberish, and smoke filled the air, just in the nick of time, a tiny dark creature that seem to be sitting on a stick in the air appeared from among the smoke.

Druil I need your help.

I never thought you were going to need my help this soon, Druil said.

Druil was a wizard that owed Rheo a favour, a not so long time ago, Rheo had encountered Druil, while he was logging horns with some demon possessed downworlders, Rheo had helped him out, and ever since then they have kept contacts but not a fervent one.

Well let's say I need it now, it my son Cyrus he's been a pain in the ass, and he has turn almost every powerful ghost in this institute against me, including Jordan my son and Adrian chief warrior.

Say know more Rheo, I know what it is I will help you on this, the tiny creature said.

What do you want to do? Rheo asked in frustration, in all his years of evil, he has never met anyone like Cyrus, and now with just a little encounter he was at the verge of losing all he had.
I think first think first, to win a battle you have to have all the manpower and Resources at your disposal, I will help you get Adrian and Jordan Back, from there you can continue the war!!!
Good Thank you so much Druil, but one more thing please Rheo said.

And what is it ?

Can you help me get Ithuriel back on my side?

Huh?? Don't be a fool Rheo, do you know the process of getting Adrian and Jordan back, it will be as rigorous as breaking a blood oath, and do not try to think of it, Ithuriel is no more evil, he has been cleansed, and for what you did to him, the nemesis will catch up with you Rheo.

Do not insult me Druil, you own me a favour, now fulfil it and get the hell back to your coven you stupid Wizard, Rheo cursed, and Druil disappeared from his presence.

Rheo could feel his pressure increasing, he quickly lured Nesa's body, and she walked up to him
Daddy she said as she entered his chamber, Rheo shut the door with his powers, Mesa quickly pull of her clothes to display her succulent body, her fair skin shone like a bright new moon, this did gave Rheo a rise in his blood, and it activated his hormones, and they were secreted, his dick stood up erect and hard like the Rock of ages, he lick his lips with is tongue as nesa walked straight up into his arms, he quickly tore off his own robe too, as he carried her on the bed, and started caressing her every sensitive spot, he had stopped her p*ssy he plung his index finger in it, the pleasure that it emanated drove her to a point of moaning, he planted a kiss on her lips the swam in the pleasure of their desires, Rheo totally forgot the trouble he was facing, he drool over her tickling her body with his tongue, he soon stopped at her belly button, and he planted a kiss on it, she was busy fondling him and sucking on his small nipples too, the sensation of her romance on his body did drove him crazy, he planted a kiss on her P*ssy and started tonguing it, she was so turn on, she wanted him inside her, but Rheo made her suck his d*ck, she slopped it down her throat and made funny sounds while gauging herself her breathing became tense likewise Rheo who instantly turned her over and plunge his D inside of her where he could not hold it any longer, he hump on her while he baptized his face with kisses, she had switched him over to cowgirl, the kept on with the act till Druil came.

International Badman coming soon!!!
Written By: Cal Empéror


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