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The Bodyguard Season 2 Ep11

© Tisa Phiri


I parked outside the hotel my eyes fixed at the entrance.

“Ackim, come here soldier!” I remembered my days back at the commando training.

“Yes sir!” I responded paying compliments to the lieutenant colonel who was the chief training officer.

“At ease soldier!” he shouted. I stood before him My hands at the back.

” listen Soldier, I want you to learn this lesson today. Never put your whole being into something that can easily destroy you.

No matter what you do , always know that human beings will not always be what you would want them to be. Everyone is different and unique and remember no man is innocent , everyone is capable of evil , train your mind to acommodate such beings and you will survive. If you develop an altitude of torelating a human being , know that one day that tolerance will cost you.” He shrugged.

I rubbed my face and sighed. He was right back then. I should have acted the first time I suspected Serah and Jay were up to no good..

My torelance on Serah walking on me whilst I was naked , should have been resolved sooner.

I remembered the other day when she came and stood behind me as I watched some TV , she bent down and whispered in my ears.

” Ackim don’t think you are untouchable. If it were up to me you would be sleeping with me right now.” She smiled seducing me.

I looked at her and let a laugh ,

” and here you are throwing yourself at me again. You are a snake Serah. Paula is your friend and all you do is flirt with me , you should have shame.” I shook my head honestly let down by her altitude.

“Well we will see, when she runs back to Jay and that will happen” she added smiling

” and when it happens you can see me for comfort ” she said and walked away.

I shook my head in disbelief. She was really determined to do that and I was reluctant , now it was time I put things in order. I would not let them destroy what I have, I thought to myself.

I opened the car door and walked to the reception.

“Am here to see my friend Jay Thompson. ” I told the man at the reception.

He searched the register.

“Room 6 ,1st floor” he told me.. “Thank you” I smiled at him.

Knocking softly I pushed my hands in my jeans as I waited for a response. A minute past and there was nothing. I could swear though, that I heard voices so I knew there were people inside

A minute later Jay opened the door and stood in the door way a towel wrapped around his waist. He laughed loudly upon seeing me.

“Well, well” he grinned ,

“look who is here…”

I saw Serah walk to the door half naked and she froze seeing me.

“Oh.. Am I interrupting ?” I asked sarcastically.

“What do you want here ?” Jay asked me with a face , his white face looking whiter. I guesed the heat was having an effect on his skin.

“I came to see the two of you and make sure you learn and come to understand that here in Africa people don’t mess with another man’s marriage.” I told him seriously my hands still in the pockets.

He started laughing loudly and shook his head.

“Oh tough guy uh ?” He teased me

“what do you intend on doing in case people mess with your marriage ?” He asked folding his hands .

Looking down for a second , I sighed and took a step closer to him pushing open the door . He was an inch taller than me so I had to raise my face a bit.

“You don’t intimidate me you black slave , you are just a bodyguard and for me all guards are like dogs.. They just bark at the enemy to their master to scare them away but I got news for you . Am not an enemy to Paula she was with me before and she will end up with me . Know why ?” He asked looking at my now frowning face ..

“Because am the man for her , I can make her realise her dreams and help build her wealthy. She deserves an educated man and intelligent too not a trained dog that acts without proper will .”

At that point I felt it , the anger and rage building up making my hands shiver. He was still smiling when I launched a hot punch in his face making him hit the door , he moved backwards and I followed him inside pushing aside Serah who had opened her mouth suprised .

Jay stood up and made a fight stance against me wanting to attack .

“Come on jungle boy , is that all you have got !” He shouted..

I went back and locked the door , without a word I moved to him and he took a step back. I knew I didn’t need any more effort to fight a man like him , already my punch had left a mark on his face.

I stepped forward and gave him two more hits before he went down without any more effort.

Serah ran to the table to grab a phone but I quickly got to her and stepped on it , crushing it to pieces I was so mad at the moment. She opened her mouth to scream but l quickly held her mouth and slightly twisted her neck blacking her out.

I sat on the bed silently watching the two now naked people on the floor. Just their appearance made me want to finish them off and go out already.

“Never leave an enemy behind” I thought of the slogan. I was pissed that thoughts of wanting to finish them came rushing my head but I wasn’t going to turn into a murderer with intent because of those people.

“They are not worthy it Ackim.” I whispered to myself. I walked to the closet and got Jay’ s neck ties . I shook my head at the sight of his clothes. Lots of office shirts and ties.

“No wonder he’s a jerk” l shook my head. I never liked associating much with guys with ties and suits.. Usually they would be flirters and proud fools who always thought so high of themselves.

I heaped the ties on the bed and started tearing them one by one making threads and tying them together. Got a chair nearby and lifted Jay’s nude body and tied him to it. I took Sarah and tied her hands and mouth too, placed her to the wall.

I needed an extra cloth , I went back and grabbed a blue shirt from the closet and ripped it apart. Getting a piece and tied Jays mouth. I made them face each other and sat back to wait satisfied with my work.

My phone beeped and I opened it.

“Tell me the place

” the text read..

I typed in the hotel room and switched off my phone. That was the text I was waiting for and I couldn’t let Paula get through to me at that point. I loved her but I was not willing to let people step on us and get away with it.

I took a bottle of wine from the small fridge and sat back down. I was calm in a bad way, I hated the feeling cause it reminded me of my times in Congo.

We went to ambush one of the top ministers in the night. General Loko had selected 6 of us for the mission.

“Be alert and go there to do as planned. I want you focused and do exceptional work there” he told us. What l had done was to carry out his orders such that the effect on my sense of reason was gone , even when I inflicted pain on people l had to stay calm and think I was doing what ought to be done.

We had pulled out the minister leaving his wife and children screaming and took him to general Loko who later killed him in cold blood.

I was lost in thoughts as I poured the wine and drunk it . Jay came to and he tried to speak and move but nothing but a small wimp came out. A minute later, Serah opened her eyes too and just gazed around , obviously shocked at her condition. I swallowed hard and sighed loudly.

“Mmmmmm now you are calm and I like the silence in this room” I chuckled sitting bending my back and leaning my hands on my knees.

“By the time am done with both of you , you will never want to come back to Zambia” . I said and sat up as Jay struggled to get loose.

I heard a knock and I knew the person I was waiting for was there. I hired the guy before to investigate and find my family. He’s the one that also helped me to track George after I discovered who was behind Paula’s kidnapping months before.

“Come in !” I called him out , Looking at my watch. It was exactly 17 hours , it had taken him an hour to respond to my call and I was impressed. He never disapointed me and I loved his ability to follow orders.

“Hey !” He called out looking at Sarah and Jay..

“Noise making” I chuckled standing up.

” I like them quite.” I added..

He smiled and nodded , “mmmmmmm good” .

“Prepare the way out and the car” I told him…

” Is the place ready ? I asked him .

“It is boss , but how do we move them out ?”

I smiled and poured the last glass of wine in my mouth,

“mmmmmh it’s easy dear. These guys can walk and I can assure you they will do it according to the way I want them to.”

Slowly I removed the cloth from Jay’s mouth and l liked he was humble, staring at me without a word.

“listen here man , since you claim to know who I am. Am sure you know what I can do to those that oppose me. I won’t hesitate to kill you both if you do anything funny..” i snarled.

“What do you want ? ” He asked anger written on his face.

“Oh , simple, just go and book out and pack your bags to leave.”

“Where are we going ?” He asked , obviously scared of me.I went close to him and l felt him flinch .

“Some place safe” I whispered. He raised his face to look at me and I Indicated my guy to untie him .

Giving him instructions he dressed up and I went out with him , marking the beginning of a long lesson I had prepared for him.

To be continued


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