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WANTED DEAD Episode 10


Wanted Dead Episode 10

Theme: The Legend Of Cyrus

©Cal Empéror

Two beings were seen rushing a young boy into a very white cozy room, the boy was vibrating and shaking vigorously as all his body looked pale and white like someone whose blood has been drained from his body, which as a matter of fact was true.

Zareh had drained all the blood in Cyrus's body, it was only a matter of minutes before he dies, but Cleo was using her magic to sustain him, and at the same time losing her own strength.

She was faced with a very difficult task keeping Cyrus unconscious body alive until Zareh would finish conducting the rituals of transfusing 'angel blood' in him. This left her almost dead by the time Zareh was through.

Cleo looked very weak as if she would die the next minute because she has lose enough strength, Zareh took her and laid her on a white piece in the Mermaid Sacred room where they had rushed Cyrus body to while he was unconscious.

He only hope she will live, there was nothing he could do, he watched her helplessly. He has succeeded in transfusing his blood into Cyrus who was still unconscious, but the problem now was how to get Cleopatra back to her feet, he was helpless as to what to do.

He watches her struggle with her breath, her feet changed in form, and it did continually as it changed from 'tail to legs from tail to legs’ he laboured breath kept dropping by the moment, till she shut her eyes.

He watched her eyelid locked together. That was her last moment, a tear dropped from Zareh's eyes.


~She was a wonderful child~ Zareh muttered under his breath.
That moment there was an intense shake, it was Cyrus his body vibrated vigorously, Zareh rushed to see what it was, But Just as it came the shaking had stopped and Zareh was a little bit relax.

‘‘What was that? Zareh heard from behind him and turned immediately with the speed of lightening to see her sitting her self up. It was Cleo, she wasn't dead.

Oh Gracious!! How….how...Did.. You? I mean I am so happy you are not dead my child, Zareh said happily as he rushed towards her and hugged her.

I was saved by the Arch Angel Michael, he touched my fore head with his finger, Cleo said.

Zareh bowed head at once and said

‘‘Oh My Lord I offer thee My obeisance, he prayed to the Arch Angel.

Now My Lord what was wrong with him? Cleo asked again.

I think the blood was only stabilizing in him, Zareh replied.
When should we expect him? She asked

Now! Zareh said looking up to see Cyrus raising up his head.

I will be gone Cleopatra, My business on earth and the water world is done for now, if you need anything do not fail to summon me, I will be here.

I am honoured my lord, Cleo said as she looked up at the ascending angel.

Hey!! what are you staring at? It was coming from cyrus
Oh You are up, I am so glad you are.

Yes me too, what happened to me? Cyrus asked

I was gonna tell you so why don't you come with me for a dinner.
Nah… I am not strong for that, I can't feel my legs, Cyrus said expressing a weak face.

Well I knew of that that's why we are using this. Cleo stretched her hand to create a portal, but nothing was coming out, it was then she rembered that she too was weak.

It's fine I will wait till you are strong.

Oh better, but what was that thing you wanted to do? Cyrus asked inquisitively.

It's called a portal, she said as she managed to stand to her feet.
Oh portal I have heard of it, and I have seen one from a movie, Cyrus said but she noticed how Cleo walked, she walked haphazardly and this prompted him to ask.


Did...I...Do...This?? He stuttered, and at the same time gesturing at how Cleo walked.

No you did not dear, so calm down, I will tell you about it later when you are strong.

Hmm that will be fine, because I barely remember anything, Cyrus said after her, as he found her way out of the sacred white room.


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