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The Ghost Girl - Episode nineteen 

                CASSANDRA POV

I quickly woke up from my sleep breathing heavily.
 “That was a scary dream,” I said wiping some sweats off my face.
I looked around but found no one in the living room. I took my phone to check the time. It’s almost 10pm. I took my hand bag from the couch and headed to mum’s room. They were all there. I told them am leaving for home because I have something to do there.
I said goodbye to them and promised to visit them often from now on. Elle escorted me to the gate before going back inside. I got into my car and drove down the street. When I got to the bridge, I thought of the dream I had.
My phone rang and I checked the caller. It was Stephen. I refused to pick the call so I silent my phone. After driving for a while, I saw the same truck I saw in my dream coming from the same direction. It speed pass my car while I also drove normally without any problem. I wondered if I had picked Stephen’s call the accident would had happen because I would be distracted.
I sighed and continue driving focusing more attention on the road.
When I got home, Stephen called my line again. This time I picked the call to hear what he have to say. He asked if I had taken care of my neck and I told him I had. I didn’t tell him about what I saw. I kept it to myself as father instructed.
                JOHN POV
I woke up very late and the first thing that came to my mind was Stella. My body feel so weak with her thought on my mind. Good thing it’s Saturday I don’t go to work on weekend. I stood up from my bed and headed to the living room to get some water. When I got there, I looked around with the hope I could see her pop out to me or see her hanging around somewhere but all was hopeless. I moved to the fridge and took water from there. I sat on the dinning chair feeling weak. It has been long I had this weak feeling. That was when my mum died.
I looked up and saw stella standing before me. She was putting on the same outfit she wore three years ago.
“Dont think too much its bad for your heart. You need to eat early for you to be healthy.” she said smiling at me. I stood up from the chair smiling.
“Stella! Is that really you?” I asked looking at her. I tried to touch her but she vanished into the thin air.
My hand froze in the air. I brought it down gently looking sad again. I then sat back on the chair burying my face in my palms. I felt a hand tapping my shoulder lightly. I looked up and saw Stella again.
“Why are you so deep in thought? Are you like this because of me? Do you miss me already?” she asked looking at me.
 “I think Am now seeing things now.” I said ignoring her.
“What?” she said looking at me. She moved closer and pinched my cheek.
“Ouch!” I said touching my cheek. It was then I knew she’s for real.
 “Stella? You’re back! Oh my God I can’t believe this” I said looking at her. I drew her close to my body and hugged her smiling to myself.
 “You’ve been acting strange since yesterday. You’re hugging me again?” she said. I quickly withdrew her from my body.
“I hugged you because I missed you. Don’t count that as anything” I said looking at her. She nodded her head looking back at me.
“Really? And you did that yesterday also because you’ll miss me?” she asked nodding her head.
 “Yes. I did” I replied looking at her. She folded her arms together looking at me.
“And if I remember, you said something about love and you were regretting about lot of things yesterday. Were you really referring to me?” she asked looking at me.
Oh my God! How should I explain myself?
I thought she would forget about that already””I thought to myself staring at her.
“Are you sure you heard that? I didn’t say anything about those you’re talking about. I think you were just hearing things since you were in bad condition that moment I think that’s why” I replied smiling.
“Really? Am sure I heard that” she said.
“I never said that. Anyway good to see you again” I said smiling.
 “Me too. I don’t really Don't know what happened yesterday. I never felt like that before it was this morning I found myself roaming about again so I came to you” she said.
 “We don’t have time right now. I think God gave me the second chance to find the truth that was why he sent me back.” she said staring at me.
“Let’s go to Debbie am sure there would be a clue from her” I said.
                STEPHEN POV
I Sat on my bed holding the picture of Stella. On the pictures it was written RIP in a red ink. I smiled to myself nodding my head in satisfaction.
“You shouldn’t have seen what you saw. I wish I could rewind the time back to the past. I would have stopped you from coming. But nothing can be done about that. You caused the whole drama to yourself.” I said staring at it. I opened my drawer and brought out the dagger I used on her the day I killed her. I kept the dagger for the past three years.
“I have to destroy your spirit. If I don’t, you might end up telling the girl and John about what you saw and I might end up killing both of them the way I did to you” I said looking at the dagger. I hit the dagger on her picture I placed on the shelf. it pierced through it and stood straight.

                STELLA POV
As john went in to pick his car key, my body started acting strange. My head feel like it’s spinning. Everything that happened that night of the incident three years ago, came back in a flash. I remembered everything from beginning to the end. I looked around wondering what just happened. John came back holding his car key.
“Let’s go to her now” he said coming towards me.
 “I remember. I remembered everything that happen that night.” I said with tears rolling down my cheek. His eyes were wide opened on hearing that. “Really? What happened?.
Who did it?.
Why?” he asked looking at me.

To be continued...

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