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WANTED DEAD Episode 13


Wanted Dead Episode 13

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

Pulling out of the water, Cyrus foot touched the shores of the sea, he could sense the smell of humans from a far, and he portal himself to the place where they were, it was an american city.
He walked about and at some point he had stopped at some spot to take a look at the environment, he could see some people mixing themselves among the crowds they seem to be invisible to the mortal eyes but the were very visible to him, some of them pass through a person and came out they were even passing through walls and vehicles, Cyrus needed no one to tell him who they were, he knew they were the ghost league, and they were on patrol, Cyrus approached the one who seem to be their leader, he grabbed him from behind.
Oh My God!!! Can you see me? The Dude exclaimed.
Yes Ghost, I can see you, and you are on patrol, what is your name?
Hmm who are you? You gat some balls man ain't you scared to die?!
Nahhh I am just 18, I can't die yet, there is so much in this life to enjoy.
Hmm you are bold, I like your courage!
Thanks, so tell me your name or you ghosts don't have names?
Hey Adrian what are you doing with that mundane? don't tell me someone was able to discover your ghost form!!! someone called to the guy Cyrus was talking to.
A seconds Jordan, I will be with you. Adrian said.
Whoa That must be your Icarius son? He is cute, Cyrus said and his words left a surprised expression on Adrian's face.
How come you know so much about the Ghost Institute? He asked dumbfounded at the little boy, he was many years older than him, but something wasn't right about him, he had felt some Jolt of shock when the boy had grabbed him from the back, and now his Inquisition spoke volume, he knew too much.
Well I am a researcher, I have read a lot of books, and I was able to study the rune on how to find a ghost.
Oh that's smart, but don't you think it's too dangerous crossing parts with the ghost??
Nahh… not at all Adrian, From the history of time, the ghost do not hurt we humans except they are possessed by demons, so I don't think you will hurt me or would you?? Cyrus asked and Adrian marveled, he had never seen any one displayed such intelligence and bravery, (well Cleopatra had thought him well).
No I won't hurt you my dear mundane, but I have to go, he said and looked back at Jordan who was patiently waiting for him to round off with the mundane.
Oops will I ever see you again? Cyrus said dejectedly.
Hmm I'm not sure but take this Steele, You can always transform and come to the institute with it, Adrian said, he didn't know why he was giving him a Steele, on a normal day he wouldn't do that even to a fellow ghost like him, but here he was giving one to a mundane he hadn't seen before.
Yuppy!!! Thank you Adrian you are a good ghost, Cyrus exclaim and scampered away.
What the hell took you so long Adrian? Jordan questioned.
Sorry about that Little Jordan, I was discussing with a mundane who claimed he was able to study the ‘‘How to see a ghost Rune’’ and he was able to find us.
Hmm that is very smart of him, only a few mortals have been able to do that, he must be blessed by an angel.
Yes!!! now let go it's almost dusk. The two hurried to catch up with the other ghosts who were already trouping to their base (The Institute).
Yea… This is a good lead Cyrus said to himself as he looked at the Steele that was given to him, he scrutinized it with his sharp eyes it looked like a berylum rod but ancient arts were carved on it. He wrote something on the air with it, and it brought out sparkle they shun brightly and disappeared.
Where do I go from here?? Cyrus asked himself.
Hey Cleo can you hear me? He said to himself, I need a place to stay it almost dark. Just as he finished talking to himself, his eyes caught sight of an empty house from a distance, he started walking towards it.
That place is far why don't I use a portal, he said a little bit too loud, and the man walking beside him had called him to say.
Are you talking to me?
No..no.. Did you hear that? How much of what I was saying did you hear?
Not much only when you said 'the place was too far', the man said.
Oh thank you, now goodbye, Cyrus said and walked away from the man who stood helplessly watching the young man in confusion.
Soon Cyrus reached the place and settled in, it was an old rusty house that has been cover by dust and cobwebs, he managed to clean a part and lay his head for the night, he kept the Steele under his pant for security reasons and protected the house with his powers, locking every door such that no one except him could open it.
~Ghost League Institute~
Rheo was carrying out some research and fixing some chemicals when Adrian entered his chambers.
My Lord.
The moment he entered the room Rheo felt a strange Jolt.
What the hell was that? He yelled at Adrian who seem to be oblivious of what was making the Icarius yell at him.
What the hell is what my lord?? He asked back in response to Rheo's question.
You mean you don't know what just happened??
No no my lord.
Ok Get out!!
Wha….t my lo…
I said get out, Rheo shrieked and Adrian fumbled with the door and exited it.
Rheo's panting had increased, the moment Adrian entered, there had been a shock and a slight drain of his strength, he couldn't tell why, and the more Adrian stayed, the more his strength seem to drain and he had ordered him out at once.
He couldn't place hands on what it is, and he immediately went to the caste he had kept Canis (the angel ithuriel that Rheo had turned evil).
He broke the magic seal he had used on the door and dragged him out with the leash attached to his neck.
He took him to his chambers and made him kneel, he shut the door and asked Canis to feel the atmosphere of the room.
The Room smells like your lost son, have you been in contact with him? Canis asked
No no!!! Rheo said with excitement on his face,
whoever has come here must have come across him, because his presence is so strong here, canis said
That must be Adrian, so Adrian has been in contact with my son, that means all my secrets are no longer secrets, Rheo panicked.
I don't think so Rheo, if he has been, you would have felt this strength drain long ago, Canis said.
I think you are right, now how do we get to him? Rheo asked.
I am not gonna do this Rheo you are too evil, I am sure your son would be even more evil than you are, and if by chance you two come together, this world will never be the same again, you will both destroy it at a snap, Canis cried.
You have no choice dog, get in the game or I will torture you, Rheo threatened.
I have seen worse Rheo, you leave me days without food, you encage me and strapped me up like a goat, you can kill me if you want Rheo I ain't doing this no mo…..
Shut the hell up Ithuriel, you are an asset to me you will do all my biddings, now to be sure of that follow me, he said and dragged canis along with him to the solitude chambers he got hold of the Mortal Sword and placed the tip of the sword on Canis neck, and it burned him sending Jolt after Jolt of shocks all over his body.
Plsss!!!!!! Plsss!!!!!!!!! Stopppppp!!!!!! I willlll!!!!!!! Doo!!!!!!!!!!! Them!!!!!! All!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahahahaah!!!!!! Good Dog… Rheo said and dragged him on the floor back to his chambers,
Now what is the next step to take I want my son back Rheo asked.
You should ask Adrian about today's patrol.
And what does that have to do with finding my son?
You can ask him to tell you everything that transpired and if he came across any strange being, and if he did, if he will be able to locate him.
That's would be a good idea. What a good dog you are, you have proven your worth, now back to the cage.
Rheo took Canis back to the cage and locked him up with powers that made the cage invisible to all eyes.
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