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The Ghost Girl - Episode fifteen 

When she said that, I was so confused. “Do you mean her body was not found till now. So if that’s it, why did you guys concluded she’s dead and not missing?”

 I asked her looking more confused.
She looked at me smiling. ”why are you so interested in this. So you mean you never read the news about Suzy Mick death?” she asked looking at me. “Am sorry for asking too much. But I just wish to know that one reason you guys don’t believe she’s dead” I said. “Only her bag and belongings could be seen by the sea shore. Her jacket was found with blood over it. But her own body was not found.
 They searched the sea and everywhere but she was not found. So they concluded the fishes ate up her body already. But I never believed any of it. She’s my close friend, she never told me she’s going to the place they found all those stuffs. She told me she’s meeting with someone. But I just hope he isn’t the one behind it.
 I must find out about everything. I must see her body with my eyes before I can believe she’s truly dead. I won’t forgive him if he really did that to my friend.” she said looking hurt and sad.
“So sorry for that. But you were saying “him” sorry to ask but Do you suspect someone?”
 I asked her. She looked at me with a smile ”are you interrogating me right now? Maybe you should be a prosecutor instead of a dancer”she said looking at me.
 “Sorry for that. I just felt bad about the incident. I wish to know more of it” I replied.
“We’ll talk about that later. I need to go for now. Someone is waiting for me.”
she said standing up from my side. I also stood up looking at her”
 OK. Thanks for today.” I said smiling.
“You have to threat that leg OK” she said smiling. “Yes madam” I replied.

                    JOHN POV
I sat in my office thinking about the thing Cassandra did. “What’s she looking for? Why is she messing up with my stuffs?” I asked myself. I hated it when someone touch my stuffs without my knowledge. I think she has something she’s trying to get from my office. But what’s that?. The sound of the door made me snapped out of my thoughts. I looked at the door and saw Stella. She came to my desk and sat on the seat opposite to me.

“Mr handsome I have something to say” she said looking at me. I sighed placing my hand on my forehead.
“Will you please stop calling me that name. My name is john not Mr handsome” I corrected looking at her.
“OK. Mr john. I just heard about something. It’s about my death” she said.
“Really? What’s it about? Who did you hear that from?” I asked looking at her.
“Debbie. Debbie told me about everything” she replied.
“Debbie?” I asked looking surprised. I wonder how Debbie know about her death.
“Yes. I had a memory of how she and I were close. Debbie was my closest friend. I just find that out today. She knows everything about me. She told me things I never know about my death today. She said my body was not found so there’s possibility am not dead but that’s so confusing to me. I mean am a ghost already”
she said. “Your body was not found?”I asked again.
And she said something about Suzy Mick.
Do you know the person named Suzy Mick?” she asked looking at me. I wonder why she brought that up.
“Yes I know about that late celebrity. she died three years ago.” I replied looking at her.
I met with her once that was when I came to the company to meet my mum. I bumped into her that day. Even though I was at fault then, she apologized to me instead. I was so surprised by that. I also apologized to her immediately. It was then I developed interest in her. When I found out she died, it was so painful to me. Many of her fans were really heartbroken.
“She’s a good and nice person. Her death was so hurtful to me” I said to her.
Then I actually had feelings for her the first time I bumped into her. That was love at first sight. When we apologized to each other and she left, I saw a gold wrist chain on the floor.
I think that dropped from her. I picked it up and tried to look for her but she was gone. On my way to office, I saw a poster placed on the wall it was her picture. She dressed like a pop star she looks so pretty while she smiles in the poster. A name was written at the right top corner. ‘Suzy mick’ I repeated the name smiling to myself. When I got back home, I went through the internet and started browsing through her biography and all details about her. It was then I know she’s a popular celebrity. I kept the wrist chain in a box and put it In my drawer wishing I could meet her again someday and return that to her.
I visited my dad’s company times without numbers just hoping we could meet again. After three months, I heard the popular celebrity is dead. The news said she went to beach but was missing for two days. They found her belonging by the seashore and her body was eaten up by the sea animals. It was so painful to me.

The second day was when my mum’s body was found by the same seashore. I had two painful feeling about my mum’s death and about her death.
When Stella mentioned her name now, it reminds me of that painful memory.
“Why did you ask about her?” I asked looking at her. She was not saying anything for a while.
“Why are you silent?” I asked her.
“Suzy Mick was Debbie’s best friend. If I have those memories am having now about Debbie and I, that means am the Suzy Mick” she said staring at me. That gave me a great shock. I remembered the day I first saw her as a ghost. She looks so familiar to me but I couldn’t recall her face then.
But now that she just said this, her image formed in my head.
”You’re Suzy Mick!” I said looking at her. I couldn’t believe this is happening. She’s really the girl I met back then. What a coincident ”i thought to myself. She was staring at me wondering why am acting that way.

To be continued...

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