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The Ghost Girl - Episode sixteen 


                         STEPHEN POV.

Cassandra managed to stand up.
“I need to go home” she said not looking at me. I moved closer to her and lifted her chin up gently with my hand.
“Don’t be mad at me. That was a mistake. You know I love you ” I said looking at her. She nodded her head and moved her face from my hand.
 “I know. So please can I go and treat myself at home? My neck is burning” she said. She picked up her hand bag from the ground and left before I could say anything.
I watched her leave until she got into her car and zoomed out. I wiped my face down in frustration.
 “John. You’re stepping on my toes. If you’re the one to take what are meant for me, I’ll rather clear you out of my way finally” I thought to myself.
                    JOHN POV
Debbie and I sat opposite to each other at the bar. I ordered for some refreshments and BBQ. After eating, we talk about lot of things.
It was then I remembered what Stella told me about her so I asked her some questions.
“I want to ask If you know anyone named Stella.” I said looking at her. She was quiet for a while before replying me.
 “Stella? I have lot of friends named Stella so I don’t know which one you’re asking of” she replied.
 “Oh really? OK what of Suzy Mick?” I asked. She looked at me strangely on hearing that.
 “Why are you asking these questions?” she asked looking at me.
“Because am her fan. I heard you guys were so close when she was alive.” I said.
She sighed.
 ”yes we were. Her name was Michael Stella and her stage name was Suzy Mick. It’s true she was a close friend of mine. So bad death took her away so early.” She said looking sad.
“Sorry for reminding you of the painful memory. She was also my female idol. Apart from that, she’s a friend of mine too. Her death was so painful. Since you’re her best friend, you might know a lot about her” I said.
“Yes I do. But why are you so interested about her?” she asked looking at me.
“Like I said earlier, she was my friend also. But her death was strange to me. Don’t you want to know the reason behind her death?” I asked looking at her.
“Since we’re on the same boat, let’s work together and reveal the mystery behind her death” I added.
“Good to hear that. Am doing it already. I know the person that kill her but the game is not easy to play with that kind of person” she said.


It’s 7:00pm, Jenny had packed her stuffs and ready to go home, we both left the company walking beside each other. I already told her about everything that happened right from when I possessed her body till this present day. She was so surprised after I told her everything.
“I never knew that could be possible. I thought it won’t work but it does.” she said looking at me.
“Me too. After I did it, I tried going out but It does not work out.
Am so sorry for that” I said. “You don’t need to be. You just helped me not offend me.
 I was surprised when those mean girls were praising me. I will be happy if that continues” she said smiling.
“That’s so good but that can’t go forever. The best thing is to work for yourself.” I said looking at her.
“Hmm. That’s true but I just want to impress everyone with my performance. I want to impress my mum especially.” she said.
“OK. We’ll find a perfect solution to that” I said.
“Thanks.” she replied looking at me. When we got to the compound, I saw the guy of the other day. He was heading back to the company.
When he got to us, he stopped looking at Jenny. I think he can’t see me. Jenny’s expression changed after he stared at us for a while, he said Hi. And walked pass us. When he left, Jenny turned back still staring at him.
I tapped her shoulder and she turned back to me.
“Why are you like this? What’s wrong?” I asked her. She took a step forward then started walking slowly ahead of me. I walked up to her and we continue walking towards the gate.
“Why are you acting strange? Why that expression all of a sudden.
"That guy…that guy is strange” she said looking at me.
 “Why do you say that?” I asked looking confused.
 “I could see an evil spirit inside him. That guy is not an ordinary human being. And again his…..his thought said……” she stopped when we heard some foot steps behind us. We both turned back gently to see the person.
To my surprise, it was the guy. Jenny moved closer to me I could see she’s trembling in fear as he got closer.

To be continued...

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