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WANTED DEAD Episode 12


Wanted Dead Episode 12

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

~Ghost League InstituteCalifornia~
The Fore play had continued, Rheo stretched his hand across Nesa's body, he dipped his hands inside the neckline of her gown and fished out her 18yrs old breast, the effect was telling hard on Nesa, she moan and groan softly as Rheo's Tongue crease her nipple, his hands didn't stop working its wonders as his right hand fondle her other boobs pricking and twisting it nipple.

Her breath kept dropping and rising, he kept on pushing her to the edge she held her father's head closer to her body has his wonderful tongue kept milking her protruding nipple, his free hand roam her body, sending jolts of pleasure across every part of her body that it touched.

Plssss Don't stop Daddy!!!!!!!!!
Thankkk….. Youuuuuu!!!! Suck My Damn Nipple!!!!.

The heat From the nipple suck sent it signal down her abdomen and down to the nether, Rheo switched his tongue to the other boobs, he planted a kiss on her lips, and suck her tongue, by now they were both flinging their clothes to anywhere the clothes wish to fall to, Nesa was lost in the pleasure her old man was giving her, she wished it never end.
I wanna feel you daddy!! She said when she could no longer take the tease of the foreplay.

Have you done this before? Rheo asked looking innocent like he was doing the right thing.

Yes Daddy I did it with Jack two years ago while you were away from the institute, Nesa said through moan.

Oh my little princess daddy would have wanted to be the first!
Sorry daddy, like is said earlier I thought it would be a taboo, but I am so enjoying this, I don't want it to stop please Daddy do not stop giving me this.

Of Course I won't stop baby, and Like I said, only the Humans believe in the word taboo, we are not humans we are ghosts, he said as he plunged his index finger inside her P*say.

Ouchhh!!! Uhmm Nesa Grasp.
Wha- - -t, Wh..a..t If The…. Ange..l…

No Angel is getting mad at us Princess, all we are doing is having pleasure for ourselves, Rheo Convinced and she believed.
Moment later the two laid close to each other Breathing Heavily as they descended from the ninth cloud they once ascended while exercising fleshly desires.

You now know who you are Cyrus, it is time to face your destiny.

You have chosen to bring down evil, let me be you coach Cleo offered and Cyrus welcomed it with open arms, he has come to learn so much about his said father whom they call Rheo but what amazes him what the fact that there was someone out there that was capable of wrecking such havoc and evil.

As Far as I am concern, Randy and Claire remain my parents, after all it is not he who births a child that own a child but he who raised the child, Cyrus said that to himself anytime he thought of the bad things Rheo has done.

Cleo was kind to him and she made all the mermaid clan accepted him as one of their own, even when he was not one of them, neither did he actually looked like any of them.

She took him up to more beautiful places in the water, and there he thought him how to exhibit his powers, she thought him how to cast a spell, make portals, shape shift, break spell and above all how to fight and protect himself, Cyrus was adaptive, he learnt fast, Cleo was pleased with him his attitude towards training showed so much enthusiasm and in only a short time he could do virtually everything without Cleo or her direction, he casted spells, and broke some he fought with the mermaid guards and defeated them all.

It's Time Cyrus.

Go Destroy Evil and save the mortals from future threats and destructions.

Cyrus stood at once he was going to miss the water world, he created a portal, that looked blueish he looked back at Cleopatra he ran to hug her.

I will always be with you son take this, she cut her hand with a knife and blood gushed out, she worked her magic on the blood and it dried up at once and became a very beautiful Jewel she placed it on Cyrus neck and it shine brightly.

Goodbye Cleopatra Cyrus said and walked away into the portal, and the portal ported him to the shores of the sea, he laid there like he was unconscious, it was actually a decoy, she could perceive the odour of a Ghost coming using his wolf nose and ear.


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