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The Bodyguard Season 2 Ep6

© Tisa Phiri


In exactly 30 minutes we entered kitwe . All the time as we moved , Jane remained quite . I was too upset with her to even look at her face .

Jim grabbed a ciggarate from the bonet and lit it , one for you ? He asked me .

No I will pass , I told him shrugging . I have not smoked in a year . Mmmmm staying healthy uh ? He asked with a laugh . Yeah , I stopped when my wife was pregnant , she wouldn’t let me smoke and get close to her man plus she insisted l had to quit before our kids were born . I smiled at the thought of that .

I remembered I sat outside on the corridor as I took in a cigarrate ,Paula came and sat a step away from me , come here my love why are you seating away ? I asked looking at her . She was almost 3 Months pregnant then .

I thought we talked about smoking Ackim , that smoke is not good for you , besides if you insist l will make sure you won’t come any closer if you take in that poison , she added making a face and to punish me further that night , she chased me from the bedroom to the spare room .

Please love let me in I can’t sleep alone here I complained seated by the door , she had locked herself in . I tried brushing my teeth and assure her I was not smelling any cigarette but she wouldn’t just open .

I recalled retiring to the other room upset . How painful it felt staying away from her , it was like she was part of my body and being away the whole night was really a torture .

She came to the room in the morning and laughed so hard at how I was curled up in the bed . I hope you will never smoke again she teased walking way .

I ran to her before she could close the door , oh no not again I told her, you can’t punish me the whole night and expect to be free this morning , I told her as I grabbed her back to the bed .

She smiled as I lay her down on the bed . I first kissed her tummy to say good Morning to the kids and went up as she closed her eyes .

I had kissed her and caressed her until she was breathless and I left her . Oh no Ackim she screamed following me to the sitting room . How dare you leave me like this she cried as she chased me .

Uh so you thought you would get away with that punishment you gave me ? I asked as she sat down powerless . I laughed as she pretended to be crying .

I am going to find a man outside to finish what you have failed to do she shouted walking to the door .

I caught her by the door and kissed her leading her back to the couch in the sitting room , tell me you will never leave me out again I whispered as I touched her most sensitive parts . She mourned as she nodded , mmmmmm I can’t get you I whispered kissing her ears .

I won’t provided you don’t smoke again she said looking into my eyes even after we fell back down panting she still reminded me of not smoking and I knew I had to take a step to stop and since that day I had not smoked .

Recalling such moments made me shed a tear , thankfully it was dark in the car no one could see l was crying . I missed my woman and I knew if not for Jane and the other people who were determined to hurt us l would be curled up with her that moment .

So ? I finally spoke up as I parked in front of the lodge on the address , is this the place I cleared my throat as I turned to look at Jane .

Yes she answered in a low tone . Tell me which room they are keeping my kids ? I asked her sternly .

I told you I don’t know all the details she responded carelessly , I was only told it’s this place but I am not aware of anything else .

Lie to me Jane and I swear you won’t see the sun today I warned as I got out . I was driving the land cruiser and I was glad I used that car cause it was black , it wasn’t easy to spot especially in the dark night .

Jim followed me outside and I asked him to stay back and watch out as I went to check out the place .

I used a tactic I learned from the military to always check out the camp of the enemy before attacking , moving around I took in the yard of the lodge from the Wall fence .

I saw a guard at the gate and as I approached I noticed he was fast asleep.I didn’t want to risk anyone knowing I was around but again getting in illegally would cause the problems for me .

So I shrugged and went to kick the guard slightly . He woke up with a start , who are you ? he asked his face still sleepy . I could see his fat face from the light that shown around the gate.

Take it easy I told him calmly , now if you tell me what I need to know and give me the correct information this will be yours I said showing him some K100 notes .

He looked at my hands and licked his lips wanting to grab it .

Oh no I whispered , first things first , tell me if any one walked in the lodge with babies ? I asked . The children are twins I added , now did you see any of such ?

He stayed quite as though trying hard to remember . Hey I told him I don’t have the whole day . Look am not a criminal , those people you saw took my twins and I know they are here , all I need is for you to confirm you saw something and leave the rest to me I told him holding his shoulder making sure my grip was strong enough to make him know who was in charge .

He winced a bit before speaking up . I saw an elderly woman and a man walk in some hours ago .

Good now thats more like it , l patted his shoulder . Now second favour , watch out here for me as I go inside , don’t do anything stupid cause if you do, I won’t pay you this money but your reward will be a deep grave I added as I stood from where I had squat close to him .

Walking to the reception I met a tall and light lady who smiled widely . Good evening Sir , she greeted happily .

It’s morning I smiled back .

Oh yeah Morning it is , she chuckled . So how may I help you ? She asked .

I went close to her and whispered . I really need your help beautiful, and if you help me I know I will never forget your beautiful face I said flirting .

She smiled , well let’s hear what the gentleman wants .

I told her my mother was lodging there with my kids and that my wife had ran away so I needed to see her cause her phone was off .

Oh am sorry you are going through that with your wife , so tell me what’s the name of this your mother so I check her room number .

You see that’s the problem , she just got my kids and didn’t tell me so I must presume she isn’t using her real names I told her seriously with a sad face .

She shook her head , am sorry I can’t give you that information then , you have to understand . lt’s policy .

Oh please I begged.I need to see my children please help a poor and desperate man I told her. I know you can help , if I cause any trouble please call the police on me . lf you want take me there yourself and you will see am not lying .

She was quite for some time and finally sighed ,ok I will tell you the room but please don’t sell me out..

You are an angel I smiled . I wish l married you instead of my wife who is causing me trouble I flirt smilling and I saw her smile back .

I walked to the room I was told , looking at my watch it was almost 02 am .

I knocked softly on the door and waited , it was quite for a while and l knocked again and this time I heard a female voice ask ,who is there ?

Sorry Madam am the room service man , we have a problem with our Dstv and I need to check on your TV , I spoke in a tuned voice .

Oh am sorry am sleeping I heard Chikola answer. We are not using the TV right now .

I understand madam but the thing is the connection to the other room is from your room and the other guest is complaining it won’t take a minute I said .

Slowly I saw the door open , before she could see who was by the door . I quickly pushed back the door and it hit her in the face pushing her down to the floor .

You ! She screamed , yes me I responded lifting her by her dress .

I saw the bed was empty , where are the kids ? I asked her still holding her. Let me go you fool I don’t know what you are talking about .

Oh sure you know , l snapped angrily and you will tell me now .

She smiled wickedly , go to hell you bodyguard and Gold digger she spat .

I felt my anger rise and I knew at that moment I could do anything even kill for my children .

Listen am not a fool , you showed yourself at my wedding and the boys went missing and I have your acomplice outside so stop playing games or I swear to God you will not like me at all . I scolded pushing her hard to the corner of the bed not caring as her dress went up exposing her spoted thighs .I noticed she had patches all over her body . lt was evident she used lighting skin lotions but her old skin was not really accepting the bleaching .

Let me go and leave me alone you idiot or I will scream she Warned .

Or I see you are not good at dialogue , scream and let them call the police so you see how all this will work out for you .

With force I grabbed her neck and pushed her further to the wall .

She gulped her eyes popping out .

Where are they ? I asked agian as I lossened the hold on her .

She started saying something but her voice wasn’t coming out . I let her go and she breathed heavely .

What was that again ? I asked her .

She stayed quite .

Now I was done being patient , I lifted my hand and landed it on her face , the next one missed her eye and l saw a bump rise on the corner of her eye .

She tried to scream but I quickly held her mouth , tell me were they are I warned my eyes direct set on her.

Talk now I whispered angrily before I could hit her again .

She shouted .

In the next room ! raising her hand to avoid my slap .

I lifted her with one hand , move you are showing me the room . She staggered as she led me to the next door and I quickly grabbed my phone and text Jim to come enter and secure the doors not to let Jane escape .


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