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WANTED DEAD Episode 16


Wanted Dead Episode 16

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

A few moment Later Rheo has regained consciousness, he sat up on his palatial Bed, Jordan, Nesa and Adrian sat around him, for the time being activities in the institute had been suspended, for the time being due to the Icarius sudden unconsciousness, they feared something bad should not happen to him, during that time the medics in the institute performed their duties on him to bring him back to stable health.
There Has been a strength drain in his system the whited haired medic man told Adrian and Jordan.

Cyrus used that opportunity to survey round the institute, as nobody seem to mind his presence, he was free he moved to the different part of the Institute, he noticed some place were locked with strong evil powers, he didn't bother to open them, because he was not yet ready to display his powers in the institute.

Hi Daddy Thank the angels you are awake, Nesa said as she rushed to help her father who has just regain consciousness to sit up right.

Thank the angel you are safe father, Jordan said too, He didn't know why, but of late, hr has started feeling some hate for his father, he never wanted anything to do with him anymore, probably because the angel blood in him was working.

My Lord what happened to you?? You had embarrassed yourself in the presence of our guest, Adrian said in total displeasure.

What Fucking guest are you talking about? Nesa fumed.

Didn't you see that my father's health failed, he is no longer in his youth, so those energy of receiving guest has been put to better purpose, she said further eyeing him.

Calm down Nesa, Jordan, Rheo had been all calm.

I will only if old Adrian can put our father's health at top priority, other than some selfish Guest visit.

Nesa Respect!!! Jordan screamed and she kept shut, it was obvious she wasn't vomiting those venomous words because of what Adrian said at first, she took it personal and it had annoyed Jordan.

What is wrong with you Nesa, is it because of what Adrian said that is making you fume and spitting venom? I demand you apologized to him this instant.

I am sorry Old Adrian, she said dejectedly.

Humm Rheo Coughed to signify his presence.

Adrian The boy is he still here? Rheo asked, though he was better now but he still felt weak.

Yes he is, Adrian replied at once.
Good I want you to lock him up, he is evil, he caused my strength to drain, Rheo commanded.

What?? Both Jordan and Adrian Asked in loud voices, While Nesa climb up the bed to sit with her father, she ran her hands all over his chest, Rheo had stylishly removed her hands from his body, he didn't want Jordan or Adrian to know what was going on between Him and his daughter, but Nesa seem not to be using her senses, she let her emotion played.

Yes You heard me!! He said to them again.

That can't be true my lord he is Just an 18yrs old mundane, he can't be evil, Adrian said, he didn't want to believe what Rheo said, he had developed a special likeness for the boy.

Says who? Don't mundanes get possessed?

Yes Father, Jordan Replied when any response was not forth coming from Adrian, he was lost in thought probably on how to get the boy very far from Rheo's reach.

Jordan was not entirety pleased with what his father had said, but orders were orders, He rang the alarm and two ghosts came in, Jordan order that the go get Cyrus and lock him up.

The two Ghost saw Cyrus at the artillery section of the institute they seized him and took him to the Caste.

This Not fair my lord, Adrian said and stormed out of the chambers, Jordan followed suit and Nesa was left with Rheo, she was all over him, she pulled his head closer to her's and locked her lips with his, They both were swimming and enjoy the pleasure of the incest kiss when a sharp knock came through the door.

The scampered and tried to arranged themselves before Rheo told the person to come in.

Dr Wyeth Thanks for restoring my health, Rheo said to the medics as he came in to check up on Rheo.

All Thanks be to the angels for granting us the ability to carry out our work efficiently, Wyeth said and waved to Nesa, Acknowledging her presence, Wyeth was the Ghost only doctor, he was trained by his father who was also a Doctor to the then Icarius who happens to Rheo's own Father Tarius.

Yes that is right, Rheo replied.
I can see you are fine now, Can I speak with you in private,
Hmm yes Wyeth, Rheo said and signal for Nesa to excuse them, But she wasn't cool with it, she winked her father, but she wouldn't have any of it, he told her to go, and she did, she did not bother to eavesdrop, because she knew who her father was, there was nothing that was hidden from him, as she swayed her bum along in anger, she past by the caste, and she saw the Charming Boy that was recently locked up, He didn't looked evil like her father had claimed, in fact he looked edible, she took one last glance at him and saw him smiling to himself, the smile charmed her, but she managed to brush it aside and continue her walk.

What is it you want to speak to me about Wyeth? Rheo asked.

It is about the blood sample I took from your body.

Oh you did that?

Yes and from the test I ran it shows that the blood in your body is corrupt, it has been corrupted by contents of the Dark Cup, My lord, do you in anyway know about this?

Well Yes Dr Wyeth, and that is my little secret, But the funny thing about this whole this is that nobody gets to know my secret those that ventured in to knowing are either dead or locked up in a spell locked caste.

What are you saying my lord?
Well all I am saying in a nutshell is that I am tired of your service here, and he snapped his fingers, he clenched his fist and Wyeth's neck cracked his thorax broke into pieces, and he dropped down dead.

He quickly snapped his fingers and Wyeth's corpse disappeared from the room.

~The Downworld~
Allen sat on a stool behind a round table, he was waiting for the other members of the down world, Allen was the leader of the Vampire Clan of California, The downworld comprises of The wolves, the warlocks, the vampires, and the seelis, and everytime they had pressing matters their leaders come together, to represent them and discuss, it was one of those meeting that made Allen sat up in a stool waiting for the other down world leaders to come, Soon Ramirez The warlock leader came in with a portal, and so did the two other Joined they, Carl was the leader of the wolves park, and the seelis boss was Modric.

We have been given a new Proposal, Allen informed the other 3 as the meeting started.

Who brought the proposal? What does it has to do with the story?

Rheo seem to have actually forget that Adrian knew his secrets about his wife's death, it is only a matter of time before the spell wears of and Adrian will be able to remember everything, Including when Rheo was drinking from the dark cup.

Cyrus is locked up


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