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The Ghost Girl - Episode twenty 

                 STELLA POV

I kept weeping without saying a word.
“Why are you crying? Is it that bad?” he asked looking at me. I cried more looking at him. I tried to speak but can’t say anything but cry. He drew me closer to his body hugging me. He patted my back lightly to comfort me.
“It’s OK. Everything is OK. If it’s that hard to say now, I’ll listen to it later. Sorry for everything that happened to you.” he said patting my back.
Few minutes later, my body became calm and I was able to talk. I narrated everything to him.
              (FLASH BACK)
That night, I got a call from Stephen saying we should hook up at our usual place. When I got to the restaurant he mentioned, I didn’t see him there. I called his line, it was switched off. So, I left the restaurant and was heading to his house to check on him because he told me he’s just leaving home when we last spoke on phone. I was in my car driving and kept dialing his number maybe he would pick up but he wasn’t. I dropped my phone and concentrated on the road. When I almost got to his house like 5minutes drive to go. I got to a bridge and saw his car packed at one side of side of the road. Cars are not really moving on the road because it’s late. so it was silent and that area was dark. Immediately I saw his car, I pulled over to one side and got down from my car. Because of the cold outside, I took my jacket from the second seat and put it on. I walked slowly towards his car wondering what he’s doing by the road. I even thought he had an accident because accidents do happen on that bridge frequently. I walked towards the car peeping through the wind screen. When I got to the car, I saw another car before his car.
A blue Toyota Camry.
I peeped through his car and saw him carrying a lady out from there. The lady i never saw before. The lady was unconscious. He took her into the second car.
 “Is she dead?” I asked myself covering my mouth in shock. When he took her to the driver’s seat, he shut the door and looked around the area. I quickly dodged my head behind the car to avoid him seeing me.
“What is he trying to do?
Who’s the lady?
 Is she dead?” I asked myself looking scared. I heard the sound of the car and suddenly, I heard some glass scratch. I quickly looked at the direction of the car and saw as the car fell from the bridge down into the river. I tried to scream but covered my mouth in shock. He just committed murder and framed the accident.
What should I do?. I started trembling in fear. I wanted to sneak back to where I left my car before he would see me. My phone started ringing. I quickly removed it from my pocket trying to silent it but my hand was trembling seriously. I heard some foot steps coming towards where I was hiding. At last I was able to silent it. I stood up and tried to leave but Stephen popped out to my front. When I saw him,my phone dropped from me in shock. My body started trembling in fear. He moved closer to me while I also moved backward.
 “What the fuck are you doing here?
 Why are you here?” he asked looking at me. His eyeball changed immediately. His body started diffusing black flames.
“Please spare me. I promise I won’t tell anyone about it” I pleaded crying seriously. He moved closer looking at me while I also moved backward.
“It’s too late dear. You’re not suppose to see this. Am sorry it’s too late” he said looking at me. I started running just to get away from him. When I got to the end of the bridge, I looked back and couldn’t see him again. I stopped to catch my breath. I looked up and saw his figure before me. I was so shocked to see that.
“Dear. You can’t run away from me.” he said smiling. I blocked my two ears with both hands and started screaming for help.
“Stop that you’re too loud. if you do that till tomorrow morning, no one will be able to hear you” he said. I started crying and pleading him to spare me.
“Please I promise no one will know about it. Spear me please” I said begging him. He moved closer to me I was not able to move any further because I have reached the end of the bridge. I looked behind me and saw water. I held the iron tightly looking at Stephen who has turned to a complete monster. I never knew this is the kind of person he is. I now know people shouldn’t be judge by their looks.
“Am sorry dear. It’s too late. I have to do this. Goodbye my love” he said and I felt a sharp object pierced into my tummy.
“Ahhhh!” I screamed holding his hand. I looked down at my tummy and saw blood dripping down from there. He withdrew the dagger from my tummy. I fell from the bridge and down into the water. As I sank down in the river, my eyes were still opened but I can’t breath. The water found it’s way into my nostril, mouth, ears. I tried to swim to the surface but my body was too weak to do that.
What I remembered next was that I opened my eyes and saw a girl pressing down my chest. Her body was wet and the water in her hair was dripping down on my face as she continue shouting my name and shaking my body. She took off my bloody jacket and threw it down beside her.
“Please save me!” I said in a low tone as my eyes were shutting back slowly.
“Are you OK? Hang on. I’ll save you. Just some minutes” she said reaching for her phone. My eyes shut and that’s all I could remember.

               ( PRESENT )
After telling John about this, he was looking at me in pity. He didn’t say anything. He got up from the couch and took his car key trying to head out. I stopped him by holding his hand.
“Where are you going to?” I asked him.
“To Stephen. I can’t take all these you just said. He must be punished for what he did to you. I promise he wouldn’t get away with it” he said looking at me.
“And what do you plan to do? Fight with him, report him to the police? Or what do you plan to do to him when you get there?”I asked looking at him.
 “Yes. I would report him to the police. He must pay for his offense. He have to pay for it” he said trying to leave again.
“And what will you report to the police? What evidence do you have? Do you plan to report that the ghost of the late Suzy mick told you about what he did? How does that even make sense to you?” I said looking at him. He wiped down his face in confusion and sat back on the couch.
“For us to get him, a good evidence must be provided to the police. I know a spirit is controlling his soul. We need to be careful if you also don’t want to end in trouble” I said looking at him.

To be continued...

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