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WANTED DEAD Episode 14


Wanted Dead Episode 14

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

Adrian sat up and adjusted himself the moment he saw Rheo entered the office, he had been summoned.
I want every details on your patrol yesterday! Rheo stated even without having a seat, he went straight to the point.
Adrian opened his mouth to explain everything in detail, excluding the strange boy's part, he felt it was not necessary to tell him, as whatever Rheo would want to know was concerning the patrol and not some boy who had walked up to him to prove his intelligence.
Is that all?
Yes my lord!!
So do you mean that nothing else happened?
Erm….. Not exactly my lord only that a little boy of not more than 18yrs had walked up to me I was surprise he was able to see me in my ghost for…....
Yea!!! That's it!!!, that's what I am talking about.
Huh?? What are you talking about my lord??
Never mind Coward!! Can you get me to the boy??
Erm…. My… lord, I am not sure… but why is he seeming so important to you? Adrian stuttered.
This is not the time for question, all I want you to do no matter the cost, is to get the boy and bring him to the institute.
Yes My lord but this will be very difficult.
Get the boy by noon, now get the hell out.
Adrian knew better than to defile Rheo's order, he kept on racking his head on how to get the boy before noon, just as he thought hard, a brilliant idea crossed his mind.
I can remember I gave the boy a Steele I think I should go met Nathan to help me track the Steele, that will get me to the boy, he said to himself and hurried his way to where Nathan was at another part of the institute.
Nathan was the ghost tech guy, he was able to track the Steele within minutes and in the next moment, Adrian was on his way to the old rusty house where Cyrus spent the night.
Cyrus was just taking a through study of the house and racking his brain on what line of action to take next, when he felt Adrian smell from a very far distance, he knew he had perceived that smell before, and he raced his mind in thought on who it would be, Adrian was almost at the house before Cyrus remembered it was the ghost guy.
What does he want?? He must have trailed, using the Steele, I think they must have discovered me and he has Come to kill me, but like I told him yesterday, I have not even enjoyed this life, now let's see how that's ever gonna be possible.
Cyrus quickly threw his two hands into the air, and brought it down with such great force that the house cracked and disappeared from Adrian's sight.
He was almost close only a few step to the door when his eyes lost sight of the house.
What??? What just happened? Adrian asked in a loud alarming tone, he raced to the place where the house once stood and walked on the plane ground.
No no no… This can't be happening, Every signal I have got about this house is gone, there is no more house here, it all disappeared from my own very eyes.
Hahaha You fool, you think you are smart!! Cyrus laughed as he watched Adrian battling with himself.
What do I do now?? I can't go back and tell Rheo that I almost got the boy, but all of a sudden the house which the boy was staying disappeared from my sight, That is an incompetence on my part. He kept kicking the dust.
Cyrus listened close, and he heard all what Adrian said, and he thought to himself.
This might Just be another chance of getting close to the Icarius, since they are looking for me, why don't I go to them? I will be able to protect myself, hiding from a battle will not solve any problem, all I have to do is man up and face it, This might just be a way out.
Adrian spent close to 3hrs standing on the spot, thinking of how best to convey the news that a house disappeared from his sight to Rheo with him getting a beat up, He knew Rheo was a no nonsense man.
He walked a few step of the ground and looked back at it, before continuing his Journey back to the institute.
Hey wait up, Cyrus called and at once Adrian turned back to see him running towards him like nothing happened and the level ground he once stood was now occupied by the same house he saw disappeared.
What the Hell!!!! You did that? Adrian said out loud.
Did what Adrian right??
Yes I am Adrian what happened to that house?
What house? The brown coloured old house.
I don't know what you are talking about, I only saw you from a few miles away and I decided to come meet you up, Thanks for the Steele you gave me yesterday, I will come visit you in the institute one day, Cyrus said and pretended to be walking away.
No no… why don't you come along with me today, I might Just show you around the institute, and probably introduce you to our Icarius and his son, you may get the chance of seeing the Icarius daughter too, she likes intelligent young boys.
Whoa that will be cool, Thank you, you are so considerate Adrian, you are a good ghost.
The pleasure is mine little boy, the truth is that Adrian was still confused about the whole house appearing and disappearing stuff, but Cyrus actions had made him believed Cyrus knew nothing about the house, so he had let it played, at least he was thankful he now had the boy, Rheo would be pleased with him.
You were saying something about the brown house down there, what happened to it? Cyrus had brought up a conversation, the truth was that he was getting bored of trekking with the old ghost, if he was walking alone he would have portal himself to the place already.
Uhmm I thought I saw the house Disappeared and later appeared.
What??? that is not possible, Cyrus said.
Yes I think my mind is playing tricks on me, Adrian replied.
(Of course!! you idiot, he said inwardly) Hmm you have to be sure of things Adrian.
Thank you Cyrus let's walk fast he said and they continues their Journey till they got to the institute magnificent gates.
Guys there is something I need to say I know most of you don't like the story, and if you don't, keep that to yourself, don't come to the comment box and be telling me how to write my story, being too religious, shouldn't affect your mentality.


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