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WANTED DEAD Episode 17


Wanted Dead Episode 17

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

Adrian Paced the aisle that led to the artillery of the institute, Things were no longer in shape, ever since his encounter with Cyrus, First it was how he had been able to see him in his ghost form, and how he had surprisingly gave him a Steele to come to the institute, how Rheo had requested he brought the boy to the institute, how Rheo had misbehaved in the presence of the little boy, and now he had him locked up.

There was also a part of him that felt like there was something he was forgeting and as the day grew by, the feeling became more obvious, it was like a memory loss, because the more he tried to remember, the lesser he saw, but his whole so was engorssed with strange emotions, he felt something terrible was about to happen.

How Long are you gonna stay in there before you say a word? Jordan asked Cyrus, he had gone to meet him in the caste, but Cyrus kept smiling without saying a word, and this got him confused, He really didn't want to believe what his father saida about the boy, but here he was with the boy, and he was making matter worse because he has refused to say a word. All of a sudden, Jordan heard his name, it sounded like the voice of a mermaid coming from the depth of the ocean, Jordan jumped.

What was that? He asked in fright.
You see I don't need much energy to get off this place you are calling a prison, all it will take is a snap of my finger, Cyrus explained and Jordan was thrown a back.

But I want you to listen Jordan, Your Father Rheo is not the man you think him to be, He is evil.
And why should I believe you? Jordan asked, He had always felt something bad about his father, but he wasn't ready to give this stranger a glimpse of what he felt about his father, he still had to protect it.

You don't need to believe me, it only a little while before you will know what I am talking about, How much to you trust Adrian?
Very Much, I have known him all my life, Why?

Adrian has something, to say but he can't say it.

Hmm you are such a pathetic liar, but some how you are convincing.
I do not want to convince you Jordan, Just be careful, I am out of this place, he said and pulled the Caste and walked out, Jordan tried to hold him back, but he only pointed his index finger at him and he sat back like he was been incapacitated, Cyrus walked passed many of the ghost to where Adrian was, they were surprised to see him walking out, nobody knew how he came out from a locked caste, and none of them bother to stop him because they were scared he would hard them, Rheo had already told them he was evil, so they had to stay away from him, to avoid him using his evil powers on them.

Someone had rushed to tell Rheo of what has happened and he rushed down to the caste to see Jordan sitting down like a pregnant woman who ate too much.

Adrian I do not have time, I know you are confused about the things that have been going on of late, if you need answers you have to follow me now!! Cyrus said to Adrian, and he turned back, he was shocked to see the words were coming from Cyrus, and the same time, the boy was supposed to be locked in a Caste.

No time for stares follow me, Adrian didn't know how his legs moved and he followed him, Rheo and his crew were closing in on them, Cyrus quickly created a portal and they both entered it and disappeared from their sight.
Holyshit they are gone!!! Rheo Screamed.

Nooo!!!!! He yelled.

They both found themselves in the Brown old house, Adrian was very weak, due to the portaling it was unlike a ghost to use a portal, Portaling drains their strength (in this tale only) Cyrus laid him in a couch and sat up close to him.

There is a lot to explain Adrian, but here you have to gain your memories back, Cyrus said and placed his two hands on Adrian's head and like a lightening bolt, Everything of the past came rushing through his head, he felt like he was going crazy, but when everything had become stable, he fell into a deep sleep, and slept for hours, Two hours later a Knock came through the door.

Who was that on the door?

I know this episode is really short, and I am sorry about it, I just had to manage and write up something for you guys, today's schedule was extremely tight.


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