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WANTED DEAD Episode 19


Wanted Dead Episode 19

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

The choice of giving Rheo what he wanted was a difficult one for Ithuriel (Canis) but he had to do it.
The only way you can kill a swordman is to kill him by his own sword Ithuriel told him and at once Rheo picked the meaning of Ithuriel's words and he knew the only way he can kill Cyrus is using the mortal sword.

Just as he as he was contemplating on how to use the Mortal Sword to kill the boy that has caused him so much stress for the past few days, he heard loud chatters voices, the voices became too loud, and he at once sent Canis back to his cage and went out to check, she saw most of the Ghost running towards his chamber, and he demanded and explanations for the retreat and they explained that the institute have been infiltrated by invaders. Rheo knew it was Cyrus, he feared the worse was about to happen, it was not like he didn't knew a day like this would come, but it came too quick.
Soon he started feeling the strength drain and he knew Cyrus was close by.

Hello father, Cyrus said from behind, and Rheo was startled, as well as the ghost agents that had ran to him.

What?? Rheo asked regaining composure.

Oh you seem surprised, well I knew all along that you were my father, and Rheo's mouth dropped opened.

Shut the hell up boy what the hell are you saying, Nesa yelled from no where.

Stay away from this Nesa, you are under a spell, Jordan replied and came to view.

What spell You fool you have taken side with and enemy, a demon, you have broken the codes of the Ghost league, Nesa yelled back.

Calm down Nesa I got this, Rheo said looking pensive, as his strength drained gradually, he quickly sent a brain text to Allen the leader of the Vampire clan on the trouble facing the institute.

I have not come for your head today Rheo's I only came for the angel in your custody.

What?? The whole Ghost was surprised at what the boy said, they didn't want to believe it, it was an abominable act he spoke of.

Do not believe him, My people He is possessed with a demon and the demon is what is speaking through him, Rheo defended.

He charged towards Cyrus, but Cyrus quickly turn over to the other side, that was a chance he was looking for, he quickly disappeared into Thin air an went in search of the angel Ithuriel.

Rheo Quickly ran to fetch the mortal sword, he was Ready to defeat Cyrus and end him permanent, he had caused enough trouble already, he was a threat to his evil rule, and he had made his son Jordan to turn against him, Rheo was no longer seeing Cyrus as his son he once craved for, but as the very instrument the Demon head he had defeated years ago was using to get back at him.

As he returned, he order that the ghost capture Jordan and keep him in prison, Nesa had personally volunteered to capture him, she charged towards Jordan but Adrian came from no where an pushed her back, the ghost saw this and the unsheathed their sword and charged at the two of them, the clicking of sword sound could be heard as the ghosts and Nesa engaged Jordan and Adrian in a fight,

Rheo had disappeared into thin air too, he was going to look for Cyrus, he held the dark cup and the Mortal sword with him, the reason he was holding the Dark cup was because he felt that of he become too weak he would drink from it and become strong again.
You Traitor, You have finally Join sides with the enemy of this institute, Nesa said to Adrian as her sword hit Adrian's Sword they were both tussling heard to defeat each other, Nesa knew she was no match for Adrian, but she had to keep up.

Jordan was not left out in the battle too, He was fighting hard against the ghosts who has now increased in numbers, and they were channeling all their aggressions to him, they felt he was a traitor, they seem to have forgotten what Cyrus said about Rheo holding an angel captive which was an abomination, well it wasn't their fault, Rheo had spell them again before going in search of Cyrus, Jordan's strength grew as he kept on fighting them he was a good fighter, many of the ghost laid in the pool of their own blood, while others kept charging towards him to receive a taste of his sword blade.

I am no traitor Nesa I am standing for the truth, Rheo killed you mother Marian, and he has you under spell, that is why you are having sex with him, what you feel for him is not love, he is using your youthful energy to extend his evil days, Believe me Nesa, Adrian said to her, as he swept her two legs of the floor and she dropped down.

Why should I believe any of this cock and bull story you just said, she asked doing a Chinese get-up.
Because you have to, sooner or later you will find out Nesa, and you will swim in regrets.

Just then Cyrus appeared with Ithuriel, he was dragging him along to hurry, Adrian and Jordan saw them, and they knew it was time to end the battle and run, and they both activated their ghost Rune and used it on them, and they all fell asleep that instant including Nesa and they both ran along to catch up with Cyrus and Ithuriel who was too weak to run.

Oh no!!! Rheo said as he came back to find out that all the ghosts were sleeping, including his daughter, and he cursed Cyrus, including the downworlders who refused to show up on time, even after he had sent a brain text to Allen.

Just as he tried to Wake them up, he heard footsteps, he looked up to see Allen an the other leaders of the down world and a few members of the down world too.

I do not need your services anymore, he said to them.

But why? Allen asked.

You refused to show up on time.
Well give us the Dark cup and we will be out of here.

For what?? I mean what did you guys do for me that I will now give you the Dark cup??

The Dark cup belongs to the Down world, you Ghosts stole it from us, and now we are ready to claim back our property, Give us the cup now!!! Allen Roared, his loud voice seem to have waken the sleeping ghosts up, they saw the state which Rheo was in with the Downworlders, and they charged towards them, and another round of fight ensued.

Written By: Cal Empéror 


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