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WANTED DEAD Episode 11


Wanted Dead Episode 11

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

~Mermaid Clan~
Lumps and droplets of meal made from wheat, scattered across the glittering table. Cyrus sat at one edge, watching and Cleo rounded of her eating session, he seem to have recovered from the blood transfusion, Cleo wasn't left out, she too has healed and some how she was able to convince all the waterworlders that Cyrus was no more evil, even when she did not explain in detail, the believed her, due to the level of trust the had for her.

Thank you for dinning with me Cleo said to Cyrus, who was busy looking around, admiring the wonderful arts that permeated the water world, there were beautiful sceneries, and figurines and artifacts of the water culture that flooded the whole place.

I should be thanking you Ms Mermaid Queen, so why are you thanking me? Cyrus asked.

You know considering that you are not part of this world, as you came from a different part of the world, most of your people will not want to dine with a mermaid.
Oh by my people you mean humans? Well huma…..

Noo...no… not Humans, You are not Human Cyrus!! Cleo cut his speech halfway, and her statement had a very terrible effect on him.


Yes you heard right Cyrus, That was what I was going to tell you, she said and continued in her speech, she was able to tell Cyrus everything he needed to know.

Omg!!! You mean Randy and Claire ain't my parents and my real father is a ghost psychopath?? You ain't telling the truth are you? Cyrus asked in disbelief
Yes I am Cyrus, Those Fangs that replaced The canine in you teeth, where do you think they are from? Those flamy eyes and everything that has happened, what explanation can you give for them? Do they tell you something?? Cleo asked him while she kept her gaze directly into his eyes, she watched as his mouth dropped, and he clenched his fist in horror.

Oh Noo!!!!! This can't be, he screamed so I am evil, and I will start hurting people, Cyrus lamented though still in shock.
Well not anymore, The demon blood has be extracted from your body, you are no longer evil.
He was glad to hear that, and his Inquisition increased.

Tell me Cleo how did you removed it?

It was the angel Zareh that did.
Oh an Angel? I am blessed, he said happily.

Of course you are, But it is very important that I show you how to start using your powers, we have a big fight, you evil father should be planning on how to come retrieve you from us and make you more evil.

I won't let that happen, I hate evil, Cyrus cried.

Then let's get prepared, your father already has an Angel in his prison.

~Ghost League Institute California ~
The institute looked scanty, all the ghost agents and knights has gone out of the Institute for patrol, Jordan was leading the team, after the injection of the angel blood, he was now super active and strong, but some how the angel blood was now having it's effects on him, most of the things his father was doing was no longer pleasing to him, he was now seeing the evil in them, and at some point he had become disgusted by them.

Nesa walked about aimlessly in the Institute, she was not out on patrol with her brother, she seem to be looking for something, she was getting bored looking for it, it was a piece of her Jewel, the Jewel wasn't just any Jewel, it was a magical Jewel that was given to her by her father a few years ago, the Jewel had powers that could help her shape shift and transform herself to any one or anything she wasn't to be like.

She stamped her feet on the ground and punched the glassy wall as her frustration of looking for the missing Jewel stretched across its boundary.

Ouch!!! She wince as the glass broke and a piece of the broken glass pierced through her finger, and it oozed out blood.

Oh My dear Vanessa what is it that troubles you, she heard from the back and she turned to see where the voice was coming from, she was actually startled by it.

Oh Father, I thought you were away, she said smiling sheepishly and hiding her pained emotion behind her smiled the cut actually hurts.

I thought the same too for you, why did you not go to the field in patrol with your brother? Rheo asked.

I was tires father, she replied.
And now what are you looking for?

It's only a piece of my Jewel.
I will find it for you when I finish treating your bleeding fingers.
Huh?? How did you know? Nesa asked in surprise.

You are my blood Nesa I feel it when you are hurt.

He took her to his chambers, and administered some charms and the wound was gone in a twinkle of an eye.

Nesa Marveled at the timely healing, she said a thank you, but Rheo didn't answer, he only stood up, and went behind the chair she was sitting, and started fondling her shoulders, it was like a massage at first, but soon the hand shake went beyond the elbow, he extended his hands down her shoulders.

Uhmm… Father! What are you doing to me?? She moaned in pleasure, enjoy every bit of his hand roaming and caressing her shoulders.

Keep calm and enjoy it My little princess.

Thank you daddy, I have always wanted this, but I was scared it was a taboo.

There is no such thing like taboo with me everything is possible my princess.

I Love you daddy, she cooed
What is Rheo actually doing?
Is Nesa ok?


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