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Wanted Dead Episode 2

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

For many years even before the birth of his twin, Rheo has already being evil, he had once drank from the dark cup, and now history was repeating itself, but what had him so worried was that he has seen the future and neither of his children would hold the Mortal sword.

Rheo was a very ambitious breed of the ghosts, he had always felt the accords of the ghost clave were not suitable for him, and this had made him summon the demon head a long time ago, while his father had passed on and he was given the mortal sword to be a custodian.

He commune with the demon, and told him of his wish to have a stronger breed of ghost who was fearless, faster and stronger than any ghost that ever lived. The demon head had granted Rheo's wish and they became allies from that very day.

Rheo Broke many laws that govern the clave, he never let the ghost protect the humans again because he had made friend with the demon head, he allowed many demons into the earth and they tormented the humans, and many downworlders like the Vampires, Werewolves, Lycans and Warlocks, became possessed, they feasted on humans and drank their bloods.

And this continued for a long time, because Rheo wanted to please his demon friend. When marian his wife took in for their first child, Rheo was happy, he bonded the soul of the child to the demon, and the demon corrupted the child with a demon blood, Marian had lost the baby. The ghost clave had mourn the loss, because the baby would have been the next ICARIUS. But Rheo didn't mourn for long, he knew what has been done, The baby was taken from him by the demon, For one year the child had remain with the demon head, he performed many rituals on the child for him to be Strong, it was during this period that Marian took in again and conceive of a twin.

The demon head had warned Rheo to kill his wife at the very hour she gave birth to the twin, it was the only way the powers he had placed on the child would be activated.

Rheo wasn't cool with it but he had to do it. The friendship between Rheo and the demon came to an end when after the rituals the demon refused to give Rheo back his child, Rheo did everything within his power as a ghost to get his child back but the demon didn't let go off the child, so Rheo fought with the demon, till he almost killed it, the demon head was subdued, he knew he had lost the fight between him and Rheo so he sent the child to another place outside America, and made him untraceable by the ghosts, Rheo had learned of this and his anger increased, and he order the ghost clave to start killing the demons he once let into the earth, and the ghost did kill many of the demons, including Vampires werewolves and Lycans that were possessed by demons.
Ever since the last time Rheo order that all demons and demon possessed downworlders be killed, the other demons who were lucky to escape left the earth and went to Hades, so the earth was free from demonic attacks, The taste for blood by the Vampires and their likes reduced, but Rheo tried everything he could to get back his son, But all to no avail.

And that night Marian went into labour, Rheo had totally forgotten about the warnings of the demon to kill his wife the hour she gave birth to the, he had lay on his bed, in expectance, expecting to hear the cry of his children, when an Angel appeared to him, to remind him of the words of the demon head, but Rheo had attacked the Angel's words.
Why should I perform the orders of a demon head he asked the angel, and the angel stared at him as though he has asked the most stupid question of the year.

Why did you go in bed with a demon? The angel asked him back in response, you have been ordered to kill Marian, so kill her now or else this institute will be shut down and the existence of all Ghosts will be wiped out, The demons have laid a revolt against you to the Angel Head be careful Rheo, you have done abominable things. The angel said and disappeared.

It was this that made him restless and he had gone to the Chambers to drink from the dark cup.
He saw the future, he never saw any of his two children holding the sword, and he knew at once that it must be The Child that the demon have deprived him of.
Adrian was shocked to see Rheo kill his wife, he saw him pierced her heart with a knife.

What The Hell!!! My Lord what are you doing??? What has come over you??? He yelled at him, but Rheo smiled.

You talk too much Adrian, he said and Encantoed him with a spell that erased the memory of him killing his wife from Adrian's head, He knew the spell was temporary it will only last for 10years, but he resolve to find a way of permanently wiping that memory off his head before the spell wears off, he was the only one that saw him do it.

What My Lord what happened? Adrian asked in panic as he saw the dark red blood gushing out of Marian chest.

Demon attack Rheo said in a pathetic tone as if he was going to breakdown in tears.

But I thought the last sets of demons were wiped out only last year.

Quite talking Adrian Get the Medics and Prepared the Morgue I have lost my wife Rheo Cried.


Paradise High School

Cyrus walked briskly to his class block, he hung a strap of his school bag on his left shoulders, he had grown into a fine specimen, he smiled and waved at the students he saw on the way, he was a rich boy, but he never showed it and this made a lot of people admire him, he was as simple as adding 1+2.
He walked only a few step forward and noticed someone, he quickly walked up to the person and tickled him from behind
Hi Jace!!! He said as Jace Jumped out of his skin in shock
Arggghhhhh!!!! Jace said and turn swiftly
Omg!!! You sick son of a bitch you startled me.

Aww I am sorry nigga I thought you weren't sensitive to that anymore, because u have wasted those sensation on cummings out sperm from you 2 inches sized dick, Cyrus said

What I ain't two inches man, you are though that was why Jane Left you for me, she complained your D was too small, Jace retaliated.
Aww Fuck you motherfucker, Cyrus said

Yea I don't dog boys idiot, Jace replied.

Now this was just it, Cyrus wasn't a boring guy. He was fun to be with, that was why most of the girls in class wanted to be with him. Jace was his best friend, they have known each other for over 8years now and they have been better off together.

Now what do you think about Rheo's Lost Son?


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