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WANTED DEAD Episode 15


Wanted Dead Episode 15

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

The demon head sat in a comfortable chair that was made from mortal skulls, he was looking at his palms, that was reflecting out bright lights, a small screen could be seen in his hands, he was engrossed at whatever he was looking at in it.

He had watched to a point and he smiled.

I know I might no longer be in control, but Rheo you are dead, he said in a mock tone, and burst out a thunderous laugh that shook the foundation of the entire demon world.

I was right sending that boy to Cleopatra, Thanks be to the holy one for the transformation, Rheo can always beat me, but not everytime he must win, he said and closed his palms, to attend to the other business of the day, he floated out of the seat and went out to look for some minor havoc to wreck.

~Ghost League Institute~

Hey Little Boy Wait Here while I go fetch my Icarius, he is very loving and likes little kids, Adrian told Cyrus the moment the got into the Institute.

Oh wait!! I know your name!! But do you know mine? Cyrus asked him while he was about to go, and he was taken a back.

Forgive my manners, what is your name?

My name is Cyrus, now hurry go get your Icarius, I am very anxious to see him, Cyrus said playfully, and Adrian did as he was told, he didn't know why but he felt excited around the little boy and his love for him grew by every seconds he spend with him,
(Now Readers have you ever wondered why Adrian doesn't feel the Strength drain anytime he is around Cyrus, But Rheo always feel it.? It is because Rheo has Corrupted himself with the Dark Cup, evil cannot stand the presence of light.)

Cyrus wander his way through the Institute, many ghost passed him as they were going about their own duty, and he passed some too, he soon wander into a room, and saw a boy trying to take an aim on a Archer Board

Cyrus smiled as he watched the boy who was probably of the same age with him took an aim from his bow and short the arrow towards the aim board, he missed and the arrow didn't fall on the target, it fell 5 lines from the Real aim.
Nice Move!! Cyrus commended and the boy looked up aiming the arrow at him.

Hey!! Hey!!! Calm down I am a friend.

How the hell did you get here mundane? The boy asked scrutinizing the person that was standing before him, his face was somewhat familiar.

Well Adrian brought me here, he said he wanted to show me around the Institute.

Oh, That's unlike any ghost, we hardly let in mundanes into our institute except for rare cases talkmore of showing one around.
Well let's say I am lucky I found favour in Adrian's sight, I am Cyrus what is your name?

I am Jordan, Jordan said with a smirk on his cute face.

Nice name how do you aim?
Cyrus asked referring him back to the game he had earlier distracted him from.

Like this Cyrus said and aimed at the board he let the arrow go, but it misses again.

Wait let me try, Cyrus said and took the Bow and Arrow from Jordan and aimed he released the bow strings and the arrow launched into the air and hit rightly on the target.

Whoa Men!! That's an hundred, Jordan said with his mouth wide open in surprise, and he instantly fell in love with the boy.

You are a genius Cyrus.
No I am not I am just a boy who was lucky to find his way into the ghost institute, Cyrus said humbly.
I ha…. Jordan was about to say when Adrian came in.

Oh You are here, I can see you have made friend with Jordan already, Jordan this was the guy that stopped me in patrol yesterday, I brought him to show him around the Institute and as I can see he is already settling with you.

Whoa I thought as much, because his face looked very familiar, though I couldn't place my hands on where it was from, But I know now.

Yes do you mind if I steal him from you for a while?

No not at all Jordan said, he shook hands with him and he left with Adrian to answer Rheo.

Rheo sat in his chambers waiting patiently for Adrian to come, he had actually felt the strength drain when Adrian had come to notify him of the boys presence, he even felt it, because he could no longer feel his powers, and up till this moment, and now his strength was draining fast now that the boy was getting closer, he didn't mind what it took, he had to see his son, he manage to keep his weakness under sheath, the door had swung open and Adrian Pucked his head in.

Omg!!! Will you get your Fucking head off the door and let my Son come in, Rheo yelled in within himself.

Just as he pierced his eyes, The boy came in shining in his glory, he was a fine piece of nature's work.

As he drew closer and closer, There was a strong Jolt, the table of the Chambers pulled with a great force and there was a seizure everything in The table crashed down, including the Chairs Rheo was sitting and that made him to fall to the ground too.
Oh Sorry about that sir, Cyrus and Adrian said simultaneously, They rushed towards him to get him up.
But Rheo Yell at Cyrus.

Do not touch me!!!.

Sorry sir!! Cyrus said and withdraw back from heloing him up, looking innocent he knew the effect of his presence in the room Adrian too had refrained himself from helping, though he did not know what was going on.

What is wrong with you my lord you are yelling at out guest.
Oh did I do that? I am so sorry, Rheo said and managed to get up on his feet

It's no problem sir.

What are you still waiting for? Get the hell out of her, Rheo yelled at Adrian and he scampered away.
Have a seat, he said to Cyrus breathing heard.

Cyrus Sat opposite him and looked him up straight in the eyes.
You are welcome to our institute, Rheo said

I never knew I was a guest to you, Adrian only brought me here because he wanted to show me around, so why am I here sitting with you alone, he is suppose to be here..

Oh yes that is very true, Rheo admitted, breathing hard and trying to calm his almost dead self down.

He took his comms and called Adrian who showed up the next moment, By then Rheo was feeling dizzy already.

Take...take...our…….. Guest…… out…..

I….will… he slurred and dozed off like a dead log.

What is it, my lord Adrian asked totally surprised at the Icarius misbehavior, Cyrus wore a fake surprised expression on his face and Adrian quickly pulled him out of the Chambers, and apologized for the Icarius strange behavior, Cyrus had to him it was no problem, he made Cyrus waited for him outside the chambers, while he went back in to go attend to Rheo.


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