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The Ghost Girl - Episode eighteen 

                     JOHN POV
I stood up from my bed and moved closer to the drawer. I opened it and brought out the WRIST CHAIN I had three years ago. “I missed you so much. Am so sorry for not recognizing earlier. Anyway am happy you’re still around me. I promise to reveal every single secret behind you and my mum’s death. That’s the only thing I can do for you now for your soul to rest in perfect peace.” I said looking at the wristchain. I stared at it for a while before closing the box and keeping it back in my drawer.
I stood up and headed out of my room to see if she’s still in the living room. I feel like seeing her face again to compare to how she looks three years ago. When I got to the living room, I saw her still standing where I left her.
“Why are you still standing there? I asked her.” She turned to me smiling.
“Am having some sleep” she replied.
“Seriously? Do you sleep?” I asked looking at her.
 “I was only kidding. I just feel like standing here. I will soon go back to Jenny now” she said smiling.
That smile reminds me of when we first met. She smiled the same way while apologizing to me.
“OK. Why don’t you stay here a little longer” I said looking at her.
I feel like seeing her for a long time before going back to bed.
 “I have something to do with Jenny” she replied.
“Oh. OK” I said looking at her.
“Anyway why are you out of your room again? It’s late.
Do you wish to see my face more before going to bed?” she asked jokingly.
I was surprised she said that.
What? Is she reading my mind? I thought to myself.
I cleared my throat looking at her.
”what’s on your face? I just came to take some water” I said heading toward the center table. I heard her laughing behind me so I turned to her wondering why she's laughing.
 “Is that the way to the fridge? That shows you just lied about that because your mind was not there” she said looking at me.
I felt so embarrassed of myself.
I quickly turned back and went to the fridge.
I opened it dodging my face behind the door in embarrassment. “She’s so smarter than I think” I said and took a bottled water from the freezer. I closed the door and twisted the cover of the bottle to open the lid. I was about taking the bottle to my mouth when I saw something strange. I looked at Stella and saw her body was becoming translucent and fading off into the air.
The bottle dropped from my hand and I quickly went to her.
“What’s happening to you? Why is your body like this?” I asked holding her shoulders. I could still feel her body but it felt different.
“I don’t know. Please what’s happening? I think my time is up on earth. I don’t want to leave now. I still have a lot to do. I can’t leave now” she said crying.
I was so sad and confused. I thought of how my mum vanished from this earth and I never saw her again. I got scared the same thing is about to happen to Stella. I still have a lot to tell her. I still have a lot to do with her. She can’t leave now but I can’t do anything about that. I looked at her and she’s becoming more translucent.
“I think it can't be changed. Goodbye john. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. It’s time to go now” she said still crying. I hugged her tight almost crying.
 “Am sorry. Am sorry for everything right from when we met till now. Am sorry for not recognizing you earlier. Please forgive me. I can’t let you go this time also without saying my heart to you. I think I’ll regret that for the rest of my life. Stella. Am using this moment to tell you I love you. No one can fill your space in my heart. I wish to say this three years ago but you were gone. you might be gone now but I promise you to reveal the mystery behind your death. With that, I can feel at peace.” I said. I don’t know when tears rolled down my cheek. The hug became lose as her body faded more.
“Goodbye my first love!” I said before her body faded out finally.
My arms were in the air the same position I hugged her. I dropped my hand by my side loosely.
“Why do you have to go now? Why do I recognize you so late? Why do I pushed you away the first time we met?” I said and wiped off the tears on my face. I regretted so many thing I did wrong to her. I leaned my back to the wall slowly feeling hurt and sad.

           CASSANDRA POV
Dad injected a shot in her arm and that calmed her. Elle also had this worried look on her face. Dad took a deep breath and placed both hands on his waist looking at her.
“What happened? Dad what’s wrong with her?” Elle asked looking at her dad. He sighed.
“She got an arrest. Her condition is getting better but I can’t tell when she’ll be able to open her eyes.” he said looking at Elle. She moved closer to her bed and stroked her hair gently.
“Please you need to get better and come back to us your fans” she said looking at her face. Dad looked at me who was still surprised by what I just saw.
“She’s my secret patient. She had been in coma for the past three years. For the past three years her body just acted this way today. You must not tell anyone about who you saw here. No one must know about her.” dad said looking at me. I nodded my head in response. I looked at Elle and she also nodded her head in agreement to what dad said.
It’s 9pm and I already said my fare well to them. I told them I’ll visit them often from now on. After I left there house, I was driving back home but the thought of that girl kept disturbing me. If I should keep this to myself and Stephen later find out, my life could be in danger and if I reveal it to him, he’ll definitely kill her again before she wake up from coma. What should I do? I don’t want to betray my parent and I don’t want to face Stephen’s rage.
“Dad, Elle. Am sorry to you guys. I have to do this just to save my own life” I said and brought out my cell phone to call Stephen and tell him about the whole drama. I was dialing his number but didn’t notice an upcoming truck coming from the other side. It was on high speed. I tried stepping on the break pedal but it refuses to work. The truck got to me and hit my car. My car tumbled twice hitting the rocks by the cliff. The glasses broke as it landed on the rocks. I could not feel my body again as my eyes shut slowly. It continues hitting the rocks like that before falling down into the deep river

To be continued...

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