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The Bodyguard Season 2 Ep8

© Tisa Phiri


I was busy playing with the twins in the house .

I just loved being around them . Paul the younger one by 4 hours was always fetching much attention than Kim . Him was so much of action , throwing and grabbing things everywhere .

Hey guys time for your afternoon nap l shouted leading them to their room after the nanny fed them . We had decided to train them to sleep at defined times and they were getting used to the system , every afternoon they would sleep at exactly at 16 hours , in the night at exactly 20 hours, mid morning at 10 hours . Sometimes Paula complained that l treat them like they are in the military. I would tell her, they were to grow up with discipline .

They fall asleep and l heard my phone beep , l had received a whatsapp text . l ignored my phone and went to watch some soccer putting it besides me . l knew Paula was with Serah . She told me she had to take her somewhere but l cared less to ask her where to . Her friend was getting on my nerves but l had to bear with her since l knew she was going back in a few days .

At half time l opened my phone to check the text and my hands felt numb as l scrolled down seeing the photos of Paula with Jay her ex boyfriend . l knew the guy was a nut but l didn’t anticipate her falling back in his arms . The first one, he was hugging her, the second he leaned forward and kissed her and the last one he lay on top of her on the bed . My heart pounded fast l felt it would burst inside me . My hands shook and l dropped the phone , l was powerless . Oh God what is happening l whispered standing up . I picked the phone and looked at them again , they came from a strange number and l couldn’t recognise it .

I paced around the room not really knowing what to do my heart pounding . l folded my fist and rubbed in on my other hand , anger building up . l felt desperate .

I needed to hit something so hard to feel relieved , grabbing the keys l walked outside to the car and speed off to the gym .

Hey Ackim, the owner called me out, Hey man l responded . l need to work out really hard , l told him removing my pants and putting on shorts .

I spent the rest of the afternoon hitting and lifting weights not even keeping track of time . by the time l was done it was past 18 hours .

I went to the wash room and stood under the shower letting water fall on me as my mind thought of paula . l loved her with everything l had . l hard done my best to love her and show her all the care ,what have l done wrong ? I asked myself my heart bleeding .

Wasn`t l man enough for her to fall back into the hands of of her ex ?

I recalled the time l went out to have some time out with my friends the previous year , one of the boys warned me to be careful . She`s hot man and has money, and you are not so much close to what she has . Pray she loves you much man he added .

I know my woman loves me guys , l trust her she’s not like that . l know how she is . She accepts me and would do things for me than anyone else would not .

I felt so disappointed as l drove home from the gym . l thought of going to the bar to have a drink up and get wasted but then l changed my mind . l needed to stay calm and focused so l went straight home and worked on my facial expression .

Hey babe , Paula called me out from the kitchen where the maid was preparing supper . Hey love l faked a smile . She walked to me and kissed me on the lips .

So how did it go with your friend ? I asked her as l inhaled her strange scent . l could tell there was some man perfume on her which made me mad but l still stayed calm .

It was okey she answered walking back to the kitchen avoiding my eyes .

I see , l told her so were is she ? I asked grabbing an apple from the fruit rack .

Um she’s coming later babe , she had to do something in town . She told me wiping some plate and placing on the table to serve the table .

After supper l went straight to see the twins and saw them to bed . l sat on the couch lost in thoughts . lt felt bad to look at Paula and stay calm , my mind was screaming that l act but l convinced myself to stay calm .

She came to the room and found me leaning back on the couch my eyes closed . She came on top of me and whispered ,hey soldier the kids are asleep now lets go to bed . l looked at her and sighed , babe do you love me ? I asked seriously .

What kind of question is that Ackim ? she snapped .

Oh , am sorry love , l just want to hear it , l told her in a low tone rubbing my head on her chest as she sat on me .

Yes babe , l love you so much and you know that . Why did you ask it in that way ? She asked lifting her head to look at me .

How ? I asked seriously.

Like that , she said pointing at my face , look here Ackim l know you . Something is not okey , can you tell me what is eating you up ? she asked me .

Am okey babe l gues l over worked at the gym l lied and l wanted my wife to tell me she loved me and you are answering like you don’t like me asking you that . l told her holding her fingers .

Am sorry babe come on let’s go to our room now , she whispered kissing my ears . l need us to continue celebrating our new home .

Yeah let’s go , l said lifting her and putting her down .

I let her do her thing on me even when l wasn’t feeling like being intimate with her. My body obeyed her and we made love , it wasn`t as exciting though .

I woke up in the middle of the night , she was fast asleep her hair covered her face . l carefully pushed it aside leaving her sleepy face open and kissed her . l felt tears run down my face . l loved the woman before me with everything l had and it hurt so much .

Why did you do this to me love? I imagined her in the arms of another man and it hurt so much . l whispered caressing her hair . l trusted you so much Paula . You have taken away my pride as a man .

I had never anticipated feeling what l was feeling for a woman before . l spent the whole night pacing around the house untill l finally fall asleep on the couch in the twins bedroom .


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