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WANTED DEAD Episode 18


Wanted Dead Episode 18

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

Things has never been this complex for Adrian, He sat up between Cyrus and Jordan in brown old house, as memories and events of the past flooded his head, he didn't want to believe them, but he couldn't conceal the truth from himself, they stared at him on the face.

He remembered how he had Entered The solitude chambers and saw Rheo drinking from the dark cup, he was able to remember the incident that also occurred during the birth of the twins, how Rheo had killed Miriam his wife, he couldn't tell the reason why, or the force that pushed him to do it, but he had placed the two babies back on their mothers arm as if she was still alive, he was shocked and prompt to ask Rheo what he was doing, but Rheo had struck his hands towards him and something that was as fast as the speed of lightening had entered his body, it was so fast that his eyes could follow, and that was when the blankness came. He remembered how Rheo had said it was a demon that killed Marian, but that wasn't the truth Rheo had killed her by himself.

Adrian didn't know whether to be happy for the restoration of his memory, or to be sad, because of what Rheo had done in the past, but he knew that now those things will be his weapon.

But here he was sitting with Cyrus and Jordan, he didn't know how Jordan came into the Brown old house, but there was something he still needed to know, ‘‘Who Cyrus Was?’’.

Jordan had knocked on the door of the brown house, Cyrus was able to sense that it was him and he opened up for him.

Jordan was able to know the Place where Cyrus had taken Adrian to when he tracked Adrian's Ghost mark and it led to the Brown house.

Some moment later He had knocked on the door, while Adrian was still deep in sleep.

There is a lot you need to know Jordan.

But we all have to wait till Adrian is awake, he has a lot to say.

Hmm, What has old Adrian got to say? All I want to know is who are you and what you said about my father.

You will find out soon Jordan, but all you have to know is that You have angel blood, and your father Rheo is evil, He only Injected you with an angel blood, because he was going to perform another experiment on you, which is to mix your angel blood with the combination of the down world blood.

Hmm This is serious, I have always known my father was evil, but I never knew it was to this extent.

It is only a Tip of the iceberg I am telling you about, Old Adrian has a lot of tale to tell Jordan, I am glad you made the Right choice by coming along, Cyrus said placing his two hands on Jordan's shoulder, like an old man giving his child a word of advice.

What is you are wrong?

I can never be wrong, except I stand for evil.

Just then Adrian coughed and tried to sit up, his head hurt, it was as a result of the Restored memory.

It was at the Early hours of the 27th day of the 6th millennia when the house of the great Icarius (swordman) of the League of Ghost, heard the cries of the twins, Adrian narrated to the hearing of Jordan and Cyrus. I had walked into the solitude chambers to inform Rheo that the medics has delivered his wife of Twins, but to my greatest shock I saw him having a drink from the dark cup, I tried to speak, but I wasn't given the privilege, because everyone fears and revere Rheo, He followed me to the room where his wife had birthed, I saw him stabbed her after he blessed and name the children, I couldn't do much because that instant he had wiped off my memory, and he made the other ghost in the institute believed that his wife was killed by a demon that attacked the institute that night.
Hmm so my mother was killed by my father, Jordan stated in disbelief, And Adrian nodded.
You know what? I do not believe you Adrian, neither do I believe any of all what you have been saying, he said to Cyrus I mean Rheo is bad no doubt, but not to the extent you guys are painting him.

I wouldn't mind if you don't believe me Jordan, Cyrus said, But if I were you I would believe.
Why should I?

Because I am Rheo's Son!!

WHAT?? Jordan and Adrian asked spontaneously.

You heard me, Cyrus Replied.
Now this is not making any sense, Jordan Said.

Yeah! But listen, Cyrus opened his mouth to explain everything to them, they were perplexed at the end of the tale, Adrian's curiosity as to who Cyrus was, was satisfied, he now knew who he was, but Jordan was pissed, he felt like strangling Rheo, especially now that he knew Rheo had an angel under custody, and was treating him bad like a slave, Jordan felt sorry for Ithuriel, he wanted to save him at once, he stood up and made to go to the institute and challenge Rheo, but Cyrus had stopped him.

That will be foolhardiness, You know you are no match for Rheo Jordan, He made you, Cyrus said in a calm voice.

coming soon!!!

Written By: Cal Empéror

Allen had brought the proposal message to the house, and the four down world leaders had agreed to the terms.

Once we get hold of the Dark Cup, we will take back the earth and suck every blood, Carl The leader of the wolves pack said and Ramirez smiled, I think it's time the world feel a taste of my dark magic, The warlock will be free again.

Modric was all silent, he didn't had to say much because he knew what the seelis will do once they lay hands on the Dark cup that Rheo has proposed to give them if they help him fight the war that was coming.

The dark cup was the source of evil, the vampires know that if they lay hands on it, their blood thirst will increase, as well as the wolves, The warlock will pervade through the whole earth with evil spells and cause demonic attacks.
The only thing that restricted them from all this activities was because the dark cup has been in the hands of the ghost, and now Rheo was ready to give it back to them.

~Ghost League Institute ~
I need Answers Canis how can I destroy My son, I have now seen that he will never be in my side, and his existence alone will result in my downfall,

You cannot kill him Rheo, he has been destined to be the next ICARIUS (swordman) Plus he now has angel blood in him, Canis said to Rheo.

That is not possible how can that be? Rheo Fumed in total disbelief.
Well I do not know, I would have known it if you had let me go to the water world, but you decided to capture me and make me a slave.

Just shut the Hell up Ithuriel, a war is around the corner, I have lost Jordan, and it is only a matter of time before the whole Institute discover who I am and turn their backs on me.

You should find out a way for me Canis, or I will slit your throat with the Mortal sword!!


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